It seems many people in the fandom of the Minnesota Viqueens have been lamenting the collapse of the roof of the Metrodome. It did, unfortunately, mean the team had to move it’s final two home games to other venues. Those two games really showed what this team is made of, and has been made of since that fateful day in August. You all know what day I’m speaking of, the day a few guys on the team flew to Mississippi to beg Brett Favre to come back for another season.

That action was wrong in many ways. First, it showed quite glaringly, the Viqueens need for a proven “football guy” as the GM or VP of player personnel. On a “normal” pro sports franchise, this wouldn’t have happened. The lack of a quality general manager is partially what doomed Brad Childress as head coach, or in this team’s case, head baby sitter. Childress, was in his first stint as a head coach, he had only been a coordinator in the past. So the ‘Queens hire him, expect him to coach and make too many personnel decisions. This put Childress in way over his head. The baby sitting part is a reference to the fact the Viqueens never got involved in the game this whole season. They are one of the highest paid teams in the NFL, and they act and play like drama queens. The players, especially the offensive line, the defense, and special teams never played to their potential and pay checks this whole season. I love Favre, greatest quarterback of all time, except for Brady, but he spent this whole season running for his life. It’s the worst pass blocking I have ever witnessed in the NFL. When he finished the game Monday night face down on the frozen snow-covered turf at TCF Bank Stadium, that was a snap shot of his whole season with that offensive line. I love Favre because when gets on the field, it’s all about winning. He gives his all on every play, never gives up, plays with his foot on the gas pedal the whole game. Now, take a look at the rest of these over-paid under-performing louts on this team. They should be embarrassed. The home game from Ford Field in Detroit, was a game that with a victory, Queens would still be in the playoff race. What did they do for their coach and the Viqueen faithful?, they played what some have called the flattest, least inspired game by an NFL team this whole season.

For those of you that think Leslie Frazier is the answer as the new head coach, I say you are dead wrong. He was the leader of the defense until Childress got dropped. Anyone looking at this team this year would see the defense not only has played horribly, but more disturbing was the half-hearted way they went about their business. That’s on the coach! Frazier has allowed the defense to play at their preferred pace the whole season. The team got off to a horrid start mostly due to the lack of coordination between the quarterback and the offense. That was caused by a simple lack of practice time. The defense, which was strong last year, failed to pick up the slack until the offense got their shit together. Again, that’s on Frazier. Remember, Frazier has interviewed seven times for open head coaching jobs, and hasn’t gotten the call yet. Obviously, the owners and general managers in the league see something they don’t like with Frazier.

The team has been flat as a pancake all season. When they had the opportunity to win and stay in playoff contention in Detroit, they fell asleep. When Brett Favre led them onto the field Monday night for the team’s home finale this season, they fell flat on their faces again. When the team effort this whole season has been heartless, you can’t blame it all on the coaches. The team has a huge hole trying to compete in the league without a general manager, and the players! Don’t get me started on this group of lazy unmotivated multi-millionaires. On a proportion basis, the team’s miserable season falls more on the players than any other reason. Obviously you can’t trade the whole team and start over but, you can hire a general manager who knows the business, and let that person hire the next head coach. My advice to the team for the next head coach, you better get a Ditka type, who will come in here and kick the asses of the lazy slobs, and if they don’t respond, trade them. This team has, in one year become a team of softies, cupcakes if you will. They need to get their asses whipped good by a strong, vocal, and blue-collar coach who won’t bow down to these prima donnas.

So, that’s my view of this failed Viqueen season. Keep in mind, pro football is a made for television entertainment event, but the teams still owe it to their fans to at least give the appearance of trying. Have you noticed when channel surfing during NFL games, their commercial breaks coincide with programmed product on the other networks? And to think there are people who believe the NFL is “live athletic team competition”! Thanks for today’s read and I look forward to reading your comments.
Cam Obert



  1. tomobert62 Says:

    Fund them through the Republican congress!

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