It’s simple. Because the right got ahold of and has controlled the message in and of this country via a very powerful media force, we have been given a slate of candidates in opposition that is downright disgusting!

To add to the embarrassment, listening to the sitting conservative establishment and conservative pundits putting a positive spin on this group of ignoramus’ not is laughable but makes me actually feel sorry for them. I pity them that the extremists on the right have pushed the mainstream conservatives out of the way, beaten them badly in primaries, and have basically called for the end of traditional conservative thinking in the republican party.

This Fox News and Tea-Bagger movement driven phenomenon is terrifying in that it opens the way for some of these dangerously extreme candidates to find their way into office. Here’s why I say dangerous. First the movement itself, has no political history and no political experience. You have a movement fueled by a very extreme and anti-America entertainment company, Fox. These people are in the business of entertainment, not governance. What’s worse, they are flame-throwers of hate and hate-based ideology. This is why this movement is so unpatriotic. These people have no respect for the foundation on which America itself stands on. Now we compound the emergency situation by throwing in the Tea-Bagger favored ruling by the SCOTUS, Citizens United. Now there is undocumented and unreported sourcing for these millions of dollars being pumped into the extreme candidate campaigns. Big business is backing these candidates because they are ignorant and can be plied by Corporate America to legislate issues their way. Does this bother anybody? In a poll released this morning, the American public views the republican party as being the party of corporate America by a 72% to 28% margin. The Democratic party in the same poll was viewed as the party of the people by a margin of 68% to 32%. Now, which political entity is better for us, the regular Americans who vote for the candidates?

Let’s take a look at some of these “candidates” the extreme right has put up for election. Joe Miller in Alaska is a hard-core Palin endorsed idiot with very dangerous views. He is running for the Senate seat held by Lisa Murkowski, a conservative republican. By using a huge influx of cash and influence by Fox, Miller painted Murkowski as not being conservative enough for Alaska. He won by virtually buying the primary. This Miller is a real Einstein when it comes to governing in the United States. He wants to privatize Social Security, putting our savings at the mercy of the ebb and flow of Wall Street. Talk about a windfall for Wall Street! Oh, by the way, almost all of these extremists running for office have told us their primary constituency would be Wall Street and Corporate America. They only need the political office as a venue to get the work done on behalf of big business. Miller has claimed minimum wage requirement as being “unconstitutional”. He would do away with it. He claims Medicare is bad and should be replaced by private sector medical services. Miller and his immediate family have all taken advantage of or utilized many of these government programs he opposes. He has a “dark” employment history that has only been partially exposed. He refuses to be interviewed by the media, therefore the Alaskan public should believe he is hiding something. He has now gone so far as to have private security goons handcuff and detain a reporter for trying to ask Miller questions. This policy, stiff-arming the media, is not just with him, it’s for all of the Tea-Bagger candidates. This policy was mandated by non other than Sarah Palin herself. Do you remember in 2008 her interview with Katie Couric? This is why the Tea-Bag candidates are being sequestered from the media. Miller has already shot himself in the foot countless times anyway.

Speaking of shooting themself in the foot, how about Tea-Bagger darling Sharon Angle? This woman is a walking talking parody of what might pass as the dumbest, most ignorant, and racist candidate since George Corley Wallace in a 1964 run for Governor in Alabama. She runs an attack ad featuring “Latino-looking” thugs slinking along a chain-link fence. An effort to show Mexicans trying to become “illegal aliens” in America. This ad was from her campaign, it was not an independent or a 527! Her response to the negative publicity she got from it was, “they could be Asians coming through the Northern border”. Unbelievable! She spoke to kids at a primarily Latino high school the other day and said many of them look “Asian”! I’m not kidding, you can’t make this stuff up! She is running for the U.S. Senate and is within the margin of error in the latest polls. This should scare the living shit out of every American! These people may have the opportunity to be involved with the selection of Supreme Court justices, the decision to go to war or not, or even the most important issue, overcoming the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court.

