The right-wing world of America claims to be very angry about the state of things in our country. Here’s the one I love; “We’re gonna take back America!” Who are they going to take it back from? I often wonder what the “real Americans”, the native Americans think when they hear these extremist nut-jobs calling for America to be returned. If you ask any of these righties who they want to take the country back from, the best response you’ll get is from the Obama led “liberal” agenda. They can’t give specifics, it’s so disgusting and horrifying. As a patriotic American I’m embarrassed by these wing-nuts. How can a country as great as this be shattered into pieces by a hateful group of not very enlightened people? Look at the driving force behind this phenomenon, Fox News Network.

This is what Fox and the rest of the very powerful and controlling right-wing media provides for this movement. They back them financially, they provide vehicles or bully pulpits if you will, they invent or manufacture news to put anything Obama, Democratic party, progressivism in a bad light, and they provide the loud mouth pieces to move their message. Palin, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, all work for Fox, and all are on the record as race baiting xenophobes. These loudmouths then join with Limbaugh, Krauthammer, Goldberg, Coulter, Hume, Malkin, Larsen, Kristol, Ingraham to spread the hate. And they do spread the hate. You simply need to read what they write, listen and watch them, watch their body language when speaking about President Obama. This goes way beyond partisan politics, it is visceral hatred, hatred that they have carried to the lowest depths of the sewer.

When asked what they stand for they simply answer, no taxes and smaller government. The funny thing is, that is what the public gets from them because the Tea-Bagger candidates have all been ordered to avoid the mainstream media. Tea-Bagger Joe Miller of Alaska went so far as to have his private security goons handcuff and remove a reporter from a town hall meeting. One of the tenets of a free functioning society is having a free unencumbered press. The job of the press in our country is to ferret out political malfeasance and in general mischief perpetrated by politicians. So now the right-wing believes IT can control the news. What are they hiding? I know they don’t want to be interviewed by the real media for fear of being exposed as stupid and ill-prepared to serve in office, ala Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, O’Donnell, Paladrino, etc.

Now let’s take a look at what they are about. Smaller government, the federal government in fact, shrinks under Democratic administrations. This has been going on since the turn of the twentieth century, every administration shrinks under Democrats and grows and thrives under republican rule.

Taxation. Under the first two years of the Obama administration, middle class Americans have enjoyed a tax cut to the tune of about $400 for singles and $800 for families. That means 116 billion dollars have been returned to middle class Americans. Under the previous administration, nothing returned to the middle class. The conservatives tout the benefits of the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 and want to continue them. Here is the truth about those tax cuts. They went to the top 2% of income earners in the country only. The reason given for the need for those cuts was to help the “job creators” expand their business and therefore hire more help. Neither of these tax cuts was paid for. They have added over 700 billion dollars to the deficit to date. During the Bush years, none of this tax cut money can be attributed to business growth and expansion and the unemployment numbers sky-rocketed. In the eight years under Bush, the United States lost a record 8 plus million jobs. Unprecedented in the history of the country. We now know where the tax savings went, right into the pockets of the recipients. And none of it has come out of those pockets since either. The banking industry is sitting on over 1.8 trillion dollars, not being loaned out to get the economy turned around. Most economists say the banks need to loosen up lending so business can get going again, so it can pay for expansion, growth, and added payrolls. Corporate America, if you will, is sitting on 1.2 trillion dollars in cash.

Here is some news for you, Bush came into office with a budget surplus of 200 billion dollars and left with a deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars. Under the Bush policies that favor the rich, the rich got richer and the numbers of poor got larger. The number of Americans living beneath the poverty line is now 14% of the total population. This is growth by almost 3% since 2000. The poverty line as defined by a family of four living on $22,000 per year! During the Bush years, nothing was done for the shrinking middle class, in fact because of their union busting policies, it worked to hasten the disappearance of the middle class.

The right-wing is screaming about TARP. This was an emergency measure, only three pages in length, that was done under Bush. I guess the righties forget the biggest cheerleaders and affirmative voting politicians were McCain and Boehner. You’ll notice not one republican incumbant this year acknowledges they voted for TARP, but they all did! Because TARP went through so fast with no accountability worked into the measure, Wall Street used the money to give themselves huge bonuses, million dollar office remodels, and lavish vacations. Fortunately, the Obama Judicial Department and treasury department went after all of the felonious CEO’s etc. and has recovered almost all of the TARP money.

The Stimulus Package hailed by most economists world-wide as the savior of the country’s economy. The right-wing members of Congress that keep referring to it in their attack ads as “the failed Stimulus Package”, are the same ones on record, with letters to prove it, that applied for and received stimulus money for their states and districts, including Michele Bachmann. If you read these letters, all of them have a reference by the writer to the benefits of the stimulus package. HYPOCRISY RUN AMOK!!!! Also keep in mind, the tax relief that middle class America is enjoying is actually about 30% of the Stimulus Package! The republicans want to repeal the bill, how does that make you feel?

How about health care reform. The republicans want to repeal this bill, except the parts they like, but suffice it to say, the CBO scored the bill as being a 100 billion dollar plus in the first ten years and a trillion-dollar plus in the second decade. Our tax load and insurance bills will decrease when we can end charity health care for the poor who use hospital emergency rooms for primary care. People can no longer be refused insurance coverage based on pre-existing conditions. There are so many positives to this bill it just goes on. I love reading the signs at Tea-Bagger rallies saying they are against government-run health care but leave my Medicare alone! Can you say DUMB?

Now they are screaming they want the Bush tax cuts extended. As I proved earlier they don’t work but now more importantly, they will add 3.5 trillion dollars to the deficit! Here is an example of how stupid and short-sighted these people are, when Carley Fiorena was asked by Chris Wallace on republican sponsoring entertainment Fox, how they intend to pay for the 3.5 trillion, she couldn’t answer. In fact, before finally giving up, Wallace asked her 7 times how the republicans plan on paying for the tax cut extension. They don’t have an answer, the only place left to cut in the federal budget is defense, and we all know how the republicans hold the Department of Defense sacred.

Enough said on this topic. I hope I have been able to clarify why the right-wings complaints in fact are baseless. So the question is, what is it? Are they still bothered by a President that is a person of color? Are they bothered by the fact that maybe under this administration will finally grant the same civil rights to a group of citizens who wish to join the military and who wish to be married to a person of the same-sex, are they bothered by an administration that deals with international relations with diplomacy, are they bothered by an administration that doesn’t by law favor certain religions over others, and finally are they bothered by an administration that has been trying in vain to deal with the undocumented alien situation in a calm and humane manner. What is it?

Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. Toni Says:

    You forget to include one of their great “motivators”, Karl Rove.

    I can understand their concern about our huge debt, but many of the individuals they have running for election are an embarassment to all thinking Americans. To be average is good. To spout nonsense is good. And they all seem to have the religious agenda as part of their program. Can’t they find people who oppose the debt, w/out being “Christian” conservatives??

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