The other day I was reading the new story of insanity coming out of South Dakota. You see, there are two Representatives in the South Dakota state legislature who have crafted a bill in committee that essentially will put a bounty on all doctors who perform abortions. These guys are serious! They believe it should be okay for abortion doctors to be murdered. Yes, murdered! Apparently it would be okay under this law to randomly gun down doctors for doing their job!

My thinking is this must be the extension of the bill the South Dakota legislature worked on last year. That bill banned abortion, period! The law leaves no room for exceptions like rape, incest, danger to the mother’s life and health, and fetal deformities such as spina bifada, cerebral palsy, etc. This basically the state government taking away all rights of women in the area of choice. I thought Roe V. Wade grants the right of choice for women nationwide.

That brings us to what might be the most dysfunctional state in the country, Arizona. The first thing might strike you about the balance, or unbalanced, state of the voters of Arizona is, how can they follow-up the governorship of the highly intelligent and fair-minded Janet Napolitano with the stupid and mean-spirited governorship of Jan Brewer? One of Governor Brewer’s first intelligent moves was to back the very racist “papers please” law to start throwing undocumented aliens in prison or automatically send them back to Mexico or where ever else they are from. The law pretty much mirrored the law in Nazi Germany prior to WWII. The Arian Nazi party was on a witch hunt to remove all Jews from the every day populace of Germany, just as Brewer’s desire to rid Arizona of all Latino aliens. Not only was this proposed law racist, but it was stupid. She wanted to literally flush the spine of the Arizona labor force because she and the republican legislature decided they didn’t want Latinos and Latinas taking jobs away from white Arizonans. I guess they didn’t know the Latinos were taking the jobs the whites didn’t want.

Then we find out, in keeping with Arizona’s long and rich history of political corruption, that two of Governor Brewer’s staffers are partners in some of the private sector owned and operated prisons! Is it any wonder they keep making more laws to imprison more people? I’d like to know if these guys are still in the Governor’s office and if so, why?

Let’s stay with Arizona for another point here. In poll last week conducted by the Arizona Republic regarding the potential republican candidates in the running for the vacated U.S. Senate seat that Jon Kyl is occupying now, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa county, is by far, the leading candidate! A little information on Arpaio. First of all, he’s 78 years old! Hello Arizona, you’ve already got the quaking antique Grampy McSane in the Senate! That’s what Arizona needs, another angry bitter old man to serve them in the Senate. Arpaio became famous for being the so-called tough guy sheriff. He fashioned tent cities in the prison for the inmates to live in. He makes them stay there all year round, and believe me, I lived in Phoenix in the winter, it gets cold at night! They must also live in the tents in the summer when temperatures routinely rise to the teens and higher over 100 degrees. Sheriff Arpaio is proud of the fact his inmates are fed bologna sandwiches made of discolored out of date bologna and stale bread. He claims “they’re prisoners, they don’t deserve any better!” Because, I believe, Arpaio is insecure about his own sexuality, he dresses his prisoners in pink, because he believes it belittles them, makes them feel less masculine! Is this the thinking of a normal rational person? I think not!

Now we move on to Texas. Ah Texas, the Lone Star State. Lone is right! It’s become the largest insane asylum on the planet. The esteemed pinhead,er, Governor, Rick Perry, a republican that panders to the absolute lowest base of voters in the country, has floated the idea of the state seceding from the union. Of course, the wacked out right-wing in Texas got right on board with him! Perry’s latest thing is the idea, or lie, that the economy in Texas is in better shape than most states due to his excellent leadership in this area. Again, leading republicans in the state cheering him on. Now listen to the mayors and school superintendents from around the state. You get the opposite story. Because Perry and the republican legislature has driven the Texas budget into a 28 billion dollar deficit, now there is no assistance coming to the cities and the entire state education system is teetering on total collapse! And yet, here’s Governor Perry making his regular appearances on Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly’s shows on Fox singing the economic praises of the health of his state’s economy. Here’s the truth; leading economists have rated Texas as one of the five states in the most economic trouble that could lead to entire state bankruptcies! Hello Texas, is anybody home?

Rick Perry continues to lead the country’s blood thirsty right-wing movement in favor of institutionalized murder, i.e., capital punishment. Always hiding behind the false excuse of execution being a deterrent to capital crimes, Texas still is one of the leading states in homicide and rape. It sure is a deterrent! Most Southern states hang on this excuse to kill people. The bible-beaters keep on quoting “an eye for an eye” as an excuse to murder people . Of course, they have taken that passage from the bible out of context to satisfy their potential self-guilt for supporting legalized murder.

In spite of the fact the United States leads the world in murders, murder rates, gun-related suicides, accidental death by fire arms, and deaths, murder, suicide, and accidental deaths, of teenagers and younger, the United States Senate in 2004 let the Assault Weapon Ban expire. This bill, passed in 1994 under the Clinton administration, included bans on automatic and semi-automatic rifles and hand guns, and a ban on multiple bullet clips or ammo magazines. The sale of these types of armament has been growing steadily since the law elapsed in 2004. An example of what has happened in our society lately, since the shooting in Tucson on January 8 this year, by a deranged guy using a 31 bullet clip in a Glock semi-automatic hand gun, sales of Glocks skyrocketed! This is simply put, sick. It’s as if people get a sick pleasure from seeing groups of people getting gunned down at one time. Let’s face the facts here, the only reason to own an AK-47, an M-16, a Glock, 31 bullet clips, hollow point bullets, and Kevlar penetrating “cop killer” bullets is to kill human beings. These weapons serve no other purpose in a free at peace society.

