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October 29, 2010

…would it be that of candidates Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, Ken Buck, Christine O’Donnell, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Michele Bachmann, etc.? Or, should we be examining the sanity of their supporters? You’ll notice that all of these candidates are Tea-Baggers.

There’s plenty of insanity to around with this group and their supporters. The amazing thing is since the Godmother of the movement, Sarah Palin has put a “gag order” on the candidates she backs, nobody really knows much about them. Do you question why she has put this “gag order” on them? Remember the Katie Couric interview of her in the 2008 campaign? I need not expand on that other than to say she was exposed as an idiot.

Joe Miller, Tea-Bag candidate for the Senate in Alaska, is so brazen to say he has a no talk with the press mantra. Does he understand he is running for public office and the role of the press in this country is to ask the questions of candidates and report the responses so that voters can make informed decisions in the voting booth. We have found out that the “small government” campaign by Miller is in direct conflict with Joe Miller the citizen. Miller, his wife, and family have all taken advantage of such programs as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and unemployment insurance. He refuses to answer the questions about this conflict. He also won’t answer the questions about his checkered employment history. Based on his history and attitude, this man should not even be a candidate for any office in the U.S. So, whose sanity should we be looking at?

I won’t go into the O’Donnell deal. She is an unemployed perennial candidate for office that definitely has issues about her sanity. “I’m a witch!” “I have classified information regarding the Chinese overthrow of the United States”! Why is anyone in Delaware even giving her a forum?

Ken Buck, the Tea-Bagger from Colorado, has an unexplained history of “embellishing” his time as a law enforcement agent in the Kansas City area. Something about a “James Bond” type career! He won’t talk about it anymore because that mean old biased press did their job and exposed it! Recently Buck said his position on abortion is forged in granite. Under no circumstances would he allow the termination of a pregnancy, not rape, not incest, not even endangering the life of the mother. He wants violators to be tried and convicted as law breakers. Who, the mother?, the Doctor?, how about the mother’s family or spiritual advisor?, they would be held as being complicit in or aiding and abetting a lawless act.

Now is a good time to address one of the two Tea-Bag mantras regarding this campaign. “Smaller government” or less government intrusion into our lives. Well, I guess the Tea-Bagger hard-line on pro-life will require the hiring and expanding of law enforcement departments and prosecutor offices to handle the additional enforcement and prosecution of these lawless citizens. Who’s going to pay for it? Remember mantra two; “reduced taxes”? Sounds like the extreme righties will be putting themselves into quite a difficult situation, doesn’t it?

That brings us the Tea-Bagger superstar this year, Sharron Angle. Angle is in a very tight race with Harry Reid in Nevada. That is itself, is shocking! At the beginning of the campaign season several months ago, before she got “schooled” by Palin, she did open her mouth. The content of her statements is priceless! This woman has no clue about what is involved with politics, governance, and the role of a candidate in the process of electioneering in the U.S. It’s been said God told her she must run, she must run to reign in the growing government and the ever-increasing taxes. God told her this! Recently, she apparently spoke God again. This time he had to remind her of the evils of Social Security and Medicare. Government operated programs are evil and serve a very bad purpose. Her obeyance to the Lord’s wishes are to privatize retirement savings and make people responsible for obtaining their own health care coverage. It seems to me these are messages that are in complete disagreement to the word of the Lord the rest of us know. Oh, I’m not sure the Lord is involved in the formation of policy in any governmental entity on earth anyway. Maybe Angle’s God is a Tea-Bagger!

Angle has also taken the oath of silence. She will not engage any member of the press, nor will she agree to a debate with her opponent. Is she afraid she may confuse Harry Reid as being of Asian descent as well? Wow, when it comes to this woman, you just can’t make this stuff up!

Being an anti-government program Tea-Bagger, she does share with Joe Miller the utilization of governmental programs for her benefit, of course. She and her husband live on retirement pensions for government workers! For shame!

Michele Bachmann, well you all know about her! As the Congressperson from Minnesota’s 6th district, she voted against the passage of the “failed” stimulus package. Upon it’s passage in Congress, she wrote a letter to the Treasury on behalf of the citizens of her district, asking for money from the bill to go toward needed projects around the central Minnesota district. The money did come the way of her district, and projects were begun, people were put to work, retail business in the area improved now that people had jobs with a paycheck to buy goods and services, and the infrastructure was beginning to get long overdue safety and efficiency improvements. Funny how this works, right?

The hypocrisy from the right is deafening! They want to lower taxes, but yet you better not touch Defense. They want to reduce the size of government, but want to institute social changes that will require the increasing of the federal bureaucracy. They want to extend the already unfunded Bush tax cuts, but can’t answer how to pay the 3.5 billion dollar bill for them.

