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November 30, 2010

This horrendous hole the President has put himself into has its roots back in the early days of his term. When he proposed the stimulus package to be sent to Congress, the cornerstone of the package was about job creation, infrastructure improvements, tax credits for business performance, and budget cuts. The republicans demanded more blanket tax cuts, Obama caved in so the final product of the bill contains damn near 40% tax cuts. The ironies here are; the documented history of tax cuts not helping the economy or job creation and how the republicans have howled since the passage of the bill that it’s been a failure! 40% is their responsibility! I do agree with the opposition that Obama’s pursuit of a health care reform bill was ill-timed. In retrospect, politically, this was a suicide mission from the get go. Okay progressives, I said “politically”! I absolutely agree with the administration about the need for health care reform. Because of the economic situation, TARP hadn’t proven yet at the time as being a success, and the wounds were still fresh from the stimulus bill fight, I think a priority might have been something more in line with repairing the economy. Again, this economy was handed to him, his predecessor took a 200 billion dollar surplus and turned it into a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit. We all understand this, but as of January 20, 2009, the country was under the Presidency of Barack Obama, not George Bush.

I am also very keen on the sense of what got Obama elected was a progressive platform with many needed changes and improvements to the present situation. That being said, it’s all about the timing. Coming out of the stimulus bill wrangling, the President pitched the ball to Pelosi, Reid, and Baucus to write him a health care reform bill. That was mistake number one on this deal. this is major legislation that he ran on. You don’t pitch it off to Congressional leaders to do it for you, it’s your deal! Of course, with the extreme incompetence displayed by Senators Reid and Baucus, the writing and passage of the bill floundered for months. While all this time passed, the opposition grew out of control, mostly due to the incompetence and silence from the White House. Since the conservatives were opposed to any part of health care reform, they took advantage a clear field to build their case against any such measures. That is what was most responsible for the explosive growth of the Tea-Bag movement, the birthers, and the town hall meeting disruptionists. The White House had no response, they were silent. Why?, because they were not in control of the flow of the legislation for the health care reform bill, the nimrods in the Senate were. Pelosi, to her credit, got it done on a very timely basis in the House.

Obama’s next cave in was the throwing out of the public option, without even a fight or debate about it! This was the cornerstone of the plan he campaigned on and it’s the first thing he gives in on. It was at this time, you could really sense the volume of the Tea-Bag movement, the politicians were beginning to run scared, including the President. Here’s another irony for you; the percentage of Americans that identify themselves as Tea-Baggers or sympathetic to the Tea-Bag movement is around 20%! So what is the White House afraid of? In 2008 they dominated the independent voters as well as scoring a good percentage of dissatisfied republicans. I don’t get this run and hide action they have been doing since the spring of ’09.

Next was cap-and-trade. A very good plan with both economic and environmental benefits. Again, the White House back pedaled and conceded entirely too much in order to get the bill passed. Didn’t President Obama run on a cap-and-trade bill with teeth that would be a job creator? Again it’s watered down but, still irony of ironies, the republicans are still complaining about it, though it’s really not very beneficial to anything in its present state.

President Obama ran a very strident repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell” soon after becoming President. Here we are, twenty-three months into the term, still no repeal. In fact, he’s caved in almost daily to Grampy McSane and a few of the other homophobes in the Senate, and will not forcefully do his duty and get this institutionalized human rights violating policy repealed. Again, what in the hell is he afraid of?

Probably the President’s biggest single failure, which has ruined his ability as much as anything to get things done, has been his blind ambition of getting support from the republicans for anything. He has spun his wheels endlessly trying to get the republican Congress to work with him and the Democrats in the governance of the country. Boner, McChinless, Cantor, and McSane have all said almost since day one, they don’t like Obama, they won’t acknowledge he is the President, and absolutely they refuse to work on a cooperative basis with him on anything, therefore, the “Party of NO”. Obama should have kicked them to the curb over a year ago and governed with the Democrats and pursued his progressive agenda, which is what he won election on.

