Contrary to what a couple of reviews from the “lamestream” media have given this production, I found it to be richly entertaining and very “real” with regard to today’s political scene. The show was created by stage veteran James Detmar, who also directs with Mark Bergren. Those two along with Shanan Custer and Michael Paul Levin write the show. I say write in the present tense because this is an ever changing script based on the daily activities of the subject of the musical, our very own CD-6 Congressperson Michele “Batshit Crazy” Bachmann.
A very close friend of my wife and I is a co-star of the show, Janet Paone. We were fortunate enough to give Janet a lift home after the show Friday night. Janet plays many roles in the production and excels at them all, I say that not because she is so close to us but, because it is true. Janet, as with the rest of the cast, is a pure professional of the stage. She carried off the many roles beautifully. Not to short-shrift the rest of the cast, they all, except Laura Adams as the lead, played many roles. Obviously costume and scene changes are done “on the fly” but, unlike a “regular” stage production, this adds to the general craziness of the show. Janet related to my wife and I after the show that due to the changes in the script and scenary as the stage run goes, it can become very difficult for the players to keep things straight and sharp. They absolutely pull it off! This truly is an ensemble of pros.
I would be remiss if I did not give proper notice to Laura Adams as Michele Bachmann. This is a scary portrayal of “Batshit” in the light that we all know Bachmann, crazy, confused, ill-informed, and just down right dumb! Kudos to Ms. Adams for a great performance.
The video additiopns to the production are mint. They are very funny and are a great addition to message being conveyed.
The musical song and dance numbers show not only a great deal of sarcastic humor but show the true range the cast is capable of. The three women, including the not yet mentioned Ahna Brandvik Logan, have wonderful singing voices, quite unexpected from my perspective.
“Michele” is being performed at the Minneapolis Garage Theater on the corner of Lyndale and Franklin Avenues in Uptown. My wife, Karen, and I didn’t plan far enough in advance for dinner and drinks at Rudolph’s, so we ended up at one of my favorite old watering holes, Mortimer’s for appetizers and a couple beers! It turned out to be an excellent choice! The fries and onion rings were great. My advice though, arrive at the corner early enough for dinner, either at Rudolph’s or the Red Dragon, then proceed to the show. It will be an evening of entertainment you will be very happy you did!
For tickets and information, call 1-800-838-3006, or go to http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/128879.
Thanks for today’s read, and I hope you enjoy the show as much as we did!
Cam Obert


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