Now that the Senate republicans got what they wanted, a free multi-billion dollar, no strings attached gift for the top 2% of income earners in the United States, they are complaining the Senate is actually moving ahead with the country’s business. Remember, they agreed to proceed with debate and votes on many issues that have been back-logged for the past two years if they got the gift.

The glaring hypocrisy is the fact that the republicans have held up most of the Senate’s business as way to make the President look bad for the past two years! There are countless, in fact, the most in Presidential history, undealt with Presidential office nominees and judicial appointments. This Senate has broken all records for filibusters. They have stalled on most of the business that the U.S. Senate is supposed to do. One Senator, Grampy McSane(R-AZ), even went so far to declare at one point he is not going to debate or vote on another Obama initiative before the Senate. In the private sector, he would have been fired for not doing his job! But, the voters of Arizona have proven to be “different” from most of the rest of the country!

Let’s turn this spectacle around a little though. In spite of the Senate republicans refusal to participate in the governance of the United States, the Obama administration has accomplished more of its legislative agenda than any administration in contemporary American history. Just goes to show how much business the Senate does have to conduct.

The latest round of whining coming from the Senate republicans is the work being done in the Senate now, during the “lameduck” Congressional session. The Senate republicans are basically saying the members of Congress who will not be back after January 4, 2011, don’t count. They want to wait until the new Congress is sworn in to start conducting business. Why? Because they will then be the majority in the House and will have a much closer score in the Senate. Politics as usual? Yes, and it’s disgusting. What they are saying is the members of Congress now don’t count. Apparently they forget, these members were elected to office and have an obligation to fulfill that full two-year term, which ends on January 4th. As elected members, these office holders have an obligation to work on the country’s business for the full extent of the term. We don’t elect these people to take vacations and duck legislative responsibility. It had gotten to the point of pure disgust when last week Senators Kyl and DeMint used the Christmas holiday period as a reason to table all business and move it to the new Congress in January. This is rotten on so many fronts it’s difficult to quantify it. First, they slapped every non-Christian person of faith in the country by placing Christianity at the top. Second, it was just a plain old lie, using the holiday season as an excuse to stop the legislative process so that it can be moved to a friendlier environment in the new Congress. Third, it was a slap to all Americans who not only work through the holiday season, but actually work on the holiday itself! These republicans have just become rotten to the core. They are simply shameless.

To the business yet to be dealt with. The START treaty ratification is now being stalled by the republicans. They say it hasn’t been debated enough, there are no mark ups yet, or amendments added. The Senate has been sitting on this ratification since last summer. It has had more days of debate than any treaty ratification in recent memory. How much more time do they need? Had they not stalled it last summer, they could have had many months to debate it, but no they have had other things on their agenda, like taking down the Obama presidency. Every living former Secretary of State and Defense, every living former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and almost every leader from around the globe are urging the swift ratification of this treaty. What more do these rogue republicans need? They are now contesting the 7.5 billion dollar health care bill for the first responders to the World Trade Center attack. They claim they don’t know how it’s going to be paid for. The Pentagon and DOD fraudulently waste that much money every week! Who are these cold-blooded idiots? The 911 Bill or the Dream Act subject to a “super majority” cloture vote, that failed to pass, will come back to haunt the negative voters on this bill. Again, they claim they didnt;’t have time to debate it. Senator Durbin has brought this bill to the floor many times in the ten years it’s been in development. Again, how much more time did they need? The 911 First Responders Health Care Bill will pass, but not without damaging the negative voters of the bill. If the Senators thinks that their negative votes on the 911 Bill and the Dream Act won’t hurt them in 2012, they will have another thing coming.

Members of Congress are elected by the people to conduct the business of governance of the country for the full extent of the term they were elected to. This outcry of a “lameduck” Congress doing legislative work is non-sense. It’s a big cover by the republicans to try to bully the Congress into walking away and leaving the unfinished business up to the new Congress. I think Americans need to hold these politicians accountable for their actions, or lack thereof. It is the business of Americans to make sure the people who are chosen by them are doing the job they were elected to do. It is time for the ouster of the leaders of the no-work Congress, McChinless, Cantor, Kyl, DeMint, McSane, and the rest of the “nere-do-wells”.

I’m looking forward to an equally stalled and slow-moving Congress for the next two years. Don’t forget, the republican leadership has already claimed the top priority for them is insuring that President Obama is a single term President! That’s my view of the Senate today, it’s very disturbing. Thanks for today’s read and I look forward to reading your comments.
Cam Obert


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