The bottom line is simple. President Obama was not qualified to be President. He has no private sector experience, no executive experience, and only legislative experience. Being the leader of the executive branch of government, a person must have the experience to make leadership decisions. Decisions must be decisive, without apologies or delays. Going back through the first half of his term, Obama hasn’t been a decisive leader. He had a clear vision while campaigning but, that clarity was clouded under the immense pressure of leading the government. His Presidency didn’t have to be this weak and indecisive. Had he surrounded himself with a Washington-based experienced staff, many of his shot comings in leadership could have been avoided. I don’t believe having the Chicago group in the oval office was beneficial. Sure, Obama trusts them but they have not been able to break through with Congress or America. I’ve said it before, Tom Daschle should have been his Chief of Staff from the get go. I would bet any amount of money, the republican Senate would be working with the White House had Daschle been there. I would also bet, the health care reform bill would be a hell of a lot closer to what the vision was had Daschle been there.

President Obama has had, legislatively, a very successful first two years. More of his proposed legislation has been passed than any other President in modern history. His problems are two-fold, communication, they have spent the last six months playing defense, running from their own accomplishments rather than campaigning on these accomplishments and his inability to get action on the other major issues he campaigned on, DADT and immigration, they can’t even get the Dream Act to the floor!

I still support President Obama, but he’s going to get killed in 2012 if he and the democrats can’t get back in control of the message. The republicans hijacked the message in the spring of 2009 and have not relinquished it. The President needs to get rid of the Chicago baggage in the White House, get Daschle in there, get Howard Dean back in charge of the DNC, and take back control of the message! He is the President, he is supposed to be controlling the message, not the opposition that runs out of fear of the lowly 20% Tea-Bagger populace.

In spite of today’s wasted meeting at the White House, the Tea-Baggers are simply not going to permit the republicans to work with the President. They are all too afraid of upsetting the far right fringe. The vocal leader, though empty-headed, Sarah Palin will not allow it and will try to get any republican in Congress viewed as being too cooperative with the White House “primaried” in 2012. So, there you have it. A failing Presidency, but an opportunity to right the ship. Thanks for today’s read, and I’ll look forward to your comments.
Cam Obert



November 26, 2010

The trade policies of the United States have been in a downward spiral since the mid-nineties. Seemingly since about that time, every trade agreement our country enters into with another country(s) tends to heavily favor the other side. Not being an economist myself, I’m not educated enough to know what is behind these moves we have taken vis-a-vis trade practices with other countries but, take a look at the trade imbalances that are growing totally out of hand. Along with the screwed up trade practices the U.S. seems to love is yet another currency manipulation by the Fed. As I recall, Ronald Reagan did a similar move by deflating the value of the dollar to disastrous results. Fortunately Congress made the correction in time before it all went to crap. Now with the Fed artificially pumping in another 600 billion in cash, how long until we start to see the negative results? I find it ironic at the same time Bernanke is doing that with our money, the U.S. government is screaming foul at the Chinese for currency manipulation on their side! Interesting, apparently what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander!

Again, not being a bona fide expert, I look at the beginning of the fall with NAFTA, GATT, etc. as turning out to not being good for the U.S. With the ensuing collapse of the American economy under Bush, the reliance on China for loans and trade agreements that basically give away the house because of the money deficit situation, the hole keeps getting deeper.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around some of these trade agreements that are so one-sided favoring the trade partner of the U.S. and not the U.S. The warm and fuzzy and feel-good results of negotiated settlements are supposed to be a win-win for both sides. And yet, the U.S. continues coming up on the losing side. Take the trade atmosphere with the U.S. and the Republic of South Korea. It’s amazing the U.S. signed off agreements dating to the early 2000’s that allow South Korea to dump their products on our market and yet we have no “in” to their markets at all! In this case, though I’m not sure, I wonder if there isn’t a military protection involved. But, if that’s the case, end it! The U.S. is not a bottomless source of military protection for the free world. I would love to see the U.S. shut down the bases on the Korean Peninsula and get out. Let China become more involved in the outside policing of that area, if they so choose. The trade balance with South Korea is obscenely out of whack and it needs to end. The same goes for our gross trade imbalances with Germany and many other countries.

I actually agree 100% with of all people Donald Trump on this issue. Trump rightly points out the U.S. has lost respect with the rest of the free world because they see how our country has become so subservient to these other countries. The U.S. continually comes up on the short end of trade negotiations with other trading countries. This country used to be the economic power house of the planet. No more! After many years of giving away everything in trading negotiations we have sunk to the lowest economic position in the world since our colonial days! Trump, who has been forced to buy heavily with China because his former American sources are either gone, farmed out their production to other countries, or simply are not competitive anymore. He is distressed by this because in his words, the product coming from China is grossly inferior to what he used to buy from American manufacturers. Trump believes the American political system is to blame. We have been led by weak-kneed wimps who get their asses whipped every time they try to negotiate an agreement with another country. So that begs the question, why does the U.S. have such an alarming need to trade for product and services from other countries that we should be doing internally?

