…what a joke! Patriotic they aren’t. Conniving, scheming, soulless, cold, rotten, lying, shameless, self-serving, and even sub-human acting! I knew, when they struck the “deal” with the President, it went too easy for them. They have other things in mind. They lied their asses off to the President to snooker him into the “deal”. Their present day status is a culmination of a very smart plan. They started right after the President was sworn into office. I am really impressed how the republican Senate has closed ranks and kept the secret from leaking!

The secret? The plan they have been implementing to bring down the Obama Presidency. They have, in conjunction with Fox News, Karl Rove,and Rush Limbaugh done everything perfectly to grind the progress of the federal government to a halt. While everything has been in stall mode, they have cranked up a negative campaign against the President and his allies in Congress. Fox and Rove have been splendid at this. They have manufactured flat-out lies to work opinion against the administration. They have held up official office appointments, they have only brought 39% of the President’s judicial nominees to the floor for a vote. This is an all-time record for inaction on appointments and nominees by a U.S. Senate. They have obliterated the record for filibusters too!

The latest outrage is the total lie used to snooker the President into agreeing to the tax cut extension. Which, as a reminder, will add almost 900 billion more dollars to the deficit with very little near term stimulative effect. Smart move, right? This really tells you loud and clear who the constituency is for the Senate republicans! The republicans led by Mitch McChinless and John Kyl, told the President if he agrees to their extension plan, they will proceed with the rest of the business for this session of Congress. You see, they have held up all governmental legislative process until they get their constituents taken care of. Now they have been using stalling tactics so as to not bring any proposed bills to the floor for debate and vote. They went so far as to say it will make them sacrifice Christmas vacation time! This is the outrage, who in the hell do they think they work for? Kyl said yesterday there isn’t enough time to get to the Senate’s business. Jim DeMint, the intellectual powerhouse from South Carolina has vowed to have all 1900 pages of the government funding bill read aloud on the Senate floor. Estimates put that at 40 to 60 hours. He had also recommended the reading of every line of the START treaty. Senator Grampy McSane keeps changing the rules on what it will take for him to agree to the repeal of DADT. His latest salvo being a threat of a filibuster if the bill comes to the floor. Word has it, the bill, which has now been approved twice by the House, has enough votes to move to debate, maybe even the 67 required to head off a possible filibuster by Senator Senility. More stalling!

These people are not patriots, in fact I would go so far as to say they are deliberately holding up legislation that has real financial, social, and security implications. This is the worst case of partisanship politics I have ever seen. This republican party has put their own power hungary agenda ahead of the country’s best interests. They have stated publicly their agenda for the next two years is to bring down the Obama Presidency and overturn the legislation passed in the last two years that was an Obama agenda item. Darryl Issa, the wealthiest man in Congress, and fast becoming a goose-stepping fascist, has already said he intends to bring the White House to a halt by calling for investigations of most everything emanating from the administration. Do we hear anywhere from the republicans any plans about the future of the country? What are their plans for the betterment of our country and society? We don’t know because they have none. They are fully locked in and focussed on taking down the President. This is sick! What’s sicker than that is the support they get from so many Americans. Their machine to manufacture the stories and lies has been so effective that most unenlightened people have fallen for it and support it. The majority of republicans polled still believe President Obama is Muslim. that same group still believes he’s not native-born! Is this not outrageous?! Certainly it is. It’s actually very sad that so many people fall for the phony pabulum dispensed by Fox everyday.

The President and the republican leadership claimed they are doing what America wants by proceeding with this tax cut extension bill. They are dead wrong! Exit polling puts the numbers at 81% of Democrats opposing tax cuts for the top 2%, 67% of Independents are opposed, and even 52% of republicans oppose extending the cuts to the wealthiest Americans. The CBS national poll a couple of weeks ago still shows 67% of Americans against tax cuts for the top 2%. Now, since the gridlock began a week ago, the latest polls now put the poll number at 50% in favor of approving the compromise bill. The people are worn out from the bickering and inaction. That’s how you explain the drop from 67% to 50%.

The republicans are holding up approval of the START treaty. Every living Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense has said this must be ratified. All of the leading allies of the U.S. have said this treaty must be signed. Former Presidents have said it must be approved. Hell, the last version, done in 2003, was approved by the Senate 95-0! Hello, America, can you see what’s going on here? This is playing games with national and international security. But no, the republican view the ratification of the START treaty as a win or a plus for the President, so they’ll muck it up as best they can. They are holding up repeal of DADT. The American public supports the repeal, the military supports the repeal, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff supports it, the Secretary of Defense supports it’s repeal, and the Commander-In-Chief supports it’s repeal. But not the Senate republicans! Again, who is their constituency? The republicans are holding up the Dream Act. A very decent and moral act to enhance the American experience for children of undocumented aliens. Economists are in agreement this bill has nothing but upside for the economy. Educate these people to give them the opportunity to become employed tax paying members of American society. Many of these kids already are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq on behalf of the U.S. Many are paying into social security that unless this bill is passed in conjunction with some sane immigration reform, will never collect on it.

The tax cut extension for the top 2% along with the other top-tier gifts in the bill will add another 900 billion dollars to the deficit. That brings the deficit to a totally unmanageable amount of 2.3 trillion dollars. This has been kicked down the road, so in two years it will be extended again, adding to the deficit even more, and then someday, our country’s future generation is going to have to make the difficult decisions about how to fix a bankrupt economy. Every economist has stated that that’s where the country is heading. Tax cuts do not contribute to business growth and job additions. They only add to the deficit. It’s been proven time and again. So lets help the wealthiest Americans enjoy the growth of their personal fortunes and let our children and grand children take care of the disaster that’s going to be left for him.

That begs the question to ponder as I end this narrative, just who is the constituency of the republican party of the United States? This is a very serious question that demands serious answers and then solution to the damage they have wreaked upon our country. Thanks for today’s read, and I look forward to your comments.
Cam Obert


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