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February 17, 2011

The other day I was reading the new story of insanity coming out of South Dakota. You see, there are two Representatives in the South Dakota state legislature who have crafted a bill in committee that essentially will put a bounty on all doctors who perform abortions. These guys are serious! They believe it should be okay for abortion doctors to be murdered. Yes, murdered! Apparently it would be okay under this law to randomly gun down doctors for doing their job!

My thinking is this must be the extension of the bill the South Dakota legislature worked on last year. That bill banned abortion, period! The law leaves no room for exceptions like rape, incest, danger to the mother’s life and health, and fetal deformities such as spina bifada, cerebral palsy, etc. This basically the state government taking away all rights of women in the area of choice. I thought Roe V. Wade grants the right of choice for women nationwide.

That brings us to what might be the most dysfunctional state in the country, Arizona. The first thing might strike you about the balance, or unbalanced, state of the voters of Arizona is, how can they follow-up the governorship of the highly intelligent and fair-minded Janet Napolitano with the stupid and mean-spirited governorship of Jan Brewer? One of Governor Brewer’s first intelligent moves was to back the very racist “papers please” law to start throwing undocumented aliens in prison or automatically send them back to Mexico or where ever else they are from. The law pretty much mirrored the law in Nazi Germany prior to WWII. The Arian Nazi party was on a witch hunt to remove all Jews from the every day populace of Germany, just as Brewer’s desire to rid Arizona of all Latino aliens. Not only was this proposed law racist, but it was stupid. She wanted to literally flush the spine of the Arizona labor force because she and the republican legislature decided they didn’t want Latinos and Latinas taking jobs away from white Arizonans. I guess they didn’t know the Latinos were taking the jobs the whites didn’t want.

Then we find out, in keeping with Arizona’s long and rich history of political corruption, that two of Governor Brewer’s staffers are partners in some of the private sector owned and operated prisons! Is it any wonder they keep making more laws to imprison more people? I’d like to know if these guys are still in the Governor’s office and if so, why?

Let’s stay with Arizona for another point here. In poll last week conducted by the Arizona Republic regarding the potential republican candidates in the running for the vacated U.S. Senate seat that Jon Kyl is occupying now, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa county, is by far, the leading candidate! A little information on Arpaio. First of all, he’s 78 years old! Hello Arizona, you’ve already got the quaking antique Grampy McSane in the Senate! That’s what Arizona needs, another angry bitter old man to serve them in the Senate. Arpaio became famous for being the so-called tough guy sheriff. He fashioned tent cities in the prison for the inmates to live in. He makes them stay there all year round, and believe me, I lived in Phoenix in the winter, it gets cold at night! They must also live in the tents in the summer when temperatures routinely rise to the teens and higher over 100 degrees. Sheriff Arpaio is proud of the fact his inmates are fed bologna sandwiches made of discolored out of date bologna and stale bread. He claims “they’re prisoners, they don’t deserve any better!” Because, I believe, Arpaio is insecure about his own sexuality, he dresses his prisoners in pink, because he believes it belittles them, makes them feel less masculine! Is this the thinking of a normal rational person? I think not!

Now we move on to Texas. Ah Texas, the Lone Star State. Lone is right! It’s become the largest insane asylum on the planet. The esteemed pinhead,er, Governor, Rick Perry, a republican that panders to the absolute lowest base of voters in the country, has floated the idea of the state seceding from the union. Of course, the wacked out right-wing in Texas got right on board with him! Perry’s latest thing is the idea, or lie, that the economy in Texas is in better shape than most states due to his excellent leadership in this area. Again, leading republicans in the state cheering him on. Now listen to the mayors and school superintendents from around the state. You get the opposite story. Because Perry and the republican legislature has driven the Texas budget into a 28 billion dollar deficit, now there is no assistance coming to the cities and the entire state education system is teetering on total collapse! And yet, here’s Governor Perry making his regular appearances on Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly’s shows on Fox singing the economic praises of the health of his state’s economy. Here’s the truth; leading economists have rated Texas as one of the five states in the most economic trouble that could lead to entire state bankruptcies! Hello Texas, is anybody home?