Michele Bachmann, though a sitting U.S. Representative in Congress is the wackiest of them all. She has voted against every consumer friendly and citizen safety and well-being measure of government regulation since being in office. She went so far as to apologize to the executives of BP for the government’s pursuit of BP to make good on the disaster they and their partners caused in the Gulf of Mexico. She has voted in favor on every piece of legislation that is friendly to Wall Street. She has not shown an ounce of remorse for her support of de-regulation of the energy industry that places people and the environment in peril. She supports the de-regulation of Wall Street, the same de-regulation that caused the melt-down of the world’s economy in 2008. Here’s an easy question for you, just who are Bachmann’s constituents?

Then there’s the poor mis-guided perennial candidate for office in Delaware Christine O’Donnell. Delaware republicans sure killed themselves on this choice. When the mainstream republican candidate, Mike Castle, lost to O’Donnell in the primary, Delaware republicans kicked away a sure shot win in November for the vacated senate seat. Castle was shown as a 15% point winner over Democrat Chris Coon. Now Coon has almost a 20% point lead over O’Donnell in a sure Democratic Senate seat save. This woman is so stupid, she doesn’t know the Constitution, she doesn’t know any Democratic Senators, and she firmly believes masturbation is bad! Not a bad candidate huh, Delaware?

Now the Joe Sestak has evened the race in Pennsylvania for the Arlin Spector Senate seat. The republican and Palin endorsed candidate, Pat Toomey, is running on the wealth he amassed while working on the unregulated Wall Street. He hasn’t changed from those days. He still favors de-regulation of the finance, insurance, and banking industries. One has to wonder in this case, as in Bachmann’s, who is Toomey’s constituency?

This is how nuts this whole election cycle has become. Senator John Ensign(R-NV), an acknowledged philanderer and former C Street resident currently has higher approval ratings in Nevada than the other Senator, Majority Leader Harry Reid! Does this make sense?

Senator David Vitter(R-LA), is running for re-election and is an acknowledged womanizer and user of prostitute services in Washington while in the Senate. He is ahead in the polls and probably will win re-election. Hello! Is anybody home? This shit-bag actually ripped President Clinton for his behavior and is a member of the very conservative Family Values operation!

Carly Fiorina, running as the Tea-Bag endorsed republican candidate for Senate in California states that because she ran Hewlett-Packard she knows all about budgeting. She is running on the Tea-Bagger tag lines of no taxes and smaller government. This is how good she is, she supports an extension of the already failed Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. That being bad enough, knowing that those tax cuts were unfunded and were a primary reason for the Bush years going from a budget surplus of 200 billion dollars to a budget deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars, when asked by conservative Fox talk show host Chris Wallace how she intends to pay for the extension, that will add another 3.5 trillion dollars to the deficit, she could not answer. Wallace asked her seven times how she would pay for the tax cut extension, she never answered. There’s a vote of confidence for you!

This cast os Tea-Bagger candidates this year is worse than a bad joke. The movement has shown no respect for the norms of politicking, they have shown an incredible lack of decency, they have shown a total lack of knowledge, they have shown a dangerous revulsion for the media, and above all, the movement in general has no idea what it wants or how to implement it. They shoot blindly daily. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes are calling all the shots and are responsible for the marketing of their products. With the help of the money-raising efforts of Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, taking advantage of the “Citizens United” ruling, they are collecting billions of undocumented dollars to support their cause. So far the money raised and donated by these two and the money raised and donated by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce can only be referred to as “sullied”. They won’t reveal the sources of the money so that can only lead one to believe it’s tainted. At least when the unions donate, every penny is accounted for.

Unless the brakes are put on this right-wing unpatriotic phenomenon, campaigns and U.S. governance will be sunk for good. This rightie group has sunk to new lows with no regret. They have proven to be Godless, although they all claim to be God-fearing Christians, they seem to oppose anything smacking of human or civil rights and they seem to want to hesitate when it comes to going to war against the “enemy”, basically anyone or entity that is “different” from them. It is time for Americans, Democrats to stand up to this dangerous ground swell. They must be stopped in their tracks so that we can get back to the optimistic and decent America that is what the country is founded on! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


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