We all remember the campaign last year, right? “Jobs, jobs, jobs! The battle cry of politics last campaign. The republicans were convinced, and they convinced the people who voted for them they had all the answers. Remember too, when queried by the media or opponents on the topic of jobs, actually on any topic, there was never a response to put intelligent people at ease about their message. Why? Because they never gave any answers. They never gave details about how they intend to cause job growth. Not once, on the national level or here in Minnesota, did a republican candidate give a detailed plan to grow jobs, grow the economy, or even how they would “reduce the size of government and cut taxes”.

So they got the majority of voters in America and in Minnesota to fall for their snake oil and mirrors presentation, got elected to office and now have to go about the job of responsible adult governance. So how have they done so far? They’ve been office for a month now. The results of their responsible partnership in governance has been a big zero when put in context of their campaign promises and rhetoric.

On the national level, Speaker Boehner has allowed the extreme right fringe of the party hijack his authority to go after social issues and repeal of previously passed laws, under the guise of “campaign promise fulfillment”. The Congress was given a total of SEVEN hours to debate the repeal of perhaps one of the most important pieces of landmark legislation in the history of the country. After this joke and insult to Americans of a debate, the vote followed and fell almost entirely on party lines. Everyone in the United States knew this would be the result, and they all knew Harry Reid((D-NV), would not bring the bill to the floor of the Senate. Citing it would a waste of time and tax payer’s dollars to make a “ceremonial” and meaningless vote, he held out from bringing the bill to the floor. He, however, finally cave in, and the vote was made, again with little or no debate. Again, the vote fell along party lines, and the bill died. Doesn’t matter anyway, had it gone the White House, the President would have vetoed it and there are not nearly enough votes in the House to over ride. Now, the republican in the House are redefining “rape” as an excuse to not have governmental support for aborting a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest. Another social issue that has nothing to do with job creation.

Boehner has suggested since becoming Speaker, that cutting Congressional budgets and federal government personnel levels are indeed in his plans. These measures would cut less than 5 billion from the overall federal budget, a drop in the bucket! Now lets take closer look, by instituting these measures, the end result is throwing more people out of their jobs and onto the unemployment rolls. So now, after campaigning on job creation, his answer is job cutting. How does this even make sense? But, so far it’s just casual talk from the Speaker, we have found with him there is no urgency in anything. His own caucus has accused him of being lazy, and he never works after 5:00pm.

Now let’s take a look at what’s happening in Minnesota with our republican led legislature, both houses. They too, campaigned on job creation. So far, here’s what we have gotten from them, in the throes of economic recession recovery. They have attacked the teachers union, threatening deep cuts in education, falling back on former Governor Pawlenty’s claim that it’s the public service unions’ fault for the economic hole, 6.2 billion dollars and they have attacked the SEIU for being ineffective and too costly. Have they offered options or alternatives or anything that might resemble workable solutions to the economic and unemployment woes of the state? Not workable, that’s for sure, their solution is to start firing teachers and state workers. Again, just like on the federal level, the republicans always go after the bottom or base of working society, they cavalierly claim there are too many people working in civil service, once considered a noble mission for people working in civil service. Now, the republicans have done such a fine job of sullying the civil servants and teachers, they feel it’s now time to start dropping the axe. It is typical of their way of thinking, always attack the most vulnerable in society, they always start on vilifying the poor, the homeless, the aged, and the unemployed. They never look at the creators of the ills of our economy and society, Wall Street, etc. You know, their buddies who gambled working Americans’ money into a huge hole that millions will never recover from. Do you think they care? Ha! They apologize to BP after BP and Haliburton poison the Gulf for being too hard on them! Anyway, I digress! In Minnesota, they have now started the process of eliminating state gun control laws. So, lets see, so far, they have proposed firing many thousands of civil servants and teachers, and making it easier for the less enlightened and criminal elements of our state’s society to buy automatic weapons and multi-bullet clips. Perhaps in the hope they will actually use them to kill more teachers and public servants. So, Speaker Zellers, where are the new jobs you promised. So far you promoted the idea of putting more people on unemployment and making killing people easier. So again, where are the proposals for economic and job growth?

Republicans nationwide embraced the idea of extending the Bush tax cuts for incomes of over $250K. They supported it on the basis of promoting business expansion and job growth. Two things th republicans didn’t tell us is tax cuts don’t work to promote business expansion. It’s been proven twice now. Under Reagan and under Bush II. The economy under both these tax cut promoters went right into the tank, and unemployment rates skyrocketed. The proof is in the numbers, these are documented facts. Under Bush, the United States economy lost a record in history, 8 million jobs, a record. Under President Obama, the trend has reversed. The private sector has been gaining jobs, although still too slow for many Americans, thus the disastrous election results in November. Apparently, when a republican takes 8 years to totally submarine the world economy, a Democrat is supposed to fix it all in less than two years. That’s pretty sensible reasoning in my book! NOT!

So here we are, one month into the new Congress and new state legislature, and not one concrete piece of economy improving legislation has been voted on yet. As thin and shallow thinking the extreme right-wing has trained this society to be, everything based on untrue 30 second attack ads, and attack bumper stickers, it will be interesting how fast they turn on this new Congress and legislature. For their own good, they better get to work and start “creating jobs” or the Tea-Baggers will turn on them in a New York minute! They are already in deep doo-doo because of their promise to cut federal spending in their first budget by 100 billion dollars. So far, they have only been able to come up with 33 billion. Oops, open mouth-insert foot! These wild-eyed extremists on the right won’t accept a penny less than 100 billion in cuts or they are in trouble. Same goes for Minnesota. There is 6.2 billion dollar deficit and so far nothing has been done to address it. For all you republicans in office, the clock is running and 2012 will be here sooner than you think. Good Luck!

Thanks for today’s read, and please submit you comments at the end of the commentary. It helps juice the debate!
Cam Obert



  1. tomobert63 Says:

    No debate if the other side refuses to engage!

  2. youandmedoweagree Says:

    It’s difficult to stay with some of your posts. Your sarcasm and insults sometimes make it challenging to read all the way through. Anyway, your president Obama has outspent, outpromised, and outfailed any remote comparison. I’m happy he doesn’t get more than 2 more years, we’ll owe 1,000 Trillion in debt if he stays in any longer. Spend your way out of debt….brilliant. Tax your way out of debt….even more brilliant. Ronald Reagan brought tax revenues up big time, unfortunately they spent it and more too. If spending would have been curbed, govt revenues could have possible went surplus, which is rare. So if Republicans and Democrats are going to always worry about blasting the other side, no solutions are being implemented. Spend less than you make. How much more basic does it get? If this simple math problem never gets figured out, no programs are going to matter. The US goes bankrupt, and plummets to third world status.

    It’s not and shouldn’t be the govt’s job to create jobs, only protect the environment where jobs are created, the private sector. The only jobs govt can create are more govt jobs. Which I don’t want thank you.

    I also get it, anyone who makes more money than you doesn’t deserve it and therefore should send more to the govt so they can evenly distribute it to those less fortunate. Those less fortunate are those that make less than you.

    This comment submitted by Brad Obert on Facebook. No relation.

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