Rick Perry continues to lead the country’s blood thirsty right-wing movement in favor of institutionalized murder, i.e., capital punishment. Always hiding behind the false excuse of execution being a deterrent to capital crimes, Texas still is one of the leading states in homicide and rape. It sure is a deterrent! Most Southern states hang on this excuse to kill people. The bible-beaters keep on quoting “an eye for an eye” as an excuse to murder people . Of course, they have taken that passage from the bible out of context to satisfy their potential self-guilt for supporting legalized murder.

In spite of the fact the United States leads the world in murders, murder rates, gun-related suicides, accidental death by fire arms, and deaths, murder, suicide, and accidental deaths, of teenagers and younger, the United States Senate in 2004 let the Assault Weapon Ban expire. This bill, passed in 1994 under the Clinton administration, included bans on automatic and semi-automatic rifles and hand guns, and a ban on multiple bullet clips or ammo magazines. The sale of these types of armament has been growing steadily since the law elapsed in 2004. An example of what has happened in our society lately, since the shooting in Tucson on January 8 this year, by a deranged guy using a 31 bullet clip in a Glock semi-automatic hand gun, sales of Glocks skyrocketed! This is simply put, sick. It’s as if people get a sick pleasure from seeing groups of people getting gunned down at one time. Let’s face the facts here, the only reason to own an AK-47, an M-16, a Glock, 31 bullet clips, hollow point bullets, and Kevlar penetrating “cop killer” bullets is to kill human beings. These weapons serve no other purpose in a free at peace society.

Then we move onto the insanity right now on full display from both President Obama and the republican leadership in Congress. President Obama in his SOTU address talked about the importance of education and competitiveness of our country in the global economy. He talked of China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and India out-doing the U.S. in education and infrastructure. So what does he propose in his first budget shot, cuts to education and infrastructure investment. Total sell-out to the right! Equally, the leadership on the right says he didn’t cut far enough! Keep in mind, the cutting both sides are talking about is within the 12% of the budget that is known as discretionary. When you cut the discretionary budget to the bone, you cut education, street, highway, bridge, railroad, airport, and building construction and maintainance. Anybody remember the collapse of the I-35W bridge collapse?

Neither side is taking on the other 88% of the budget, entitlements and defense. This is purely political, these guys are trying to get re-elected so they stay away from the socially sensitive programs. Let’s take a look here. The four areas are Social Security, MediCare, Medic-Aid, and the Pentagon. Social Security is in relatively good shape right now. will it have to be addressed in the future? Certainly, but that’s at least ten years out. Defense spending? This is the area where there is no accountability at all. The prevailing feeling in Congress and the White House is if it’s for defense, it’s good. No questions, no accounting, just a bottomless pit to keep throwing money down. In the annual 750 billion dollar defense budget, I believe at least 100 billion could be cut easily. Because there is no working oversight of pentagon spending, there is huge waste, fraud and mismanagement. This is how private vendors and contractors to the defense industry like Haliburton and Black water get non-compete contracts. This is where 700 dollar hammers and toilet seats for the military come from. Another 100 to 200 billion dollars a year can be trimmed by simply getting out of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

With Medicare and Medic-Aid, you have huge industrial bureaucratic organizations that have grown without close scrutiny and accounting. I like how the supporters of killing these programs believe they are money wasters and wrought with fraud. No more than the huge private sector corporations and industries. There are private sector entities that upon realizing they have a problem of waste, fraud, and inefficiency, hire efficiency experts and managers to get it cleaned up. the federal government can do the same with these two health care delivering organizations. Attacking the debt and the deficit really can be easy if Congress followed my aforementioned steps.

The federal government, upon cutting out the waste, fraud, and mismanagement in these non-descretionary areas, needs to write a new tax code to compliment the more efficient operations of government.

Now we have the case of Wisconsin. This is the picture of Governor, drunk with power, way over-stepping his limits to try breaking the backs of the labor force of the state. He has used cooked books from the budget to justify his targeting the unions as the reason for the debt the state has incurred. Cold, mean, and heartless. But, he is playing from the right-wing playbook, you build the economy by putting people out of work, the thinking apparently being a more efficient use of funds is unemployment payments rather than paying people to work!