Here’s what’s been going on. K Street has run the government of the United States for many years now. It’s only been a matter of money and influence to get all of the country’s trade policies screwed up. The lobbyists have controlled the politics in Washington to the point where national policy has been twisted so far out of shape that the result is a country greatly weakened in its ability to still lead on the world platform. You ask how did this happen? Simple. Corporate America is hell-bent on accelerating, past the obscene, profits on the backs of “Main Street” America that it has come to selling out the country to get there. Why do companies pull up stakes in the U.S. to base their business elsewhere? Because “elsewhere” doesn’t have environmental protection regulation, “elsewhere” doesn’t have employment and wage regulation, and “elsewhere” doesn’t have fees(taxes) for doing business in their countries. So, the leaders of Corporate America prevail upon the weak and/or unscrupulous politicians in Congress, the White House, and the Governor’s mansions across America to make the business environment more favorable to the top end of business. In other words, give gigantic tax cuts and tax favors to business but not hold them accountable,thus we have business and manufacturing flight from the U.S. This is how bad it really is. General Electric, coming off a year of record profits, in the billions of dollars, not only did not pay a penny in taxes, but got a tax refund of several hundred thousand dollars! Figure that one out! Here’s the best part though, how much of GE’s consumer electronic and appliance product is manufactured in the U.S.? So, let’s look at this. China and Mexico got rich off of GE’s business. The upper management of GE got huge salaries, bonuses, and stock acquisition options. The communities that one time were home to this type of business lost local tax revenue and most importantly, all the workers were simply turned out onto the streets. Where did America gain in this Corporate situation? Two things have been proven, two facts that are indisputable are that tax cuts for the top income earners don’t work and top income earners do not spend the money saved by these “tax incentives” given to them by the government. How do we fix this?

You start by re-writing the tax laws to close off all loopholes. The laws need to be simple and black and white, no holes and no subjectivity. Second, you hold every entity to the tax level that is written into the new law, no exceptions. Most important, for businesses that really want to grow, that really want to care for a growing work force, that want to be good stewards to the environment, the government grants tax credits that are tied to objectives, such as hiring personnel, growing the business via brick and mortar additions, things that are accountable by the IRS to ensure they are being done before the tax credit is granted. Start up business should have a set of tax laws specific to new business with specific rules for credit like capital expense, equipment depreciation, etc. Again, accountable to the IRS, and if all is proper the credits are given. These new rules will have be favorable enough to get business back that has already left. It’s all about accountability. The Bush tax cuts are a classic example of why you don’t give something no expectation of return. The government gave these top 2% of income earners a 3% break on taxes with the expectation it would be used to expand business. The problem was, it turned out to be a no strings attached gift. These people have never shown any inclination whatsoever to plow that money back into their business. Oh, just in case you were wondering, only one half of one percent of that top 2% are actually business owners. The rest are users, non-business people who happen to earn in excess of $250K a year. So, I must ask again, where is the benefit for the economy of the United States?

Lastly, President Obama has proven to be, so far, a flop as a President. Now, I have said this for a long time, but being a progressive, I stand with him. But, he is making it difficult. First of all, Obama has proved that a person with no executive experience will be in way over his head in the White House. That is eminently clear in this White House. He made some horrible staff selections that did not serve him well in the least. Now that he has floundered so badly on the economic issues, in a panic, he is running from his base that got him into office by moving hard to the right. The republican leadership sees this happening and they are just putting the screws to him even tighter now. He’s in a bad situation and I’m not sure if he can recover. He was walked into a horrible economic mess and has not handled it properly at all. The sad thing is, had he done things better, he would be the hero and a sure winner in 2012. Now even George Soros has questions about him as our leader. This does not bode well for the President.

