Roger Ailes

After listening for over twenty months the rulers of the message in America, the Fox News led right-wing has been able to frame anything liberal as “evil”. Roger Ailes, head of Fox News and former talker for conservative politics as an advisor, recognized the delay in the Obama led and created message in March of 2009. As a seasoned politico, Ailes saw a break down in the communication between the White House and Congress that caused “dead air” from the Democrats for several months. As the Democrats stumbled around trying to figure out health care reform, Fox led a surge of angry citizens to start making the news decrying the evil liberal White House agenda. Because the White House and Congress were in a caucus deadlock for several months, the creation of the right-wing wackos like the “birthers”, the “town hall meeting disruptionists”, and of course a start to the Tea-Bagger movement.

The right-wing, managed by their public relations and advertising arm, Fox News Network, has managed to control the national message for almost two years now. How have they done it? Simple, you take anything progressive, berth an incredible lie regarding that issue, pound the hell out of it on Fox and through Fox’s mouthpieces on the ground, Palin, Limbaugh, Coulter, Malkin, Goldberg, Larsen, Krauthammer, Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, etc. until it starts ringing truth. The amazingly funny thing is how these bad people get sucked into this hateful hysteria. The fact the right-wing has labeled the health care reform bill as bad for America because it will have governmental agencies making health care decisions for citizens, even going as far as saying there will be “death panels”! You know, that whining 20% of the angry populace actually ate that crap up. Just like they believe President Obama is foreign-born and a Muslim hell-bent on taking down America. Keep in mind, the people who feel this way are adults, the ones who get questioned by pollsters. These are not children!

There are vocal leaders on the right that tell you energy regulation is bad. They will not quantify or qualify the facts that America’s energy companies were greatly de-regulated under the Bush administration. When cornered about the thirty some coal miners killed in a West Virginia coal mine, killed because the proper safety factors had been “regulated out’ not allowing for a safe room in the caves for the miners to go and wait for help, they will have no answer. When asked about the de-regulated petroleum industry that spawned the huge explosion and fire in Texas City, Texas that resulted in many deaths or the Deep Water Horizon drilling platform explosion that resulted in thirteen deaths and the probable destruction of the ecology of the Gulf of Mexico because of the millions of barrels of crude that pumped directly into the Gulf. The right-wing response to these catastrophes has been to apologize to BP for the American government wanting swift restitution for the people ruined by this disaster. The right-wing still insists governmental regulation is bad for business. The reason is because it stunts the business’ ability to be more profitable. Basically throwing aside responsibility for worker safety and environmental protection. The right-wing actively campaigns against such liberal points as consumer product safety, environmental protection, the health care reform bill, cap-and-trade(an idea to combine the progression of economic growth and environmental protection), the Stimulus Bill, Wall Street regulation, Insurance regulation, and Banking regulation. Now some of these issues and policies DO have positive effects on the economy, they are all positive for Americans in general. By campaigning against any of these policies, issues, and/or bills it tells America one thing; the republican party’s constituency is Wall Street, Big Energy, Big Insurance, Big Banking, and Corporate America in general.

By catering to this constituency, they have put their real constituents in the back seat. The amazing thing is, the people are having trouble seeing this. That’s why there is so much buzz about this election wave that will be sweeping in all these Corporate America loving candidates to office, maybe even taking control of the House! It’s too bad Americans really can’t see the benefits of a progressive agenda that is based on them. The liberals have a record of fiscal conservatism. Taxes are always lower under Democrat control, the size of government is always smaller under the Democrats, the Democrats write, vote in, and enact legislation that is always for middle to lower levels of American life. They have a record to run on. If you research the evil “liberal” agenda, you will see it is exactly what America needs. It needs help in the areas of job creation, under Bush and the republican plan, America lost over 8 million jobs during the Bush years. The Democrats are for balancing the budget, under Clinton was the last time that was accomplished, in fact, they even gave Bush a surplus of 200 billion dollars when they were done. Then Bush turned that into a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit by the time he left office. The Democrats recognize the need for health care reform being that the U.S. is the only developed country on the planet without a uniform health care policy. Do these items sound “evil” to you? I could go on and on but, suffice it to say, carefully check the agendas of the two parties this fall before choosing who to vote for. I think you will discover what the REAL EVIL AGENDA is. It’s led by Fox News Corp. and they will work overtime to cover the truth. Thank you for today’s read and your comments are always welcome.
Cam Obert



  1. Your brother Says:

    Hey, did you see Newtie came out today against food stamps? Can you say . . . “death panels?”

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