I think, and my hope is this wave of right-wing, cold-hearted, and stupid economic moves will take care of itself. I think at this pace, the more intelligent progressive candidates will sweep right back into office in 2012, because the right have us on a certain track of failure. My hope is the republican leadership keeps caving in to the right-wing extreme fringe that not only will sink the economy, make the U.S. even less competitive in the global economy, keep wasting tax payers money paying them to overturn progressive human friendly laws and legislation. In the end it will be revealed, out in the open for the whole country to see what they have, a group intent on a social agenda they didn’t talk about in the campaign, remember; “smaller government, lower taxes”? They’re real agenda, keep helping the top 2% of income earners in the country, overturn health care reform, cut programs to the poor and disadvantaged, keep fighting same-sex marriage, repeal the repeal of DADT, cut funding for education, seal the borders and deport all undocumented aliens, overturn Roe V. Wade, redefine rape and incest so as to not allow for publicly funded abortions for the poor, and make everybody, regardless of their situation, personally responsible to migrate through the ever more difficult life in America. The right-wing track the country is going on right now will sink our society and economy. The country will wake up and vote the idiots out in 2012, and hopefully, those of us with functioning brains can perhaps relax a little again! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



February 7, 2011

…who I have been associated with the past 8 plus years. In spite of the news about the disparity in quality in education in Minnesota, and the fact the U.S. has fallen so far behind other developed countries in the world in education, there is a group of very gifted and tough teens that are terrific!

Last evening, we were entertained at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis by the orchestras of the Minnesota Youth Symphonies. This is a conglomeration of a couple hundred or so of the most talented and gifted kids in Minnesota. If you sit back in your seat and close your eyes and just enjoy the beautiful music being produced by these kids, you’d swear you were in the audience of a professional orchestra. That’s how good these kids are. There are actually four orchestras, the String Orchestra, the Philharmonic, the Repertory, and the Symphony Orchestra. Experience and talent move the kids along to the top, the Symphony. Last night, we enjoyed a long cello solo piece by Maple Grove High School junior, John Belk. He soloed in the Dvorak Cello Concerto in B minor. He was stellar! In his bio, he has worked with the same coach for 8 years and HAS NOT missed one single day of practice in those eight years. True dedication to his craft. He, like many of these kids, have bright futures ahead of them, and that’s what really jazz’s all of us parents of these young people.

My son Michael, a gifted cellist in his own right, played his last performance as first chair in the repertory Orchestra. He starts with the Symphony Orchestra this week! He should have been with Symphony the whole year, even his directors have told him this, but last summer he didn’t practice as he should have and had a bad audition for Symphony. These teachers and directors are very tough, but they produce great musicians and that’s what it’s all about! Now Micheal will be taking his cello and talent to college for the next level. He’s applied to six schools, and has heard from two of them so far. Miraculously, he was accepted at the University of Minnesota, now considered the most difficult college in the upper Midwest to gain admittance. He also has been accepted at Concordia in Moorhead, MN, a great smaller liberal arts school with a terrific music department. He has been offered a huge scholarship to Concordia as well! He travels to Drake University in Iowa in a couple of weeks his audition there. To his otherwise credit, Michael gets excellent grades and this fall nailed the ACT, so college admittance shouldn’t be an issue, except for the “U”, but he already got that one! His preference is still Lawrence University and Conservatory in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Michael is also quite the stage actor. He has been starring in productions since 6th grade and really has a gift. His director at Irondale says he’s natural. She commented she wouldn’t be at all surprised if one day he isn’t on Saturday Night Live! He is right now working on directing his cast for a production of a play he wrote. That will be in performance in about three weeks. He loves writing for the stage. I watched him in rehearsal one day last week, he’s quite a stern director as well! He has been such an inspiration for me too! I auditioned for and got a part in my college production of Chekhov’s The Seagull. This is literally the first thing I have ever auditioned for in my life! Don’t ever believe our kids don’t influence us!