When you take a close look at what makes up this extreme right-wing movement sweeping across America, it’s based on a premise that can’t be forged or maintained. In other words, pure lunacy! I am so troubled by the supporters of these people and their baseless promises. A little bit of reading and research is all it takes to expose the fraudulent platform the people are proposing. It’s all very sad.

That’s my woeful story of the day, thanks for the read, and as always, I look forward to your comments.
Cam Obert



October 26, 2010

Yesterday, Senate Minority leader Mitch McChinless(R-KY) inadvertently revealed the true agenda for the republican party for the next two years. It’s an agenda of stalling, a continuation of filibusters, and whatever else the republicans can NOT do in order to make President Obama a one-term office holder. In a nutshell, bring government to a halt to make the President look bad and therefore lose his bid for re-election in 2012! This is outrageous, and so far, the only ones offended by it are the more patriotic left leaning political pundits! Arch conservative Joe Scarborough was terribly disgusted by the news, the only conservative to be, and of course, not a single peep out of republican party leader and driver Fox news Network.

In my way of thinking, shouldn’t the agenda of the republican Congress be that of responsibility for the co-governance of the country with the executive branch? Shouldn’t the republicans be working on constructive ideas to work in harmony with the Democrats and the White House to fix the many problems facing the country today? The Congressional republicans have already done their damn near best to de-rail the progress of the White House and Congressional Democrats in the first two years of the Obama administration. They have set every record in American history for stalling the legislative process, they have shelved a record number of Presidential office appointments, they have broken all records for the blocking and refusing judicial appointments, they have already filibustered over 100 pieces of attempted passage of legislation, and they have totally shunned all attempts by the President to engage in bi-partisan governing of the country. In fact, that has hurt President Obama more than anything else since he has been in office, all the time he has wasted trying to get the republican caucus to sit down and work with him. The President just never realized until possibly the last month or so, the republicans in politics refuse to work with him, they don’t like him, they hardly even acknowledge he is the President.

The potential tsunami the republicans are creating to flow against them in 2012 is inevitable. One difference between President Obama and other Presidents in contemporary history is his personal approval and likability ratings in the polls are far higher than the others, including Reagan. If the republicans do use making President Obama a one-term President as the agenda for them, it will destroy them in 2012. Remember the campaign of 1948? President Truman was getting killed in the polls, a certain landslide win for Dewey! Well, Truman being the common-sense street-wise haberdasher he was, simply painted the Congress as the “do nothing Congress”, that in an attempt to take Truman down, they simply didn’t work with him for two years. Truman told the truth, governing the country is a partnership of the executive and legislative branches, and when he made the story the legislative branch didn’t hold up their end of the governing responsibility. He won, they lost! Newt Gingrich made the same mistake with his “contract with America” in the mid-’90’s. He actually succeeded in shutting down the government in his way to prove President Clinton was wrong. It backfired on Newtie and the republicans and the Democrats swept into office in ’96 with President Clinton’s overwhelming victory in re-election.

Now, it appears McChinless and the Orange man, Boner, with chief Congressional henchman Cantor, are going to take the country on that same losing tack again. It’s almost as if they don’t care that unemployment is too high, they don’t care foreclosures are still happening at a record pace, bankruptcies continue unabated, there are still Americans dying for a losing cause in Afghanistan, we are now finding out about countless military atrocities that the Bush administration covered up from our imperialistic invasion of the sovereign country of Iraq, the tea party is now being exposed to housing elements of dangerous anti-American groups such as the birthers and white supremacists, etc, etc, etc. So, do you think there are more important things for the republican Congressional caucus to be concerned with right now, or is unseating the President in 2012 the top priority?

The republican party as a whole has made me sick to my stomach. They have missed the ball about what is important here in America. They have partnered up with Corporate America to transform our freely elected by the people government to a strong-armed take-over from the right. Social justice and fair taxation for Americans doesn’t even enter the lexicon of these new republicans. Reagan, Nixon, Goldwater, Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller, Dole, Baker, etc, great republican leaders of the contemporary past history of the country, would not be elected or even listened to by the current batch of haters. these guys would be “primaried” out and painted as weak and too friendly with the enemy, the Democrats. this is such a sad time in our history, I miss the times of bi-partisanship, the give and take of LBJ and Everett Dirkson, the great camaraderie of Reagan and Tip O’Neil. You’ll also notice it was during times like this, the business of running the country was getting done, and getting done on a timely basis.

