In a campaign season wrought with attack ads, you can only surmise that attack ads work. I think attack ads work because the very people who promote them and they’re use, are the same people who have transformed America into a “dumbed down” society that relies on bumper stickers and 30 second sound bytes to formulate political opinions and philosophies. Let’s take a peak at what the Obama White House and the Democratic National Committee has been forced to do in the past couple weeks of this national mid-term election.

When President Obama and this Congress came into office in January of 2009, they faced the most horrendous economic situation in the country since Franklin Roosevelt was elected to reverse the economy destroyed under President Hoover. If you remember, it was well into FDR’s second term, until his reforms had actually begun to work. You see, it takes a long time to right an economy that has been allowed to bottom out. Well, President Obama has been working his fanny off to turn this economy around. He and the Democratic led Congress are starting to make headway, but as we learned in the ’30’s, you don’t turn around a grounded economy overnight. This President and Democratic Senate majority have been succeeding in putting many things in place to start the economy moving the right way again, in spite of a Republican tsunami of delaying, lying, changing the message, record filibusters, and just trouble making in general. One can only conclude that because the republicans in Congress not only refuse to work with the White House, they really don’t even want to recognize Barack Obama as our President, but their actions show a willingness to force economic failure to make the President Obama and the Democrats look bad to ensure political success in the elections of 2010 and 2012. Their actions clearly point to this. I think one could almost look at their actions, led by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, as being “treasonous”! They are deliberately bankrupting the economy to serve their own political purposes! So, facing this situation beginning last spring or so, the Democrats decided they were going to take every race individually and run on their record of successes in the past two years. unfortunately for them, the Fox News led republicans have been on a national campaign portraying the whole economic mess on President Obama and the Democrats. Now we all know this economic collapse began in 2001 with the first Bush tax cut for the wealthy. For clarity’s sake, the previous President came into office with a 200 billion dollar budget surplus and left office in January of 2009 leaving the country with a deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars, record bankruptcies, record foreclosures, and sky-rocketing unemployment. What Fox has been successful in doing, is making it look like the whole economic mess is a result of President Obama and the Democratic Congress. In reality, it has been the President and the Congress trying to fix the problems while the Fox led republicans sit on the sidelines and complain. You’ll notice too, they never suggest or offer policies that they think would fix the economy other than tax cuts and smaller government, both of which have proven to not work and the fact is, the Democrats in office always tighten the federal budget and shrink the size of government. The Democrats have tried to run a campaign based on facts, successes they have accomplished in the past two years but, it doesn’t work! They are now switching gears and going more to the negative attack type advertising.

The DNC and White House finally figured out Americans don’t want the facts nor do they want to take the time to understand the truth. It’s fascinating watching Fox’s response to the Democrats going after the republicans on character based issues. They claim the Democrats don’t have a solid campaign platform to run on so they’ve resorted to using the Fox led idea of personal attacks and lies about the factual record. The SCOTUS gave the right-wing a gift with their “activist” ruling on Citizens United. Now corporations etc. are donating hundreds of thousands to the campaigns for right-wing candidates and advertising attacking the Democrats. This is a character issue because the way the SCOTUS set this thing up, these right-wing donating entities do not have to be identified, nor do they want to be identified. Why? Because they are embarrassed they are supporting such an array of cold-hearted rotten people for office and they don’t want to be tied to them for business reasons. But, they want them to win because they believe the paybacks will be ten-fold! We saw in Minnesota, where the state law requires all donations be identified to the donors, we saw what happens when Target Corporation donated $100,000 to a political pac that supports republican and Tea-Bagger endorsed Tom Emmer for Governor. Target is still suffering from a nationwide boycott of its stores because Emmer is a homophobe and is opposed to helping education in Minnesota. Target learned! This speaks directly to the character of Tom Emmer. He is opposed to civil rights legislation and is opposed to legislation to support public education and health care in his state. What does that say about this person’s character? A person’s character basically tells you all you need to know. If a candidate has a voting record in whatever elected position they have held, that record will tell you about their character. If they are opposed to health care reform, public education reform, and civil rights reform, the record is right there. If they do not have a voting record, study their position on the issues. By their public statements, a voter will know if this candidate is of good character or not.

Basically, a person’s character will tell you about how they will be as a political office holder. If they favor Wall Street, not Main Street, if they favor Big Banking, Big Insurance, Big Energy, and Corporate America in general, are they in it to serve the needs of their geographical constituency or to serve the needs of their constituency that paid for them to get elected. This is a huge election in terms of the clear choice available this year. There really are no gray areas this time around. The classic republicans have been bullied by the extremist Tea-Bagger movement, even made a regular Republican like John McCain into an ignorant flame-thrower from the far right. One other thing to consider. The extreme right has advised it’s stable of candidates to avoid the media for obvious reasons. Every time a Tea-Bagger has been questioned by a member of the media, they fall ont heir face while showing just how dumb, ignorant, and uninformed they are. As long as they don’t debate with opponents or talk with the media, they are safe. Just keep throwing things out there like Latino immigrants and Muslims are bad for America, that a woman’s right to choose is bad for America, that anything related to LGBT is some sort of commie plot to overthrow America, tax hikes for the rich are good, and invading non-threatening sovereign countries is good. Gee whiz, when you look at it, they do have a pretty positive agenda for America! Wow, just look at that little list, which really is a small part of their plan, it is scary isn’t it? God, how can people back such a rich person loving and human rights hating platform? That’s today’s question, thanks for the read and I look forward to your comments.
Cam Obert


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