We followed daughter Katy’s gymnastics career from age 3 to her finally retiring at the ripe old age of 18. She worked her way up from a little toddler to a Level 9 gymnast, the second highest level to attain short of “elite”, which comprises less than a couple percent of all gymnasts. Most collegiate gymnasts are Level 9 and 10’s. When she started competing at about age 8, that meant being in the gym 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. A brutal schedule for anyone! We took her and dropped her off for all those years. We watched her and her teammates work through countless injuries and mental anguish. I don’t think there is a more brutal and intense sport than gymnastics. These kids showed me a side of toughness that many of the best traditional sports athletes would not even be close to. In the end, the 50 weeks of practice a year, the travel, and the accumulating effects of countless soft tissue injuries, finally brought Katy to retirement. It taught Katy a toughness that I know few people to have, my father comes to mind, and a heart and compassion for others that is amazing. She will be going into the field of nursing, which is perfect for her, she’s just trying to figure out which area to focus on.

That’s my take based on my experience with some of the best and brightest kids coming up in our society today. With their talent, intelligence, toughness, and compassion, my hope is the country will be left in good hands with this group forming the core of our country’s future leaders. Karen and I are so proud that we have two of those gifted future leaders as our kids. Parents, make the sacrifices for your gifted kids. Nurture them and support them as they grow in their particular area of talent. the rewards will be huge, not to mention college scholarships, which never hurt to get!

Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


February 3, 2011

We all remember the campaign last year, right? “Jobs, jobs, jobs! The battle cry of politics last campaign. The republicans were convinced, and they convinced the people who voted for them they had all the answers. Remember too, when queried by the media or opponents on the topic of jobs, actually on any topic, there was never a response to put intelligent people at ease about their message. Why? Because they never gave any answers. They never gave details about how they intend to cause job growth. Not once, on the national level or here in Minnesota, did a republican candidate give a detailed plan to grow jobs, grow the economy, or even how they would “reduce the size of government and cut taxes”.

So they got the majority of voters in America and in Minnesota to fall for their snake oil and mirrors presentation, got elected to office and now have to go about the job of responsible adult governance. So how have they done so far? They’ve been office for a month now. The results of their responsible partnership in governance has been a big zero when put in context of their campaign promises and rhetoric.

On the national level, Speaker Boehner has allowed the extreme right fringe of the party hijack his authority to go after social issues and repeal of previously passed laws, under the guise of “campaign promise fulfillment”. The Congress was given a total of SEVEN hours to debate the repeal of perhaps one of the most important pieces of landmark legislation in the history of the country. After this joke and insult to Americans of a debate, the vote followed and fell almost entirely on party lines. Everyone in the United States knew this would be the result, and they all knew Harry Reid((D-NV), would not bring the bill to the floor of the Senate. Citing it would a waste of time and tax payer’s dollars to make a “ceremonial” and meaningless vote, he held out from bringing the bill to the floor. He, however, finally cave in, and the vote was made, again with little or no debate. Again, the vote fell along party lines, and the bill died. Doesn’t matter anyway, had it gone the White House, the President would have vetoed it and there are not nearly enough votes in the House to over ride. Now, the republican in the House are redefining “rape” as an excuse to not have governmental support for aborting a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest. Another social issue that has nothing to do with job creation.

Boehner has suggested since becoming Speaker, that cutting Congressional budgets and federal government personnel levels are indeed in his plans. These measures would cut less than 5 billion from the overall federal budget, a drop in the bucket! Now lets take closer look, by instituting these measures, the end result is throwing more people out of their jobs and onto the unemployment rolls. So now, after campaigning on job creation, his answer is job cutting. How does this even make sense? But, so far it’s just casual talk from the Speaker, we have found with him there is no urgency in anything. His own caucus has accused him of being lazy, and he never works after 5:00pm.

Now let’s take a look at what’s happening in Minnesota with our republican led legislature, both houses. They too, campaigned on job creation. So far, here’s what we have gotten from them, in the throes of economic recession recovery. They have attacked the teachers union, threatening deep cuts in education, falling back on former Governor Pawlenty’s claim that it’s the public service unions’ fault for the economic hole, 6.2 billion dollars and they have attacked the SEIU for being ineffective and too costly. Have they offered options or alternatives or anything that might resemble workable solutions to the economic and unemployment woes of the state? Not workable, that’s for sure, their solution is to start firing teachers and state workers. Again, just like on the federal level, the republicans always go after the bottom or base of working society, they cavalierly claim there are too many people working in civil service, once considered a noble mission for people working in civil service. Now, the republicans have done such a fine job of sullying the civil servants and teachers, they feel it’s now time to start dropping the axe. It is typical of their way of thinking, always attack the most vulnerable in society, they always start on vilifying the poor, the homeless, the aged, and the unemployed. They never look at the creators of the ills of our economy and society, Wall Street, etc. You know, their buddies who gambled working Americans’ money into a huge hole that millions will never recover from. Do you think they care? Ha! They apologize to BP after BP and Haliburton poison the Gulf for being too hard on them! Anyway, I digress! In Minnesota, they have now started the process of eliminating state gun control laws. So, lets see, so far, they have proposed firing many thousands of civil servants and teachers, and making it easier for the less enlightened and criminal elements of our state’s society to buy automatic weapons and multi-bullet clips. Perhaps in the hope they will actually use them to kill more teachers and public servants. So, Speaker Zellers, where are the new jobs you promised. So far you promoted the idea of putting more people on unemployment and making killing people easier. So again, where are the proposals for economic and job growth?