The republicans will end up paying dearly for this current love affair with hate and prejudice. The country will turn against them because they don’t stand for decency and morality, they stand for themselves, their own agendas, and the profitability of their large corporate partners. Their fall will be a long and great one. We can only hope that a party doesn’t choose to take the country in this direction again. It proves to be so destructive and it proves to take a long time to recover from.

That’s today’s report, please submit your comments, I’m always all eyes and ears!
Cam Obert


October 25, 2010

On the eighth anniversary of the death of Minnesota Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone, a progressive firebrand that the country sorely misses, I ask this question. I acknowledge the American public as a whole does not agree with the irrational views of the extreme right and the Tea-Bagger movement, but the noise is there and it is very loud. I want to show an example of a similar situation in a different time and how things began to change.

In 1948, the Democrats were holding their party convention at a time when the party, and the country, were deeply divided by a very intense issue. Race, race relations, and fairness. The United States was divided along geography of the Mason-Dixon line. The National Democratic party was the party of favor and choice of the segregationists of the South. They ruled the southern states with an iron fist. The southern faction of the party wanted no part of integration and equality of standing for blacks. Jim Crow was still the law of the land in the South. This was the “norm” in the country since the end of the War between the States, the mid-1860’s. So for over 60 years this racist policy existed, though morally and ethically wrong.

In 1948, the then mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hubert Humphrey addressed the convention with a fiery speech about the evils of segregation and legalized inequality. Mayor Humphrey’s speech was dubbed as the “most courageous speech to be delivered in the United States in the 20th century” by none other than Bill Moyers. Humphrey tore into the ignorance and hatefulness of Jim Crow and segregation. The entire Southern delegation got up and marched out of that convention. They formed a new political party known as the Dixiecrats. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina was the nominated candidate by that party for a run for the Presidency of the country.

Because of that courageous speech given by Humphrey, the institutionalized racism and discrimination in our country began to unravel. It was a slow process, however, taking from that day in 1948 to the signing by President Johnson during his years of the “Great Society” of the landmark legislation known as the Voter’s Right’s bill and the passage of the key civil rights bills. Racism does still exist in the U.S. but, thanks to the courage, fairness, and foresight by leaders like Hubert Humphrey, Lyndon Johnson, and Martin Luther King, it is no longer tolerated.

Now, there is a new threat to the very decency and fairness of how our society operates. It is the extreme right-wing, primarily run by the Tea-Bagger movement, partially financed and 100% publicized by Fox News network. Though this movement is relatively new on the scene, because of advances in technology and Fox’s support, it has already become quite formidable. It took almost a full century to finally snuff out institutionalized racism aimed at Blacks, and we don’t want it to take that long to eradicate this new social blight.

Who is going to be the new Hubert Humphrey? Who is going to be the strong and credible progressive that can start the process of snuffing out the noise of hate, discrimination, lies, disrespect, and the general low-life nature of the Tea-Bagger movement? The way this right-wing movement is rolling its way over the American political landscape has been appalling. They show zero knowledge of our Constitution, they show no respect for their political opponents, they have no idea of how to campaign in a way that is not in the gutter, and they are basically bad for the American way of life. Their methods show them to be very prejudiced, very pro-American imperialism, and very much bought and paid for by Corporate America. Corporate America is the entity that favors tax cuts for themselves and sending production out of the country solely to pad their profits.

When researching the right-wing extreme movement, we find they are truly not in touch with America in the least. They pander to big business, big energy, Wall Street, big banking, and big insurance. This has become the target constituency for these candidates. You’ll notice nowhere do you see they are in favor of tax cuts for the middle class, for health care reform, for improving the quality and affordability of education, for relief from predatory practices by bank and mortgage companies that continue to rip families apart and send people to bankruptcy and foreclosure. No they don’t favor anything friendly for Americans, they favor the interests that actually contribute or cause the misery of Americans.

We need a leader to come forth to lead the fight. Jimmy Carter is the most knowledgable with the right heart, but he’s too old. Bill Clinton has all the right things going for him, but there are still too many extreme lefties that won’t follow his lead. The President can’t because he is the President and has too much else to do, as well as being the primary target of these fascist type right-wingers, so that begs the question again, who? Could he/she come from Minnesota again? Does Senator Al Franken have what it takes? Maybe. Maybe Governor Howard Dean? We need a strong and credible leader to head off what is going to be a miserable next two years for sure, and more likely longer. It’s time for progressive America to stand up for what is right for America. It’s time to stand up the extreme haters on the right, tax cuts and smaller government are meaningless if we are all owned and controlled by Corporate America. Let’s find a leader, a leader to have the balls to tell the Tea-Baggers to shut the fuck up and go read the Bible again to see if they can figure out the wrongs of their ways. Being fair and treating everyone equally and fairly is the “Christian” way. Denying basic civil rights to any group of Americans is wrong! Jesus would agree with that. Let me know how you feel, if we together can find a person to take the lead, I will help find a way to encourage our chosen individual to take the leadership. Thanks for today’s read, and seriously, let me know how you feel.
Cam Obert


October 23, 2010

…yet another way blown out of proportion non-story by the hard leaning right-wing media!

