…yet another way blown out of proportion non-story by the hard leaning right-wing media!

In a nutshell, NPR fired Juan Williams for making an innocuous statement on the Bill-O the Clown Show on Faux Noise Network the other night. Williams says he feels uneasy when on board a plane if there are people in “Muslim garb” also on board. He says this is a feeling he has ever since the 9/11 attacks. In my opinion, this is “political correctness” run amok. Here is Williams, a black man, liberal journalist, columnist, and political pundit making a statement revealing a very human emotion of his.

I have been a reader and listener of Juan Williams for many years. I, for one, can say and believe, there is not a racist bone in Williams’ body. He has written books about the plight of blacks and minorities trying to make it in “white” America. Since the 9/11 attacks, Williams has been a defender of Muslims trying to make it in America despite the negative and discriminatory attitude in America toward them. He has been a defender of the Muslims right to build an Islamic community center in Manhattan a couple blocks from “ground zero”.

No, I’m not at all in favor of NPR firing Williams for this comment he made on O’Reilly’s show. I am in favor of NPR firing Williams for becoming a boot-licking toadie on Fox News. Let’s face it, NPR does have a liberal slant or agenda. That’s okay by me, the majority of its funding comes from private citizen contributions, less than 4% of it’s funding comes from the government. So now that the mentally retarded Senator Jim DeMint(R-SC), is going to introduce a bill to cut off government funding of public television and radio, let him. The public service airwaves can accommodate that loss by more aggressively seeking user contributions. I have watched Juan Williams these past few years get bullied into submission week after week on the Fox News Sunday show by the mentally inept and very racist Brit Hume and Bill Kristol. I have become so disgusted with Williams’ wimpy interaction with these two morons whose combined IQ is less than what Williams’ has in his toe nail.

It’s apparent NPR has been looking for a reason to dump Williams for quite some time. His statement on the Bill-O show is hardly worthy of job termination. That means, they have another, a bigger axe to grind with him. I believe it’s because left leaning NPR was disgusted with Williams’ representing the left-wing point of view on Fox was not left leaning enough. And they are right! Williams’ really became a worthless voice of the left on Fox because he couldn’t get the job done in the face of the racist and bigoted badgering he faced with the group of entertainers from Fox, especially when guesting on Hannity’s show, O’Reilly’s show, and his weekly spot on Fox Sunday morning.

It is not Juan Williams’ job as a commentator to be the spokesman for the country. His job is to comment on things vis-a-vie his view. If he is nervous about riding on a plane with folks dressed in “Muslim Garb”, he is not speaking for anybody but himself. He doesn’t owe anybody an explanation why he feels that way, just as when he opines about how the Tea-Baggers are way off base on their response to the health care reform bill.

Now get this, there are people in this country vilifying Juan Williams for appearing on many of the shows in Fox’s line-up. They apparently don’t understand that he is invited to be a guest on these particular shows, he doesn’t will himself upon them. He is now also being vilified for signing a lucrative contract with Fox to be a regular contributor. Fox has probably wanted to do this for quite some time, but because of Williams’ contract with NPR, he couldn’t sign with Fox. I have no problem with him signing with Fox. A guy’s got to do what a guys got to do. It’s his business, it’s his profession and thinks Fox is where he best fits now. Do I agree with him? absolutely not!

Philosophically Williams with Fox, I have a huge problem with. Only because I’ve seen how Fox has manhandled Williams over time and sadly he is no longer the liberal firebrand he once was. He has become a whimpering pussy lying by his dish in the corner. He has let people on Fox, far inferior to him intellectually, push him around. We all watched over the years prior to now how Fox totally beat Morton Kondrake, once a great voice of liberal thought, into submission. It really was sad to watch. We like to remember the days when Kondrake would back John McLaughlin into corners, holding him accountable for his outrageous right-wing stands. I guess Fox has the power to melt people once on the payroll.

It’s okay for Juan Williams to sell-out his once progressive views to become the new “alan colmes” of Fox. He’ll have a paycheck coming in for the next two years, and after Fox throws him out, he won’t have an audience for who or what he’s become. That’s too bad for him, but, he made an adult decision.

To me, the truly saddest part of this whole situation is that some of the attention to this very important election has been taken away by this non-newsworthy event. When Juan Williams made the decision years ago to become a guest and then regular panelist on Fox, his prominence as a pundit was greatly diminished. He’s been there for so long that what happened really shouldn’t be on the front of anyone’s mind. Juan Williams is a good man and highly educated. He is not the villain the left is portraying him as, nor should he be used as an excuse for more right-wing flamethrowers to spread more lies about the liberal agenda in the United States. It’s really time for the progressives to forget about this non-news event and get on with the business of slowing down the Tea-Bagger express that’s making great inroads to the destruction of the American way of life and the taking away of liberties that we as Americans have come to love and expect. That’s the read for this weekend, I wrote on it over the weekend because I don’t consider this a topic of great enough importance to cover on higher readership days. Thank you.
Cam Obert