Then we move onto the insanity right now on full display from both President Obama and the republican leadership in Congress. President Obama in his SOTU address talked about the importance of education and competitiveness of our country in the global economy. He talked of China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and India out-doing the U.S. in education and infrastructure. So what does he propose in his first budget shot, cuts to education and infrastructure investment. Total sell-out to the right! Equally, the leadership on the right says he didn’t cut far enough! Keep in mind, the cutting both sides are talking about is within the 12% of the budget that is known as discretionary. When you cut the discretionary budget to the bone, you cut education, street, highway, bridge, railroad, airport, and building construction and maintainance. Anybody remember the collapse of the I-35W bridge collapse?

Neither side is taking on the other 88% of the budget, entitlements and defense. This is purely political, these guys are trying to get re-elected so they stay away from the socially sensitive programs. Let’s take a look here. The four areas are Social Security, MediCare, Medic-Aid, and the Pentagon. Social Security is in relatively good shape right now. will it have to be addressed in the future? Certainly, but that’s at least ten years out. Defense spending? This is the area where there is no accountability at all. The prevailing feeling in Congress and the White House is if it’s for defense, it’s good. No questions, no accounting, just a bottomless pit to keep throwing money down. In the annual 750 billion dollar defense budget, I believe at least 100 billion could be cut easily. Because there is no working oversight of pentagon spending, there is huge waste, fraud and mismanagement. This is how private vendors and contractors to the defense industry like Haliburton and Black water get non-compete contracts. This is where 700 dollar hammers and toilet seats for the military come from. Another 100 to 200 billion dollars a year can be trimmed by simply getting out of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

With Medicare and Medic-Aid, you have huge industrial bureaucratic organizations that have grown without close scrutiny and accounting. I like how the supporters of killing these programs believe they are money wasters and wrought with fraud. No more than the huge private sector corporations and industries. There are private sector entities that upon realizing they have a problem of waste, fraud, and inefficiency, hire efficiency experts and managers to get it cleaned up. the federal government can do the same with these two health care delivering organizations. Attacking the debt and the deficit really can be easy if Congress followed my aforementioned steps.

The federal government, upon cutting out the waste, fraud, and mismanagement in these non-descretionary areas, needs to write a new tax code to compliment the more efficient operations of government.

Now we have the case of Wisconsin. This is the picture of Governor, drunk with power, way over-stepping his limits to try breaking the backs of the labor force of the state. He has used cooked books from the budget to justify his targeting the unions as the reason for the debt the state has incurred. Cold, mean, and heartless. But, he is playing from the right-wing playbook, you build the economy by putting people out of work, the thinking apparently being a more efficient use of funds is unemployment payments rather than paying people to work!

I think, and my hope is this wave of right-wing, cold-hearted, and stupid economic moves will take care of itself. I think at this pace, the more intelligent progressive candidates will sweep right back into office in 2012, because the right have us on a certain track of failure. My hope is the republican leadership keeps caving in to the right-wing extreme fringe that not only will sink the economy, make the U.S. even less competitive in the global economy, keep wasting tax payers money paying them to overturn progressive human friendly laws and legislation. In the end it will be revealed, out in the open for the whole country to see what they have, a group intent on a social agenda they didn’t talk about in the campaign, remember; “smaller government, lower taxes”? They’re real agenda, keep helping the top 2% of income earners in the country, overturn health care reform, cut programs to the poor and disadvantaged, keep fighting same-sex marriage, repeal the repeal of DADT, cut funding for education, seal the borders and deport all undocumented aliens, overturn Roe V. Wade, redefine rape and incest so as to not allow for publicly funded abortions for the poor, and make everybody, regardless of their situation, personally responsible to migrate through the ever more difficult life in America. The right-wing track the country is going on right now will sink our society and economy. The country will wake up and vote the idiots out in 2012, and hopefully, those of us with functioning brains can perhaps relax a little again! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. tomobert63 Says:

    Cot!!! That’s exactly what I’m writing about today! But since I’m sports blogging now, and not finished with the other, I’m not going to read yours yet to maintain my independent thought! 🙂

  2. Your sister Says:

    We need more people representing us like Democratic U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum. McCollum received a death threat on Wednesday over her amendment to a spending bill to end Pentagon funding for NASCAR. McCollum’s amendment would strip $7 million that goes to NASCAR annually to advertise the U.S. Army. McCollum said in tough economic times that money should be spent on veterans.
    Unbelievable the amount of support the NASCAR fans are giving to this car advertising the U.S. Army. And to think the proposed budget suggests cutting heating fuel to the poor. Unbelievable! The priorities in this country have to do a major readjustment.

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