…otherwise known as penis envy! I thought this would be a good time to comment on the state of guns in the most violent “civilized” country in the world.

Today in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a front page story, above the fold, is about a representative, Tony Cornish(R-Good Thunder), in the state legislature who is a committee chairman, who brought forth a bill to repeal portions of Minnesota’s gun control laws. The two major police and peace officers associations both testified vehemently against these repeals. The Police and Peace Officers Association and the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association testified against weakening gun laws! D’ah! It should stand to reason cops do not want more guns floating around the state. Common sense, right?

Cornish was offended when queried by Heather Martens, executive director of Protect Minnesota, is he in favor of protecting the criminals or are you on the side of the peace officers who must take care of the results of the criminals with guns? Cornish stated that she was “rude” to ask that question!

Having heard enough of this testimony, representative Steve Drazkowski(R-Mazzeppa), added a new bill in the one Cornish had. Drazkowski’s proposed bill would simply repeal all the state gun control laws! The proponents of such an appeal claim that Minnesota is only one of twelve states that has its own gun control laws. All others abide by the federal laws. In their minds, that makes repeal proper, despite the fact that expert testimony revealed that the federal law has holes and missing data that might allow people banned from gun ownership in Minnesota to buy one anyway. Minnesota’s laws are also a little more strict, like if a person was ever convicted of a crime related to gang activity or high level gross misdemeanors they would be disallowed from gun purchase and ownership in Minnesota. So, what’s so wrong with that? The NRA can’t give a straight commonsense intelligent answer.

Nationwide, guns have become out of control. The NRA battle cry of I’m protected by the 2nd Amendment no longer applies to these modern times. It was fine in the colonial period of America. The 2nd Amendment was written to protect the citizens of this new country from over-reach by the federal government and to form state militias to protect individuals and states from such an over-reach or from invasion by a foreign power. First, individuals nor states need to defend themselves from federal government over-reach any longer because of the restrictive controls placed on the government by various laws, and secondly, the federal government now spends hundreds of billions of dollars a year to protect our country from invasion. Also, research the colonial period of America’s history, was there rampant crime, gang warfare on city streets, thugs wielding automatic weapons, and the existence of 31 bullet clips for Glocks? I thought you’d find the answer to that. The 2nd amendment must be evaluated as a fluid instrument. It must change with the times for obvious reasons, otherwise you get an all for themselves mentality with everyone packing heat in the name of self-defense. Common sense tells you that is just not workable. And yet, there are thousands of citizens walking around armed because lax “conceal and carry” laws. There are millions of people going into Wal-Marts to make their 17 cents per bullet clip purchases. There is one reason and one reason only for people to buy these types of ammunition, Glocks, AK-47’s, M-16’s, etc. IT’S TO KILL PEOPLE! There is no other reason under the sun for people to own and have this type of armament!

Congress in 1994 passed the anti-automatic weapon bill included was the ban on high-capacity ammo clips. That bill passage, under great protest from the NRA and the pro-gun members of Congress seemed to be a common sense piece of legislation. The opposition to its passage had no ground to stand on. Their tired old argument of “2nd Amendment rights” didn’t fly that time, nor should it ever again. That law was sunsetted in 2004. Apparently that was a concession by the writers to the fence-sitting members of Congress that weren’t quite sure on which way to vote. There is a tremendous amount of kowtowing in the halls of Congress to the NRA. Isn’t amazing? It’s all about campaign funding and nothing to do with gun rights and a civilized society!

In the United States today there are approximately 308 million people. There are an estimated 275 million guns in the hands of citizens. That’s about a 90% gun to person ratio! By far and away the highest in the world!!! Second place is the country of Yemen, coming in at a paltry 63%! “Why hell, we’d blow them suckers away like nothing, us gun-toting imperialists from America!” Think about it, do Americans really need this obscenely high number of guns. Are American men that insecure about the size of their penis’? This is a sick and very sad situation for a supposedly “civilized” country to be in. America is number one in the world in murders and gun related deaths. America has had more heads of state and influential people of power assassinated than any other country. Other than politically motivated acts of terrorism, how many countries can claim the number of mass shootings, school-house shootings, shopping center shootings, serial killers, etc, that America has? NONE! You tell me, what do these stories and statistics tell you about the society we live in? What does it tell you about the ease of access to guns, armament, and ammunition? Does it say anywhere that Americans need this? Hell no! Does it say that because of the NRA, the misrepresentation of the spirit of the 2nd Amendment, and the thirst for human blood spillage that America has become a blood-thirsty society?