  1. Your sister Says:

    NPR did the right thing. Juan had been warned by NPR in the past for not adhering to NPR’s policies. He had also made a totally inappropriate comment about Michelle Obama’s clothing a few years ago. No one is saying that Juan Williams is a racist. The comment that he made is a bigoted comment. No one can deny that. FACT: Not one person who either attacked or attempted to attack the U.S. was wearing “Muslim garb.” There are 6 – 7 million Muslims living in the U.S. When Muslim families wearing “Muslim garb” are on airplanes — does it make sense that Juan would say that he is nervous and uncomfortable? Why? How would you like to be that family living in the U.S. knowing there are people like Juan who feel nervous and uncomfortable just because of what they are wearing? Ridiculous. Juan should really follow the news more closely since he is in the news business and learn that not one terrorist was wearing “Muslim garb.” To point out how ridiculous and bigoted his statement was — there are white Muslims who are Swedish and wear western style clothing. Obviously if they boarded a plane with Juan, he would have no idea what their faith is would he? One has to wonder if Juan would say anything to Sean Hannity if Hannity expressed to him that he feels nervous and uncomfortable every time he passes a group of young black men standing on a corner wearing black hooded sweatshirts? You cannot use a broad brush and indict a whole group of people like Williams did. Remember Helen Thomas and Rick Sanchez? Helen made a statement about how SHE FEELS. She was immediately sacked due to the outrage by the right. No one can deny that. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) (and the only Muslim elected to Congress) said all the right things, in my opinion, when he was interviewed the other night. He was totally disgusted and disappointed in what Williams said. You have to address bigotry each time it raises its ugly head or otherwise it will become acceptable talk. The winner in all of this is obviously Juan Williams. He landed a $2 million 3-year contract with Fox less than 24 hrs. after he was fired. Bill O’Reilly let him host his show the following night where he got the opportunity to blast NPR throughout the show. No doubt the call to stop government funding (less than 2%) will succeed. Donations will most likely drop to NPR but I still say that NPR did the right thing.

    • youandmedoweagree Says:

      Inspite of what many pundits are commenting about, NPR is left leaning, I listen to it primarily for that reason. Juan Williams is not a bigot, he has a very good history of supporting racial and ethnic fairness and diversity. Villifying him for revealing a personal emotion, while defending the rights and reasons for Muslim integration in American society against the blowhard Bill-O the Clown, is just plain wrong and unjust. O’Reilly has a history of spreading the false threat that Muslims are a danger in our country. If you watch the entire discussion of that broadcast, you will see Williams stand was quite the opposite of what NPR portrayed him as saying. Again, rush to justice, with no investigating the whole story, like simply watching the whole show! NPR, left leaning as it is, was simply waiting for a reason to sack Williams for performing on Fox. Williams signed a nice contract with Fox, but will find his over all career as a respected commentator is over. Mara Liasson had better be watching her back vis-a-vis NPR as well. It is well known NPR is not happy with her being on Fox either.

  2. Your sister Says:

    One more comment about crybaby Juan — Having watched him on Chris Wallace’s show this morning — he is just glowing in all of the right wingers fawning all over him. My gosh, Chris Wallace kept shaking his hand and patting his arm as if he just joined his show. They are USING Juan to bash NPR and the left and are thrilled he has passed over to the dark side. As I said before, shame on you, Juan. Yes, you, like Palin, can laugh all the way to the bank BUT think about your former colleagues at NPR. Somehow you felt good about working for NPR for 10 years otherwise you would have left years ago. Juan should be thankful he got a lucrative contract. Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas didn’t receive any offers after they were fired. Juan is being used by the right and he’s just too dumb to realize it. And yes, that’s my opinion.

  3. Your sister Says:

    ‘The First Amendment never protected your job’ — “Did NPR rush to judgment in firing Williams? Perhaps. Is there a heightened sensitivity to racial and ethnic commentary by journalists in a particularly charged political environment? Most definitely. But to decry that Williams’ First Amendment rights are being violated is quite simply not the issue.”

  4. Your sister Says:

    Brit Hume — Just another moron at the Fox “fair and balanced” network, claims:
    “NPR Fired Juan Williams For Being A ‘Bill Cosby Liberal”
    — “It’s not entirely clear what a Bill Cosby liberal is, or why Williams assumed the role of one on Fox. Williams, for what it’s worth, didn’t push back against Hume’s thesis that race may have played a role in his firing. He did, however, seem quite comfortable on the set, where every panelist took turns denouncing the radio station for its handling of the affair.”
    [“The firing of Juan Williams from NPR has been attributed to a number of motivations. His comment about being personally frightened about Muslims boarding his airplane was, itself, the main factor.”]

  5. Your sister Says:

    Not to belabor a point BUT I will: Definition of a bigot — “a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.” In this case, Juan showed his prejudice against people wearing “Muslim garb.” I say that shows INTOLERANCE of Muslims wearing “Muslim garb.” There is no two ways about it. He said it and should own the statement. Plus, I highly doubt he would have made the same statement while working for NPR. Only on Fox did he play along with the Fox networks own prejudices. He will probably not be successful in a lawsuit because he was warned many times that he was not following NPR’s policies. NPR President Schiller reiterated William’s comment was “the latest in a series of deeply troubling incidents over several years,” and said that he had been repeatedly asked to “avoid expressing strong personal opinions on controversial subjects in public settings…after this latest incident, we felt compelled to act.” She did the right thing.

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