First, let me acknowledge the positives of the Obama national experience. In 2007 and 2008, Barack Obama energy, oratory skills, his progressive vision, and his engaging personality ignited an enthusiasm in this country that hasn’t been seen since the “New Frontier” days of Camelot with John Kennedy. It came at a time when George W. Bush had driven the mood of the country into the ground with a fast failing economy, two unpaid for imperialistic occupations of sovereign countries, and massive problems with a corrupt administration. Heck, I was such a big fan, guests to my home are greeted by a framed picture of President Obama captioned “Change Can Happen” on the wall of my entry foyer.

Then the governing of the country from the executive branch began in January of 2009. Admittedly, he faced monumental challenges. The economy was racing to a total depression, with no plan to stop it. Bush’s parting gift was the passage of TARP, which slowed the slide a little, unfortunately it was for Wall Street only and the CEO’s took advantage of the three page document to feather their own beds. The Justice Department under Obama recognized what was going on and had to make the effort to get all the money back. In the three page document, there was no accountability written into it, so greed is what it is! Big bonuses, new million dollar offices, etc. got through the loopholes.

President Obama then pushed for the passage of the Stimulus Bill. This was a bill originally designed to stimulate the economy into fast turn around and job creation, primarily through tax credits for small businesses, infrastructure updating, with private and public job growth. Obama wanted a small tax cut, less than 25% and after being bullied by the republicans, he gave in and replaced tax credits and job growth with almost 40% of the bill going to unaccounted for tax cuts. After passage, Obama simply said he was bothered by the republican re-write of the bill.

Next came the ill-timed work on the health care reform bill. I love the concept of health care reform, and firmly believe the only answer to sanity on this a single payer national health care system, and I probably will not be satisfied until we have that. That was ted Kennedy’s dream and it should have been fought for, but it wasn’t. In fact, it wasn’t even drafted or written by the leader, President Obama, he casually tossed it off to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to “come up with something”. Pelosi responded, the house put together a great proposal that really followed Obama’s own desires he had expressed in the campaign. Harry Reid, being the spineless wimp he is, couldn’t figure things out so Max Baucus came in to help. Together they took months to get something put together. I will say, both the House and Senate leaders said the White House was virtually absent in the whole process. When the White House was asked for guidance, it took long periods of time for responses. That’s no way to pass landmark legislation, do you think Lyndon Johnson would have done it that way? With all of the fumble-fucking around by the Senate and White House, the right-wing began asking questions and demanding answers. They weren’t getting them and thus the start of the birthers, the Tea-Bagger movement, and the town hall meeting disruptionists. I firmly believe this is where the President and the Democratic party lost control of the message. The republicans and especially the extreme right with Fox News has controlled the message since this time. Imagine that! The Dems have the White House, the Senate, and the House, and the republicans are in charge! Anyway, back to the subject. The first thing to go in the negotiations with the republicans on the health care reform bill was the single-payer aspect. The first thing thrown out! This is what Obama campaigned on! The message. After the agreement was final, the CBO scored the bill a winner for the economy. The first decade will save the taxpayers 100 billion dollars and by the end of the second decade the savings will be one trillion dollars. The republicans have lied about this and have vilified this bill, they control the message, and now America is about split on the merit of the bill. It should be overwhelmingly received and approved by the public!

President Obama ran on overturning the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy regarding gays serving openly in the military within his first year. As we near the second year of his term, the policy is still in place. With the endorsement of the Secretary of Defense Gates and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mullin for repeal, the President still sits on it.

President Obama has played the republicans hand in Afghanistan as well. He has tripled the troop numbers there since taking office. As the U.S. personnel fatalities grow and certainly the thousands of innocent Afghani and Pakistani fatalities grow, now there is talk in Washington of 2014 as the new “start to pull out date”. Remember, it was originally 2011. The President just keeps digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole with the Democrats and Independents.

Now we have this week’s cave in on the extension of the Bush tax cuts, the unfunded Bush tax cuts. The main contributor to the 1.43 trillion dollar deficit Obama inherited in 2009. He campaigned on never extending tax cuts for the top 2% of income earners in the country. But, because he and the rest of the gutless Democrats earlier in the year, before the mid-terms, didn’t deal with it, he got jammed in at the last-minute. Had the issue been brought up and argued/negotiated the Democrats could have shown the republicans for what they are, shills for Corporate America. They had the opportunity to prove the negative value of extending the tax cuts for that top 2%. It will add another 700 billion dollars to the deficit. They never took advantage of that. Now that Obama simply quit, gave away the farm so to speak, he gave so much away that the new cost he has added to the deficit is 900 billion dollars! The reason why this is so bad in my opinion other than what it is going to do for our economy and the deficit, is the fact the republicans played him perfectly ands got everything they want, damn near all of it bad for the U.S. economy.

President Obama has two years to turn it around now in what’s going to be a much tougher Congress and a continued failing economy. I hope he can find the answers, but if he can’t, we have two hopes. Sarah Palin gets the GOP nomination in 2012 or the Democrats find a firebrand progressive that will stand up for the ever dissolving middle class and the ever-expanding lower class. Hang in there with me, there will be more coming in the near future on this matter but, for today, thanks for your read and I look forward to your comments.


One Response to “SHOULD OBAMA GET “PRIMARIED” IN 2012?”

  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    NO! Then the Dems will certainly lose in ’12. Have we learned nothing from Carter in ’80??? Just because we don’t get 100% of what we want, we still have gotten 90%. Give Obama a break! What do you want from him when he has to work with the GOP, they are FREAKS! We need to adopt the mantra of Reagan’s 11th commandment. “Don’t speak ill of another Democrat” It only gives more ammunition to the GOP!!

    If you want to lose the White House in 2012, go ahead and primary Obama and hand the election to the GOP.
    Submitted via e-mail from Andy Pinault

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