…would it be that of candidates Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, Ken Buck, Christine O’Donnell, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Michele Bachmann, etc.? Or, should we be examining the sanity of their supporters? You’ll notice that all of these candidates are Tea-Baggers.

There’s plenty of insanity to around with this group and their supporters. The amazing thing is since the Godmother of the movement, Sarah Palin has put a “gag order” on the candidates she backs, nobody really knows much about them. Do you question why she has put this “gag order” on them? Remember the Katie Couric interview of her in the 2008 campaign? I need not expand on that other than to say she was exposed as an idiot.

Joe Miller, Tea-Bag candidate for the Senate in Alaska, is so brazen to say he has a no talk with the press mantra. Does he understand he is running for public office and the role of the press in this country is to ask the questions of candidates and report the responses so that voters can make informed decisions in the voting booth. We have found out that the “small government” campaign by Miller is in direct conflict with Joe Miller the citizen. Miller, his wife, and family have all taken advantage of such programs as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and unemployment insurance. He refuses to answer the questions about this conflict. He also won’t answer the questions about his checkered employment history. Based on his history and attitude, this man should not even be a candidate for any office in the U.S. So, whose sanity should we be looking at?

I won’t go into the O’Donnell deal. She is an unemployed perennial candidate for office that definitely has issues about her sanity. “I’m a witch!” “I have classified information regarding the Chinese overthrow of the United States”! Why is anyone in Delaware even giving her a forum?

Ken Buck, the Tea-Bagger from Colorado, has an unexplained history of “embellishing” his time as a law enforcement agent in the Kansas City area. Something about a “James Bond” type career! He won’t talk about it anymore because that mean old biased press did their job and exposed it! Recently Buck said his position on abortion is forged in granite. Under no circumstances would he allow the termination of a pregnancy, not rape, not incest, not even endangering the life of the mother. He wants violators to be tried and convicted as law breakers. Who, the mother?, the Doctor?, how about the mother’s family or spiritual advisor?, they would be held as being complicit in or aiding and abetting a lawless act.

Now is a good time to address one of the two Tea-Bag mantras regarding this campaign. “Smaller government” or less government intrusion into our lives. Well, I guess the Tea-Bagger hard-line on pro-life will require the hiring and expanding of law enforcement departments and prosecutor offices to handle the additional enforcement and prosecution of these lawless citizens. Who’s going to pay for it? Remember mantra two; “reduced taxes”? Sounds like the extreme righties will be putting themselves into quite a difficult situation, doesn’t it?

That brings us the Tea-Bagger superstar this year, Sharron Angle. Angle is in a very tight race with Harry Reid in Nevada. That is itself, is shocking! At the beginning of the campaign season several months ago, before she got “schooled” by Palin, she did open her mouth. The content of her statements is priceless! This woman has no clue about what is involved with politics, governance, and the role of a candidate in the process of electioneering in the U.S. It’s been said God told her she must run, she must run to reign in the growing government and the ever-increasing taxes. God told her this! Recently, she apparently spoke God again. This time he had to remind her of the evils of Social Security and Medicare. Government operated programs are evil and serve a very bad purpose. Her obeyance to the Lord’s wishes are to privatize retirement savings and make people responsible for obtaining their own health care coverage. It seems to me these are messages that are in complete disagreement to the word of the Lord the rest of us know. Oh, I’m not sure the Lord is involved in the formation of policy in any governmental entity on earth anyway. Maybe Angle’s God is a Tea-Bagger!

Angle has also taken the oath of silence. She will not engage any member of the press, nor will she agree to a debate with her opponent. Is she afraid she may confuse Harry Reid as being of Asian descent as well? Wow, when it comes to this woman, you just can’t make this stuff up!

Being an anti-government program Tea-Bagger, she does share with Joe Miller the utilization of governmental programs for her benefit, of course. She and her husband live on retirement pensions for government workers! For shame!

Michele Bachmann, well you all know about her! As the Congressperson from Minnesota’s 6th district, she voted against the passage of the “failed” stimulus package. Upon it’s passage in Congress, she wrote a letter to the Treasury on behalf of the citizens of her district, asking for money from the bill to go toward needed projects around the central Minnesota district. The money did come the way of her district, and projects were begun, people were put to work, retail business in the area improved now that people had jobs with a paycheck to buy goods and services, and the infrastructure was beginning to get long overdue safety and efficiency improvements. Funny how this works, right?

The hypocrisy from the right is deafening! They want to lower taxes, but yet you better not touch Defense. They want to reduce the size of government, but want to institute social changes that will require the increasing of the federal bureaucracy. They want to extend the already unfunded Bush tax cuts, but can’t answer how to pay the 3.5 billion dollar bill for them.

When you take a close look at what makes up this extreme right-wing movement sweeping across America, it’s based on a premise that can’t be forged or maintained. In other words, pure lunacy! I am so troubled by the supporters of these people and their baseless promises. A little bit of reading and research is all it takes to expose the fraudulent platform the people are proposing. It’s all very sad.

That’s my woeful story of the day, thanks for the read, and as always, I look forward to your comments.
Cam Obert


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