Republicans nationwide embraced the idea of extending the Bush tax cuts for incomes of over $250K. They supported it on the basis of promoting business expansion and job growth. Two things th republicans didn’t tell us is tax cuts don’t work to promote business expansion. It’s been proven twice now. Under Reagan and under Bush II. The economy under both these tax cut promoters went right into the tank, and unemployment rates skyrocketed. The proof is in the numbers, these are documented facts. Under Bush, the United States economy lost a record in history, 8 million jobs, a record. Under President Obama, the trend has reversed. The private sector has been gaining jobs, although still too slow for many Americans, thus the disastrous election results in November. Apparently, when a republican takes 8 years to totally submarine the world economy, a Democrat is supposed to fix it all in less than two years. That’s pretty sensible reasoning in my book! NOT!

So here we are, one month into the new Congress and new state legislature, and not one concrete piece of economy improving legislation has been voted on yet. As thin and shallow thinking the extreme right-wing has trained this society to be, everything based on untrue 30 second attack ads, and attack bumper stickers, it will be interesting how fast they turn on this new Congress and legislature. For their own good, they better get to work and start “creating jobs” or the Tea-Baggers will turn on them in a New York minute! They are already in deep doo-doo because of their promise to cut federal spending in their first budget by 100 billion dollars. So far, they have only been able to come up with 33 billion. Oops, open mouth-insert foot! These wild-eyed extremists on the right won’t accept a penny less than 100 billion in cuts or they are in trouble. Same goes for Minnesota. There is 6.2 billion dollar deficit and so far nothing has been done to address it. For all you republicans in office, the clock is running and 2012 will be here sooner than you think. Good Luck!

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Cam Obert


February 1, 2011

I last wrote on this topic in October of 2010. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the concept of a population group in America in the year 2011 that is still fighting for equality. I know there are many short-comings with American society, and maybe I’m naive enough to believe our citizens are smart , educated, fair, and open-minded, but why is the LGBT community still looking for acceptance and equality?

In 1973, homosexuality was officially removed from the list of mental or psychological disorders. It was then recognized by the medical and psychological research communities as sexual orientation. In other words, research proved that a person is born with their sexual orientation, it is not a learned “habit”. But now, 37 years later, why is there still a negative stigma attached to homosexuality? It’s based on ignorance, fear of the unknown, and guilt placed upon us growing up in whatever particular religious order we were raised. The amazing thing is, it’s still happening today, despite the facts available to all revealing it is not a person’s choice what their sexual orientation is, it is what they were born with.

I attended a seminar last evening in Minneapolis hosted by Mr. Wayne Besen, founder and director of the activist organization “Truth Wins Out”. Mr. Besen talks of the culture of “gay healing” or “gay curing”. He talked of many organizations based in the U.S. that prey on less enlightened people, people who they convince gay can be cured. There targets are parents of young people who are gay and gays who are so confused about the legitimacy of their sexual orientation, and are made to feel so guilty about it, they seek a “cure”. Remember, this is 2011, in the United States of America! This is going on here! I know, it’s hard to believe. Anyway, Besen and his organization have been researching these “ex-gay” operations and have found a huge failure rate, corruption, and hypocrisy. Yes, people who went to these snake oil salesmen found out who you are born as, can’t be changed, thus the failure rate. They found corruption, taking money from many sources to lavish on themselves, and hypocrisy, many of these “gay cure artists” turned out to be gay themselves, leaving their business, getting divorced from their wives and taking up with another man in fully committed relationships! Again, this is 2011.

