Yesterday, Senate Minority leader Mitch McChinless(R-KY) inadvertently revealed the true agenda for the republican party for the next two years. It’s an agenda of stalling, a continuation of filibusters, and whatever else the republicans can NOT do in order to make President Obama a one-term office holder. In a nutshell, bring government to a halt to make the President look bad and therefore lose his bid for re-election in 2012! This is outrageous, and so far, the only ones offended by it are the more patriotic left leaning political pundits! Arch conservative Joe Scarborough was terribly disgusted by the news, the only conservative to be, and of course, not a single peep out of republican party leader and driver Fox news Network.

In my way of thinking, shouldn’t the agenda of the republican Congress be that of responsibility for the co-governance of the country with the executive branch? Shouldn’t the republicans be working on constructive ideas to work in harmony with the Democrats and the White House to fix the many problems facing the country today? The Congressional republicans have already done their damn near best to de-rail the progress of the White House and Congressional Democrats in the first two years of the Obama administration. They have set every record in American history for stalling the legislative process, they have shelved a record number of Presidential office appointments, they have broken all records for the blocking and refusing judicial appointments, they have already filibustered over 100 pieces of attempted passage of legislation, and they have totally shunned all attempts by the President to engage in bi-partisan governing of the country. In fact, that has hurt President Obama more than anything else since he has been in office, all the time he has wasted trying to get the republican caucus to sit down and work with him. The President just never realized until possibly the last month or so, the republicans in politics refuse to work with him, they don’t like him, they hardly even acknowledge he is the President.

The potential tsunami the republicans are creating to flow against them in 2012 is inevitable. One difference between President Obama and other Presidents in contemporary history is his personal approval and likability ratings in the polls are far higher than the others, including Reagan. If the republicans do use making President Obama a one-term President as the agenda for them, it will destroy them in 2012. Remember the campaign of 1948? President Truman was getting killed in the polls, a certain landslide win for Dewey! Well, Truman being the common-sense street-wise haberdasher he was, simply painted the Congress as the “do nothing Congress”, that in an attempt to take Truman down, they simply didn’t work with him for two years. Truman told the truth, governing the country is a partnership of the executive and legislative branches, and when he made the story the legislative branch didn’t hold up their end of the governing responsibility. He won, they lost! Newt Gingrich made the same mistake with his “contract with America” in the mid-’90’s. He actually succeeded in shutting down the government in his way to prove President Clinton was wrong. It backfired on Newtie and the republicans and the Democrats swept into office in ’96 with President Clinton’s overwhelming victory in re-election.

Now, it appears McChinless and the Orange man, Boner, with chief Congressional henchman Cantor, are going to take the country on that same losing tack again. It’s almost as if they don’t care that unemployment is too high, they don’t care foreclosures are still happening at a record pace, bankruptcies continue unabated, there are still Americans dying for a losing cause in Afghanistan, we are now finding out about countless military atrocities that the Bush administration covered up from our imperialistic invasion of the sovereign country of Iraq, the tea party is now being exposed to housing elements of dangerous anti-American groups such as the birthers and white supremacists, etc, etc, etc. So, do you think there are more important things for the republican Congressional caucus to be concerned with right now, or is unseating the President in 2012 the top priority?

The republican party as a whole has made me sick to my stomach. They have missed the ball about what is important here in America. They have partnered up with Corporate America to transform our freely elected by the people government to a strong-armed take-over from the right. Social justice and fair taxation for Americans doesn’t even enter the lexicon of these new republicans. Reagan, Nixon, Goldwater, Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller, Dole, Baker, etc, great republican leaders of the contemporary past history of the country, would not be elected or even listened to by the current batch of haters. these guys would be “primaried” out and painted as weak and too friendly with the enemy, the Democrats. this is such a sad time in our history, I miss the times of bi-partisanship, the give and take of LBJ and Everett Dirkson, the great camaraderie of Reagan and Tip O’Neil. You’ll also notice it was during times like this, the business of running the country was getting done, and getting done on a timely basis.

The republicans will end up paying dearly for this current love affair with hate and prejudice. The country will turn against them because they don’t stand for decency and morality, they stand for themselves, their own agendas, and the profitability of their large corporate partners. Their fall will be a long and great one. We can only hope that a party doesn’t choose to take the country in this direction again. It proves to be so destructive and it proves to take a long time to recover from.

That’s today’s report, please submit your comments, I’m always all eyes and ears!
Cam Obert


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