Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has spoken and again his big foot has gone into his mouth! He is now challenging American voters with the choice; “pay checks or food stamps?” Because Newtie has a history of making outrageous right-wing wacko statements, this is no surprise. Now, as he tries to position himself as a potential Presidential candidate in 2012, he has ignored the base of the republicant party and instead, has decided to cuddle up with the wing nuts on the extreme right, the Tea-Bagger movement which will fail miserably. Gingrich, with Tim Pawlenty(R-MN), are trying to appeal to the extreme right by supporting the Tea-Bag public platform of “smaller government and no taxes” as well as the covert Tea-Bag platform of hate and bigotry. It is convenient for Pawlenty to hitch his Presidential hopes the Tea-Bagger horses because he really is stupid and though the extreme right stands for many anti-American and unpatriotic issues and policies, they don’t have to explain their own how they intend to change American government to accommodate their failing ideas. But, as President Clinton remarked recently, Newtie is too smart for this guttural non-sense he’s involving with now.

I think Clinton’s remarks used to be valid. I think they don’t hold true any longer since the Tea-Bagger movement has gained national notoriety. Newt has watched this occurring and I believe has decided this will be his last opportunity to regain relevance on the political scene. However, with the approval ratings in the national polls showing that the extreme right really doesn’t resonate with Americans in general. It still is that angry 20 some per cent of the populace that has always opposed anything remotely close to be construed as “progressive”. This phenomenon has been around since the days of the John Birchers in the ’50’s and ’60’s. The inclusion number of these ranks never has really moved, always that same small group of complainers! Sorry Newtie, but it won’t work for you this time!

Here is another change in Gingrich’s public persona to appeal to the knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers on the far right. He has become even more hateful, with his stands against moral immigration reform, gay rights, minimum wage policy, jobs, and the right for women to choose. He has made statements that really do border on racism. He is a proven homophobe, and worse.

By making the “pay check or food stamps” the rallying cry for the far right candidates he is basically race and socio-economic baiting on a huge level. He is suggesting families forced to use food stamps to feed themselves is a bad thing. It is a bad thing, for the families needing assistance simply to eat. The food stamp legislation, dating back to LBJ’s “Great Society”, is intended to help families in need. They don’t need the attention of politicians making them out to be guilty of a crime. And that, is exactly what the right-wing does. They villafy anyone on assistance, going so far as publically referring to them as mooches, lazy, cheaters, etc. How cold and callous can these people be? The problem is, the base, Tea-Baggers etc, eat this stuff up. It’s all racially and socio-economically based bigotry with the intention to someday take away all governmental assistance programs and force citizens to “sink or swim”. When you think about it, most of these people hide behind the cloak of Christianity. When you take a position of cutting all programs for the disadvantaged, when you belittle the poor and uninsured, and try to enact policies that make them choose between medicine or food, etc, does this sound Christian to you?

When Gingrich throws out that choice, smart people will see that he is indeed, advocating for the Democratic party. Since 1900, it’s been Democrats in control that build the economy, it’s been Democratic administrations that have reduced the size of government, it’s always democrats that build the economy and jobs, therefore making the numbers of persons requiring public assistance to fall. The last time the U.S. economy was working was under President Clinton. Clinton reduced the government bureaucracy that was inflated under 12 years of Reagan and Bush, the taxes on the middle class were reduced under Clinton, middle class Americans had more discretionary income to spend on things such as food, clothing, education, transportation and housing. President Clinton left the White House in 2001 with a robust U.S. economy, low unemployment, and growth trend of the GDP, and a 200 billion dollar surplus. Under George W. Bush, the economy tanked, the 200 billion dollar surplus went to a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit, the U.S. lost over 8 million jobs from 2001 to 2009, unemployment grew by leaps and bounds, bankruptcies and foreclosures sky-rocketed and more people were forced to go on public assistance. This is a republican led legacy!

Now the let’s take a brief look at the present situation. Corporate America is now sitting on 1.2 trillion dollars in their banks. They are not spending this money to expand their business in the least. They claim they are not spending money because they fear they Congress is going to let the failed and unfunded Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 sunset and that the highest tax rate after the first $250,000 annual income will rise from the 36.5% level to the Clinton era 39.1% level. They will say that difference in taxes will keep them from expanding and investing in their own businesses. That’s a crock of shit and everybody knows it. An example of why this is pure bullshit is corporations such as Exxon-Mobil, with a reported annual profit in the hundreds of billions, not only did not pay taxes, they got a refund! Why can’t the Democrats get these points out to the public. U.S. banks are now holding on to 1.8 trillion dollars and are not making loans to small business for expansion. Small business owners believe the economy is starting to move in the right direction, but the banks won’t loan them the money to tool up to meet the demands of a growing economy. Hello, what’s wrong with this picture?

Corporate America, big energy, big insurance, big banking, and Wall Street are primarily run by self-proclaimed republicans. This is where the future of our economy and the future of our democracy are in great danger. Because of the SCOTUS activist ruling in the Citizens United case, corporations from around the world can now buy politicians and offices in American government. This includes foreign based businesses. The court has really created a problem with this. U.S. law prohibits foreign entities from making contributions to American politics. Already, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce may be in deep shit because they have been using foreign begotten money to pay for republican campaigns and causes. Sorry Chamber, this is very much forbidden!

So, as you can see, Newtie is barking up the wrong tree with his “pay check or food stamps” choice. It doesn’t add up, history and the facts disprove his whole position for such an option to give Americans. Like I said, look closely and you’ll see he is supporting historically Democratic values.

Now I’ll get a little personal about Newt Gingrich and what kind of person he is. Newt has dumped a few wives, changed religion, and has basically led a public life to not be admired by anybody, especially the “bible beaters” from the extreme right. He even dumped one of his wives while she was lying in a bed at the hospital fighting for her life with cancer. Ironic, isn’t it? Newt Gingrich is as bad a social and political cancer as there is. Sorry again Newtie, but what goes around comes around!, you are toast!

Thanks for today’s read, and I do look forward to your comments.
Cam Obert


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