There is no argument of intelligence and common sense for not enacting very tough and strict gun laws. There is no intelligent and common sense argument against the enactment of what should be the most severe punishments in the world for weapon abuse on our society. America needs to be the shining beacon to the world for civility and domestic peace, but with the lax gun control laws and the thirst for human blood, we aren’t nor will we be until it is stopped.

Canada, our civilized neighbor to the north, is a nation of hunters. In fact, more people hunt in Canada than play hockey. It is, Canada’s favorite pastime. There are approximately 36 million people in Canada. There are about 7 million guns in Canada. Annually, there are less than 200 people killed from guns. In the United States, with our 308 million people and over 270 million guns, there are over 100,000 gun related deaths a year. Quite a difference, wouldn’t you say? Here’s the difference between Canada and the U.S. In Canada, in order to purchase a gun, most being for hunting, shotguns, etc. and a small percentage sport shooting pistols, you sign up for the gun, then you are subject to complete criminal, sociological, and psychological background check. This process takes about 28 to 30 days to complete. There are no exceptions. Canada, for obvious reasons disallows the purchase of guns on the spot at gun shows, so popular in the U.S. Is there any rational intelligent reason to believe there is something wrong with Canada’s system? No, unless you’re an idiot!

The gun violence has to stop in this country. Nitwit politicians supported by NRA dollars need to grow a back bone and stand the violent blood thirsty gun lobbyists up, or they need to be voted out. Gun play is way too serious and way too harmful to quality of life we try to enjoy as Americans. It’s time to clamp down on and ban any weapons that only have one use, to kill people, aka, automatic guns and multiple bullet ammo magazines. This is not a lawless Somalia we live in, it’s the United States. We are better than that and we need to start showing it and living it.

Thanks for today’s read, and as always, I look forward to your comments.
Cam Obert



  1. tomobert63 Says:

    Hmmm, so the states’-righters want to repeal Minnesota law so we can fall under federal gun laws. Like everything else, only when it suits us.

  2. John Says:

    I just had this debate online with the US folks on one of the new forums I follow. Their message – Mind your business Canadian Loyalist. Good neighbours keep their comments to themselves.

    Oh well. My kids don’t even want to visit the states. A place where I spent summers in Maine and winters in Florida. They TELL ME it is too dangerous.

    Oh well.

  3. Kenneth Kjer Says:

    Having been in law enforcement for over 20 years, I need to say that some of your facts are wrong. 1st of all there is nowhere near 100,000 deaths by guns in the United States per year. There is approximately 35,000. Most homicides, over 90% are committed by individuals who were related to or knew the victim. There is no statistics to show that reducing the number of guns will reduce the number of crimes. Of all crimes committed, homicides have the highest rate of clearance, over 85%. When I was a law enforcement office it was over 90%. There are no statistics that show strict control laws reduce crime. The National Chiefs of Police Association is a political group that backs the Democratic Party. Most Police Chiefs are political appointees. It is well known in sociology, that creating a black market buy banning or controlling any inanimate object will create a black market, which will eventually lead to crime and violence. There are records to that go back to the time of the Pharaohs that prove this theory. Contrary to popular belief Minnesota does not have a conceal and carry law. It has a carry law, and a person can choose open carry or concealed carry. No one ever mentions that the total number of police officers on the streets has dropped by 20% since the 1970’s. NYPD for example has reduced the number of officer by 5000, since 2004. Minneapolis PD shut down its drug unit in 2009 because of lack of funding. I could go on for hours, but enough said. Gun Control, doesn’t work, isn’t working now and will never work.

  4. Patriot4America Says:

    America has their freedom because of guns! Do you want a ban on them? So we can be like Mexico and have drug lords murdering people, including politicians? Wake the fuck up!!!!

  5. T Says:

    “There are about 7 million guns in Canada. Annually, there are less than 200 people killed from guns. In the United States, with our 308 million people and over 270 million guns, there are over 100,000 gun related deaths a year.”
    I worked in law enforcement for awhile patrolling the northern borders. So I know what goes on in Canada via intel reports. Here is a recent event in your “civilized country “. Please research the crime ring that was going to the RCMP homes and murdering them and their families while they slept.

  6. self defense Says:

    self defense…

    […]AMERICA FIXATES ON GUNS… « Youandmedoweagree's Blog[…]…

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