The quick fix for the President is get Tom Daschle in the White House immediately. Then get Howard Dean back in charge of the DNC as well as the chief message carrier for Obama and the Democrats. Then put together a panel to give guidance on the economy and include Donald Trump for the balls, or backbone if you will, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc. Give this panel free rein to put an economic solution package together that would be heavily weighted to the trade, currency, and tax position of the federal government. I don’t have any other answers, but I believe I have offered a start. I wish the President and the DNC read my blogs! It would simplify things a lot! Haha! Thanks for today’s read and don’t ever forget, “Go Cocks!” They play the hated Clemson Tigers tomorrow and hopefully they will prevail in a huge way. It will make preparing for their re-match with top-ranked Auburn Tigers in the SEC championship game that much easier. Ahhh, the SEC, total football dominance of Division I football in America!
Cam Obert


November 23, 2010

Being a conspiracy theorist, I must tell you up front I believe the NFL became a contrived for television entertainment event back in the 1960’s. This was a genius meeting of the television networks and the league to generate billions of dollars for themselves while playing with the minds of the poor hapless fans. These are fans not unlike the fans of the WWF and the cage fighting non-sense. Manufactured “sport” made up to entertain people who probably have shallower than normal lives. Does the NFL have athletes? Of course it does. Are the wrestlers of the WWF and the cage fighters athletes? Yes, the best money and juicing can buy! I also believe the NBA is a phony sports league. I’m convinced it is run tightly by television and the league office. Ever wonder why Los Angeles and Boston are at the top every year? Ratings! By the way, the round ballers in the NBA are without exception, the best pure athletes in the world! They run at a frenetic pace and the hitting is real. These guys, unlike the pansies in football, wear no padding or helmets! Anyway, I digress.

The problem with the Minnesota ViQueens “sports” franchise is real simple. In the most efficient model devised to operate a professional sports team, there is always a general manager or VP of player personnel. The Queens have neither. Since buying the franchise, the Wylf family has operated it without a person in charge of player personnel. What makes this even more moronic is that puts more emphasis on the head coach in personnel decisions. Brad Childress is in his first head coaching job. He has not had a direct superior to guide him in the personnel area of the players. Why do you think there have been so many stupid and questionable moves made these last five years with this team? The Wylfs have simply thought money will overcome any bad personnel decisions.

The resulting problems really began last year with the pursuit of Bret Favre. Without a doubt, a great quarterback. I have to admit, I even became interested in the Queens. After all, they now had Favray, the premier qb in football, some great receivers, an all-pro offensive line and Adrian Peterson running the ball. What could be better? This was a quality NFL team with excitement at all of the skill positions. The season was great, I still believe that last year, they were the best team in the NFL. They lost to New Orleans because Greg Williams, the N.O. defensive coordinator put together a plan that was simple. Kill Favray! And they did. No quarterback had ever taken that kind of beating in a game before. To Favray’s credit, he kept playing and succeeding in that game. The Queens finished with over 500 yards of offense against that super strong Saints defense, Favray’s stats were incredible, especially considering he was getting the life smashed out of him on every play. The biggest joke of that whole game was the fact that N.O. was only flagged twice for late hits and roughing. It was probably the greatest qb performance I have ever witnessed in the NFL. Keep in mind, the week before, this same New Orleans defense pounded the stuffing out of Curt Warner so bad he announced his retirement virtually right after the game. It was another dirty shameful effort by the Saints’ defense and their coordinator Williams. Anyway, Queens lose and Favray started the dance again. This is where Childress and the lack of a GM killed the Queens.

It should have been stated bluntly last January to Favray, shit or get off the can, NOW! Instead, Favray teased and used Childress like a bar of soap until he decided it was time to come to camp. To make it worse, by mid-August it was a disgusting display of begging by Childress to get Favray back. How does that sit with the rest of the guys on the team? The team’s performance this year pretty much answers that question. Childress, in all of his whining and pleading with Favray forgot about the rest of the team. Sidney Rice should have had hip surgery last spring so he’d be ready for the season, instead, on Rice’s decision, he had the operation in the late summer, he just got back on the field. I think because nobody above Childress has kept him focussed, the defense under new coach Leslie Frazier has played totally uninspired this whole season. How come Frazier’s ass didn’t get kicked weeks ago about his corral of multi-millionaires under-performing? They have sucked this whole year and rewarding Frazier with the promotion sends the completely wrong message to this team. They reward Frazier for coaching a bunch of unmotivated prima-donnas. Unbelievable!