The people who believe being gay is a choice couldn’t be more wrong. Common sense would tell you different. Members of the LGBT community in our country are faced with so many additional hurdles in life than straights. These people face bigotry and prejudice on a daily basis. They fear for their very health, safety, and well-being. The are discriminated against for most anything. Just as if you asked an African-American in 1955 if he/she would rather be white, you could ask any member of the LGBT community if they would rather be in the breeding community today. In both cases, the answer would be common sense, because of the struggles for racial justice in the ’50’s and LGBT acceptance now, they would opt for the easier. But, they can’t! It’s who they are. They are Black, they are gay. There is nothing they can do about it. So America, get over it! Put your petty, insecure and ignorance based prejudices aside and move on.

Since last I wrote on the topic, some important progress has been made. DADT was finally repealed by the government, so now LGBT members in our armed forces can serve openly, in other words, stop lying about who they are. That was definitely a case of institutionalized bigotry and discrimination. It’s gone now. Same-sex marriage bans are the next case of institutionalized bigotry. In most states, the laws prohibit consenting responsible adults from getting married based on their sex. My question is, who is the government to say who can and cannot be married? There is no rational basis for this discrimination to continue. Gay-hating organizations claim it’s not natural. Define natural. If a person is born as a gay person, what can be more natural than that. Why should that person be treated different from the person who happens to be born a breeder? There is no common sense answer. Gay-hating groups will say the very reason for spiritualistic marriages is for the purpose of propagating the race. How do you explain all of the straight married couples who choose to not have children or can’t have children for physiological reasons? They can’t give rational explanations because there are none. The gay-hating community’s last-ditch argument for opposing same-sex marriage is that it threatens the health and viability of the institution of marriage. What are they protecting? An institution with a failure rate of over 50% today, and a divorce rate that may hit 60% in another ten years. So what are they protecting? If anything, maybe same-sex marriage in this country will start to reverse that trend of failure. The good news on this front, Illinois is working on a marriage or civil union bill, and the Governor of Maryland is proposing a same-sex legalization bill in that state!

Support for equal marriage rights is coming from some unusual sources. Laura Bush, her daughter Barbara, her mother-in-law, Barbara, Meghan McCain and her mother, etc. these are women from conservative republican families that have realized the stupidity and discriminatory nature of same-sex marriage bans. Good for them, and I think more conservative leaders will be coming through. It only makes sense, common sense.

Unfortunately, right here in once progressive and proud Minnesota, we have the largest school district in the state, the Anoka-Hennepin District, being as paranoid and homophobic as you can get for a governmental agency. You see this district, has one of the highest rates in the whole country for LGBT student suicides. Despite hours and hours of testimony regarding the unstopped and unrelenting bullying of LGBT students in their district schools, the administration decided the schools were doing no wrong by not protecting these kids from harmful, and even debilitating bullying from other students. They say their “policy neutral” stance works just fine. Tell that to the families of the dead kids, tell that to the LGBT kids still getting bullied in school. All these kids want is be themselves without fearing reprisals. Is that too much to ask? Now, last week, the district struck again. Champlin Park High School was having their “winter formal” event where the students vote on the “royalty”. A lesbian couple was elected as the royalty. The school then announced there would be no “royalty walk”, where the royalty couples enter the event as couples. The district said they members of the royalty would enter individually. More blatant discrimination, breaking a school tradition simply to ruin the event for the LGBT kids. After threatened to be sued, the district backed down and the event proceeded like any other year. Why does it have to resort to the court or threats of that to get people to act and behave like people?

Members of the LGBT community only want whats do them as members of our society. They don’t choose to be gay, they just are. If the right thinks it’s choice they make for sexual gratification, how much more wrong could they be? A person can get sexual gratification from anyone or no one! The idea it’s a choice goes against human nature. Why would people choose the hard way to navigate through life, when the easy way is to just be a breeder and go about life by the “usual” American way? It’s time for all Americans to recognize all citizens as that, fellow citizens. No titles, no color or gender orientation labels, no social labels, just people. I see how easy things would be if that were the case, do you?

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Cam Obert

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