…the trend the pundits keep speaking will come true. The overriding opinion of the punditry has the republicans sweeping through the mid-term elections with a possible pick up of as many as 70 House seats and maybe a take-over of the majority in the Senate. This is supposed to be a rebuke of the economic policies of the President and the Democratic majority Congress. Now, let me show you why the American voters are so wrong on this election.

Remember 2000 when Al Gore had the election basically served up to him in such a situation where the election was his to lose? Well, as we all remember, he lost. He lost, I believe, because he ran a terrible campaign, rebuffed President Clinton, and listened too much to the biggest election idiot in the country’s history, Terry McAuliffe. President Clinton set him up with the world at peace and the healthiest economy since the days of Lyndon Johnson. Even though the race was close, and Gore won the popular vote, and as Justice Stevens says, the SCOTUS blew that ruling when it granted the Presidency to George W. Bush.

Here’s what the Bush administration gave the country. He took office with a surplus of 200 billion dollars. By the time he left office, the country had a 1.46 trillion dollar deficit. While in office, Bush got the U.S. into two unprovoked wars on foreign soil in sovereign states that proved to be no threat to the U.S. whatsoever. His parting shot to the country was the TARP bailout that was a three page document with no accountability built into it. 700 billion given to the financial industry basically without any rules! As we all knew, the greedy bastards immediately took advantage of this and gave themselves huge bonuses, made themselves million dollar office remodels, and went on lavish company funded vacations! If it weren’t for the aggressiveness of the Obama Department of Justice, this money would have been gone for good. It’s been almost all returned, with interest!

This new breed of wacked out republicans wants a return of the Bush policies! These are the same economic policies that got the country into the ditch in the first place. Tax cuts do not work to stimulate the economy. They stimulate the pockets and bank accounts of the top 2% of the country’s wage earners. This also happened under Reagan, his tax cuts put the country in the sewer economically for the better part of a decade, after he left office and claimed Alzheimer’s disease as his excuse for a terribly failed economic policy. His chief economic advisor, David Stockman, says now the republicans calling for tax cuts and an extension of the failed and yet unfunded tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans is “pure republican demagoguery”. Even Stockman knows a return to the Bush economic policies is wrong!

The republicans, lead by Fox News and head tea-Bagger Sarah “Half-Term” Palin keep yelling for “smaller government”. What does this mean? Under Bush and the John Boner led Congress, the size of the federal government exploded. Take a look at history. Going back to 1900, every republican administration has grown the size of government after the preceding Democrat in office cut the size of the government.

The republicans want the government to create jobs, jobs, jobs. Under Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush the economy lost jobs. In fact, under George W. Bush and the republican held Congress, the country lost over 8 million jobs! A national record for an eight year job loss! Since President Obama has come into office, 3.3 million jobs have been added back to the work force. Do the Tea- Baggers even know this? Do the Tea-Baggers, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the republican party know this. Do they know that Bush left office with a 1.46 trillion dollar budget deficit, and President Obama’s first budget showed a deficit of 1.29 trillion dollars. Does the American public know this? Does the American republican public know that the stimulus bill has led to the creation of many much-needed infrastructure repair projects? Do the republicans understand that as the “most developed country in the world” we can not afford any more catastrophic bridge collapses? Do the republicans understand that improvements of infrastructure require funding from the government? Do the republicans understand that in order to educate our children it requires government funding? Do the republicans understand when they call 9-1-1 for fire or police, it requires government funding for this kind of basic protection? Do the republicans understand that the more political support the large corporations get, the more they shit on America by moving production out of the country, by not expanding at home, and not only not expanding their payrolls, they are reducing their payrolls as the bankrolls are reaching record levels?

That is only a sample of how uninformed America is. I do blame it on the Democrats. President Obama and the Democratic party have done a terrible job getting the real story out there. Fox News has carried the “made up” story, and with assistance from Rush and the Tea-Baggers, the democrats mistakenly went on the defensive. The nut-jobs on the right sensed the chicken-shit way the Democrats have run from their own story of success and capitalized. This has led to where we are today.

Just by electing these nut-jobs into office, the republican public has no idea of the destruction that is going to start in January. These extreme right candidates have no idea about decorum, they have no idea of respect for the office and the American institution of elections and governance, and they really are clueless about the Constitution and how our government works. Our government will go into the continuation of the stall from the last two years, nothing will get accomplished in Washington, and the level of disrespect in Congress will rise to levels never seen before. They will even shut down the government if they have to. The last time they did that, it backfired on them big time. We can only hope! When the republican leadership in Washington has already announced the number one priority of the next Congress is to work to ensure President Obama will be a one term office holder. Hello! Does anybody see anything wrong with this?

The upshot for the health of the country will be the republicans are bound to fuck things up so badly in Washington the next two years, that there will be yet another ADD driven change in 2012. I don’t think the republicans understand that President Obama is enjoying the highest personal approval numbers of any politician today. The republicans right now have a Congressional approval rating of under 20%, and yet they will win many more seats tomorrow. With President Obama’s approval rating about 50%, he will become the “statesman” and not only will hold his own against these wackos but, will become stronger for an easy time being re-elected in 2012.

Boner and McChinless better watch their asses too. This new breed of wacko idiots will attempt to crush them as well. Remember, most of these Tea-Bagger backed nut-jobs know nothing about government and the Constitution and will start butting heads with their party leadership almost immediately!

This could be the start of a very shameful and embarrassing time for the United States. We have already under Bush fallen in the leading indicators of quality of life such as education, healthcare, economy, etc. With this group of wackos potentially coming into office, does anybody see an improvement in any of these quality of life indicators? I didn’t think so.

I said many months ago, if the Democrats lose the Governorship in Minnesota in favor of a continuation of the policies of the failed Pawlenty years, they have only themselves to blame. On the state level, this is just like the 2000 Presidential election. Dayton, like Gore has it served up for him for what should be a very easy victory. If Dayton doesn’t prevail tomorrow, the Democrats only have themselves to blame. Minnesota, once number one in the country in all quality of life indicators, has now fallen to the middle and bottom os said indicators. This has happened after 12 years of failed leadership in Saint Paul.

There are fact-based reasons galore to back the President Obama and progressive Congressional agenda to be continued. But, because Fox News took control of the message in this country in March of 2009, they are in lead and most likely will prevail tomorrow. This is a sad situation and the Democrats nationally really must look at themselves for this colossal failure to be. That’s my view on this last day before the most important national mid-term elections in the country’s history. Thanks for your read, and as always, I look forward to your comments.
Cam Obert


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