The Queens really blew the opportunity with Randy Moss. Again, because Childress was too concerned with Favray and his feelings, he didn’t lay down the rules on Moss. Moss has a history. Lean on him, make him conform and behave, and you have a premier receiver in the league. Let him loose, and Moss can’t help himself. He’s just trouble when left unchecked. After Moss’ tirade about and at the lunch caterers, Tinucci’s, the best meat loaf and mushroom gravy in the world, Childress decided it was time to be the boss and fired Moss. All wrong! When Randy is on his game, he is probably the most electric player in the league. The last time I was a mild Queens fan was in Randy’s heydays here. He was the best, and was pure fun to watch as a fan. And, seriously, if you haven’t had Tinucci’s meat loaf, try it. I used to cater lunch for the staff at the car dealer and for years Tinucci’s was my preferred caterer! My hats off to Gus and John, their lunches are the best!

So the Wylfs wait until they get blown off the field by a very ordinary Green Bush team. This was embarrassing only by the fact that Green Bush is nothing special. Even though I did not watch any of the game live, I saw all of the indicting video of the half-hearted effort being put forth by this laughing-stock. Being that I think I am several degrees above watching NFL games, I watched the entire NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Miami to determine the season’s driving champion. It was a great race, very exciting, and yes I loved the result, Jimmy Johnson driving to his FIFTH consecutive Sprint Cup season championship!

The ViQueens will continue to be bottom feeders in the league if they don’t hire a qualified guy to be general manager. The root cause of all of their problems are the fact they don’t have a person in this position. And for the people who want Favray benched in favor of Tarvaris Jackson, wrong! The only difference with Favray’s performance and statistics this year is the fact that he has been hit more than any qb in the league so far this year, he’s running for his life on every snap, and he doesn’t have anyone to catch passes this year. Give him time, and he’ll be great again this year. In watching the game film, I noticed that Favray still has a gun. It’s still fun watching him throw. Jackson can not be the quarterback ever for this team or any in the NFL. He simply doesn’t have “it”. Frazier needs to put the fear of God in this offensive line for these remaining games and he needs to get somebody to wake up the defense. They stink, even though it’s one of the highest paid defenses in the league. If are not playing hard and with a purpose, bench them. Get control back to management and start busting some prima donna asses. That’s my view of the situation with the Queens. I’ve offered an idea to get them turned around and playing in arguably the weakest division of the conference, it shouldn’t be too tough to get back to the top! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


November 1, 2010

…the trend the pundits keep speaking will come true. The overriding opinion of the punditry has the republicans sweeping through the mid-term elections with a possible pick up of as many as 70 House seats and maybe a take-over of the majority in the Senate. This is supposed to be a rebuke of the economic policies of the President and the Democratic majority Congress. Now, let me show you why the American voters are so wrong on this election.

Remember 2000 when Al Gore had the election basically served up to him in such a situation where the election was his to lose? Well, as we all remember, he lost. He lost, I believe, because he ran a terrible campaign, rebuffed President Clinton, and listened too much to the biggest election idiot in the country’s history, Terry McAuliffe. President Clinton set him up with the world at peace and the healthiest economy since the days of Lyndon Johnson. Even though the race was close, and Gore won the popular vote, and as Justice Stevens says, the SCOTUS blew that ruling when it granted the Presidency to George W. Bush.

Here’s what the Bush administration gave the country. He took office with a surplus of 200 billion dollars. By the time he left office, the country had a 1.46 trillion dollar deficit. While in office, Bush got the U.S. into two unprovoked wars on foreign soil in sovereign states that proved to be no threat to the U.S. whatsoever. His parting shot to the country was the TARP bailout that was a three page document with no accountability built into it. 700 billion given to the financial industry basically without any rules! As we all knew, the greedy bastards immediately took advantage of this and gave themselves huge bonuses, made themselves million dollar office remodels, and went on lavish company funded vacations! If it weren’t for the aggressiveness of the Obama Department of Justice, this money would have been gone for good. It’s been almost all returned, with interest!

This new breed of wacked out republicans wants a return of the Bush policies! These are the same economic policies that got the country into the ditch in the first place. Tax cuts do not work to stimulate the economy. They stimulate the pockets and bank accounts of the top 2% of the country’s wage earners. This also happened under Reagan, his tax cuts put the country in the sewer economically for the better part of a decade, after he left office and claimed Alzheimer’s disease as his excuse for a terribly failed economic policy. His chief economic advisor, David Stockman, says now the republicans calling for tax cuts and an extension of the failed and yet unfunded tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans is “pure republican demagoguery”. Even Stockman knows a return to the Bush economic policies is wrong!

