A letter to the editor in Minneapolis Star Tribune the other morning from Barb Carlson of Shoreview, Minnesota really hit the nail on the head. Ms. Carlson claims the biggest election fraud being committed today is the sheer amount of undocumented dollars flowing into the campaign coffers. As I have opined on many occasions to this point, the Citizens United ruling by a very “activist” SCOTUS, is primarily responsible for this new form of rape of the American free society election process.

Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie have basically thrown the RNC and Michael Steele to the wayside and have proceeded balls to the walls exploiting this new “open-ended cash machine”. Two things are making this work for Rove and Gillespie; they can now attract corporations and wealthy incorporated individuals to donate money in unlimited amounts to their PAC’s for the purpose of being distributed to the campaigns of their own candidates and to fund attack ads on the opposition. Part two of this perfect storm is, the identity of the donors does not have to be revealed. There is a reason why billions of nationally raised dollars are being pumped into campaigns all around the country supporting right-wing extremist and Tea-Bagger movement candidates. This is an all out effort to stop the Obama and Democratic agenda from proceeding at odds with the right-wing agenda. Another entity which has joined in the cash machine known as ‘”Citizens United” ruling is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The “new” Chamber has now become fully involved with the purchase of American government and it’s agenda. What was once a political neutral operation, the Chamber has now gotten in the business of lobbying and purchasing governmental influence to promote their own pro-business agenda.

The desire by political parties and their operations has always been about raising money. Over the years and decades and centuries of democratic forms of government money has always been the fuel to support the agenda of the sides in the race. It’s always been ripe for fraud, and, quite frankly it has been fraudulent in almost every election cycle. The government put rules and caps on donations by individuals. So the political apparatus got smart and came up with a thing known as a PAC, political action committee, where there are no caps or restrictions on dollar amounts. There was not a reporting rule on PAC’s either. PAC money was then distributed to the chosen campaigns and causes. With the introduction of unlimited and unreported donations to campaigns and PAC’s, the purchase of American government is well under way.

You will remember as recently as 2008, Barack Obama’s campaign raised a record amount of money. They were the first really tech savvy campaign to organize and utilize the internet to their advantage. While the Obama campaign did enjoy the fruits of PAC donations, the majority of their money-raising was grassroots, only electronically. Most of their donations were from private individual citizens supporting the Obama campaign. This is more in line with what a “democracy” is supposed to look like and operate like. In two short years look what has happened.

In the race for Minnesota’s Congressional seat in district 6, a race that has opponent Tarryl Clark trying to unseat Tea-Bagger incumbant Michele Bachmann, so far this campaign season, over 80% over the funds coming into Bachmann’s campaign are from out of the state! This is already being called the most expensive Congressional race in history! A district that fringes a metropolitan area but is mostly rural! This truly is an abomination of the American electoral process. It’s obscene! It’s dirty and disgusting!

Now the Democrats are being reviled by both the opposition and the media for making campaign finance a campaign issue. Even some members and candidates of their own party are questioning the usefulness of this issue. It seems it’s the same old chant, jobs, jobs, jobs! That’s great, but with America not listening to or understanding what the Democrats are saying about the progress to recovery being made under their leadership, the party needs to go after why America isn’t getting their message. America isn’t getting the message because of the total ownership of the airwaves and media in general by the right-wing. The Fox News led right-wing extremists are taking advantage of this limitless amount of money at their disposal to control the message. This is why the Democrats are making an issue of campaign finance abuses.

The bottom line for America is, should the voting citizens of the country retain the right to choose what candidate or agenda they want serving them in government or do we stand by and let Corporate America purchase agenda and personnel to operate our government? This is a critical time in our country’s history. We are on the edge of being subvertly overtaken by the interest of a very few. Interests that basically are for the top wage earners, interests of the pro-life agenda, interests for the suspension of government assistance for the needy, interests that favor over-turning health care reform, interests that favor the support of institutionalized discrimination in the case of any issue regarding the LGBT community, and interests that favor the further depression of immigrants and of the portion of the population that lives under the poverty line. That is why the Democratic party needs to address this situation now. Jobs and job creation are meaningless if we are being operated by a government sponsored by Sears! Thanks for today’s read and I look forward to reading your comments.
Cam Obert



  1. Your brother Says:

    Yup, our illegals, gays, and Muslims are kinda “outgunned” by the Chamber. Come to think of it, we’re liberals, so we don’t even own guns!

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