Tarryl Clark is the DFL opponent of Michele Bachmann in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional district. Polling from this race has been sketchy at best. The last real poll results were from several weeks ago that showed Bachmann holding a nine-point lead. I have heard some reports lately that some people believe Clark has closed the gap some, but nothing concrete. In what might be the most prominent Congressional race in the country this year, I’m really surprised at the lack of scrutiny the race is getting by the media.

A long time ago the DNC deemed this an important enough race that they began courting and cultivating money donors from around the country to help. It has worked, Ms. Clark’s campaign has raked in millions of dollars for their effort. The sad part of the story is, Bachmann, with national support from the RNC as well as huge backing by the Tea-Bagger movement, has accumulated many times as much cash as Clark. Bachmann also enjoys the constant support and coverage from the Fox News Network. What’s strange here, is Clark doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere near the national support Bachmann is getting. Tarryl Clark needs a new strategy, and hopefully it’s not too late.

Clark needs to have a bigger presence in the district from prominent Democrats. Walter Mondale, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Howard Dean, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, etc. need to start dropping into the district to do some stumping for her. Garrison Keillor endorsed Tarryl Clark the other day. He is the author of the Lake Wobegon books and the fictional Lake Wobegon is actually in Congressional District 6, near Freeport, I believe. Keillor cited his disdain for Bachmann by calling her a national embarrassment for the state of Minnesota. This is actually how damn near every Democrat, and many republicans and independents in the state feel about it as well! And yet, she got elected 4 years ago, and then re-elected two years ago. Keep in mind, she had quite a career of the bizarre while in the Minnesota State Senate, like spying on pro-gay rallies by looking through hedges! Being a Tea-Bagger as she is, she is also a well-known homophobe. The Democrats, granted, the first two times around put up some weak candidates, Patty Wetterling and Elwin Tinklenberg, which didn’t help.

Now, let’s address the campaign. Her latest round of ads calling for Bachmann to take a pay cut in light of the bad economy is just plain stupid and empty. The percentage of potential voters that would resonate with is miniscule! Nobody really cares about politicians pay checks, it’s on the public record after all, and the tax payers do pay their salaries. The fact of the matter is most of the persons serving in the U.S. House of Representatives work their asses off, and they do deserve the pay they receive. Don’t forget, they actually have to maintain two households, and living in Washington DC is not cheap. Believe me, I know, I grew up there and lived much of my adult life in the DC area. So forget this tack. It’s time to get aggressive with Bachmann’s record. Clark needs to pound incessantly the fact that Bachmann represents Wall Street, Big Energy, Big Banking, Big Insurance, and Corporate America in general. Her votes for de-regulation have resulted in many hundreds of deaths in the energy business, destroyed the environment, caused almost a total meltdown of the entire U.S. economy, created the moist active environment for bankruptcies, foreclosures, families falling beneath the poverty line, etc, etc, etc. While slamming this message home relentlessly, Clark needs to stand up for the accomplishments of this administration and Congress. She needs to explain to the families without health insurance what the new program provide for them, she needs to explain that the Wall Street and Financial reform bill will prevent the sharks from Big Finance and Insurance from preying upon the citizens of Main Street America. Clark needs to make people in CD-6 understand how important the passage of the Stimulus Bill was for the saving of the U.S. economy from certain total collapse and depression. Every reputable economist in the world has signed off on that fact! Clark needs to support planned termination of the failed and unfunded Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. She needs to make her future constituents understand that an extension of said tax cuts will add yet another 700 billion to the deficit.

This will represent a three-pronged attack that must start immediately. National known Democrats need to be in the district campaigning for Clark, she needs to really attach Bachmann to Wall Street and Big Business, she needs to point out forcefully that Bachmann is maneuvering to follow the monied foot-steps of her buddy, Sarah Palin. Dump the political scene and go for the money. In what is supposed to be a tough campaign for the seat she currently holds, Bachmann has spent way too much time out of the state and away from her office in DC to do Tea-Bagger events around the country. Clearly, Michele Bachmann is only using her seat as springboard to the Palin Path. I can’t figure out yet why the residents of CD-6 haven’t lost their patience with her. She doesn’t really represent them, she represents herself and her agenda and the national anti-American and unpatriotic agenda of the Tea-Bag movement. Lastly, Clark needs to stand up for the Democratic agenda in Congress and the agenda of the President. Tarryl Clark needs to go to Florida and visit Congressman Alan Grayson. Grayson is running for re-election for the first time in his very conservative and republican district. Prior to him winning in 2008, the seat had been held by republicans for over 20 years. Grayson’s campaign is based on facts, truth, and “in your face” campaigning. He stands up for his record and the President’s record. He is not running from it at all. When the right-wingers want to repeal most of what was passed in Congress the past two years, Grayson explains to his constituents the benefits of the programs, and he says, the conservatives in his district get on board with him once they are exposed to the truth, not lies and Fox news generated rhetoric. He is now sitting on a 13 point lead over his republican opponent, in a very conservative district.

Some advice for Tarryl Clark and her supporters, I see it working around the country, now she needs to embrace my plan and run hard with it. Good luck, Ms. Clark, I, as well as most Americans are pulling hard for you! Thanks for today’s read, and as always, your comments are welcome!
Cam Obert



  1. Sister Says:

    The sure fire way to defeat the psycho sisters — Bachmann, Palin, Angle, McDonnell, Whitman, etc. — oh, and I don’t want to leave out the brothers, Rand Paul, Paladino, etc. IS TO MAKE THEM TALK. Have the reporters follow them around and ask them the tought questions. like the New York Post reporter did when he cornered Paladino and his thugs. Palin chooses to use Twitter and Facebook for her statements. She can’t go outside “the box”. She’s been using the same sound bites since she came on the scene. (i.e., it’s time to take America back.” “You just need common sense.” “We need to grow jobs.” Funny, she never seems to have time to explain HOW to accomplish what she wants to happen in this country. Easy to take the cheap shots at the President and his administration on a weekly basis but yet she offers nothing in return. This Empress definitely has no clothes. Some peopel still don’t realize that. Angle has sworn off dealing with the press. McDonnell is in hiding. Whitman blames her husband for not letting her know there was an undocumented worker living in their home. Gee, nine years and Meg was clueless about this woman who you TRUST to be in your home. Not believable in my book. And now McDonnell want us to believe she went to Oxford University. To quote Ed Schultz “You can’t make this stuff up, folks!”

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