The republicans, lead by Fox News and head tea-Bagger Sarah “Half-Term” Palin keep yelling for “smaller government”. What does this mean? Under Bush and the John Boner led Congress, the size of the federal government exploded. Take a look at history. Going back to 1900, every republican administration has grown the size of government after the preceding Democrat in office cut the size of the government.

The republicans want the government to create jobs, jobs, jobs. Under Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush the economy lost jobs. In fact, under George W. Bush and the republican held Congress, the country lost over 8 million jobs! A national record for an eight year job loss! Since President Obama has come into office, 3.3 million jobs have been added back to the work force. Do the Tea- Baggers even know this? Do the Tea-Baggers, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the republican party know this. Do they know that Bush left office with a 1.46 trillion dollar budget deficit, and President Obama’s first budget showed a deficit of 1.29 trillion dollars. Does the American public know this? Does the American republican public know that the stimulus bill has led to the creation of many much-needed infrastructure repair projects? Do the republicans understand that as the “most developed country in the world” we can not afford any more catastrophic bridge collapses? Do the republicans understand that improvements of infrastructure require funding from the government? Do the republicans understand that in order to educate our children it requires government funding? Do the republicans understand when they call 9-1-1 for fire or police, it requires government funding for this kind of basic protection? Do the republicans understand that the more political support the large corporations get, the more they shit on America by moving production out of the country, by not expanding at home, and not only not expanding their payrolls, they are reducing their payrolls as the bankrolls are reaching record levels?

That is only a sample of how uninformed America is. I do blame it on the Democrats. President Obama and the Democratic party have done a terrible job getting the real story out there. Fox News has carried the “made up” story, and with assistance from Rush and the Tea-Baggers, the democrats mistakenly went on the defensive. The nut-jobs on the right sensed the chicken-shit way the Democrats have run from their own story of success and capitalized. This has led to where we are today.

Just by electing these nut-jobs into office, the republican public has no idea of the destruction that is going to start in January. These extreme right candidates have no idea about decorum, they have no idea of respect for the office and the American institution of elections and governance, and they really are clueless about the Constitution and how our government works. Our government will go into the continuation of the stall from the last two years, nothing will get accomplished in Washington, and the level of disrespect in Congress will rise to levels never seen before. They will even shut down the government if they have to. The last time they did that, it backfired on them big time. We can only hope! When the republican leadership in Washington has already announced the number one priority of the next Congress is to work to ensure President Obama will be a one term office holder. Hello! Does anybody see anything wrong with this?

The upshot for the health of the country will be the republicans are bound to fuck things up so badly in Washington the next two years, that there will be yet another ADD driven change in 2012. I don’t think the republicans understand that President Obama is enjoying the highest personal approval numbers of any politician today. The republicans right now have a Congressional approval rating of under 20%, and yet they will win many more seats tomorrow. With President Obama’s approval rating about 50%, he will become the “statesman” and not only will hold his own against these wackos but, will become stronger for an easy time being re-elected in 2012.

Boner and McChinless better watch their asses too. This new breed of wacko idiots will attempt to crush them as well. Remember, most of these Tea-Bagger backed nut-jobs know nothing about government and the Constitution and will start butting heads with their party leadership almost immediately!

This could be the start of a very shameful and embarrassing time for the United States. We have already under Bush fallen in the leading indicators of quality of life such as education, healthcare, economy, etc. With this group of wackos potentially coming into office, does anybody see an improvement in any of these quality of life indicators? I didn’t think so.

I said many months ago, if the Democrats lose the Governorship in Minnesota in favor of a continuation of the policies of the failed Pawlenty years, they have only themselves to blame. On the state level, this is just like the 2000 Presidential election. Dayton, like Gore has it served up for him for what should be a very easy victory. If Dayton doesn’t prevail tomorrow, the Democrats only have themselves to blame. Minnesota, once number one in the country in all quality of life indicators, has now fallen to the middle and bottom os said indicators. This has happened after 12 years of failed leadership in Saint Paul.

There are fact-based reasons galore to back the President Obama and progressive Congressional agenda to be continued. But, because Fox News took control of the message in this country in March of 2009, they are in lead and most likely will prevail tomorrow. This is a sad situation and the Democrats nationally really must look at themselves for this colossal failure to be. That’s my view on this last day before the most important national mid-term elections in the country’s history. Thanks for your read, and as always, I look forward to your comments.
Cam Obert

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