In a nutshell, NPR fired Juan Williams for making an innocuous statement on the Bill-O the Clown Show on Faux Noise Network the other night. Williams says he feels uneasy when on board a plane if there are people in “Muslim garb” also on board. He says this is a feeling he has ever since the 9/11 attacks. In my opinion, this is “political correctness” run amok. Here is Williams, a black man, liberal journalist, columnist, and political pundit making a statement revealing a very human emotion of his.

I have been a reader and listener of Juan Williams for many years. I, for one, can say and believe, there is not a racist bone in Williams’ body. He has written books about the plight of blacks and minorities trying to make it in “white” America. Since the 9/11 attacks, Williams has been a defender of Muslims trying to make it in America despite the negative and discriminatory attitude in America toward them. He has been a defender of the Muslims right to build an Islamic community center in Manhattan a couple blocks from “ground zero”.

No, I’m not at all in favor of NPR firing Williams for this comment he made on O’Reilly’s show. I am in favor of NPR firing Williams for becoming a boot-licking toadie on Fox News. Let’s face it, NPR does have a liberal slant or agenda. That’s okay by me, the majority of its funding comes from private citizen contributions, less than 4% of it’s funding comes from the government. So now that the mentally retarded Senator Jim DeMint(R-SC), is going to introduce a bill to cut off government funding of public television and radio, let him. The public service airwaves can accommodate that loss by more aggressively seeking user contributions. I have watched Juan Williams these past few years get bullied into submission week after week on the Fox News Sunday show by the mentally inept and very racist Brit Hume and Bill Kristol. I have become so disgusted with Williams’ wimpy interaction with these two morons whose combined IQ is less than what Williams’ has in his toe nail.

It’s apparent NPR has been looking for a reason to dump Williams for quite some time. His statement on the Bill-O show is hardly worthy of job termination. That means, they have another, a bigger axe to grind with him. I believe it’s because left leaning NPR was disgusted with Williams’ representing the left-wing point of view on Fox was not left leaning enough. And they are right! Williams’ really became a worthless voice of the left on Fox because he couldn’t get the job done in the face of the racist and bigoted badgering he faced with the group of entertainers from Fox, especially when guesting on Hannity’s show, O’Reilly’s show, and his weekly spot on Fox Sunday morning.

It is not Juan Williams’ job as a commentator to be the spokesman for the country. His job is to comment on things vis-a-vie his view. If he is nervous about riding on a plane with folks dressed in “Muslim Garb”, he is not speaking for anybody but himself. He doesn’t owe anybody an explanation why he feels that way, just as when he opines about how the Tea-Baggers are way off base on their response to the health care reform bill.

Now get this, there are people in this country vilifying Juan Williams for appearing on many of the shows in Fox’s line-up. They apparently don’t understand that he is invited to be a guest on these particular shows, he doesn’t will himself upon them. He is now also being vilified for signing a lucrative contract with Fox to be a regular contributor. Fox has probably wanted to do this for quite some time, but because of Williams’ contract with NPR, he couldn’t sign with Fox. I have no problem with him signing with Fox. A guy’s got to do what a guys got to do. It’s his business, it’s his profession and thinks Fox is where he best fits now. Do I agree with him? absolutely not!

Philosophically Williams with Fox, I have a huge problem with. Only because I’ve seen how Fox has manhandled Williams over time and sadly he is no longer the liberal firebrand he once was. He has become a whimpering pussy lying by his dish in the corner. He has let people on Fox, far inferior to him intellectually, push him around. We all watched over the years prior to now how Fox totally beat Morton Kondrake, once a great voice of liberal thought, into submission. It really was sad to watch. We like to remember the days when Kondrake would back John McLaughlin into corners, holding him accountable for his outrageous right-wing stands. I guess Fox has the power to melt people once on the payroll.

It’s okay for Juan Williams to sell-out his once progressive views to become the new “alan colmes” of Fox. He’ll have a paycheck coming in for the next two years, and after Fox throws him out, he won’t have an audience for who or what he’s become. That’s too bad for him, but, he made an adult decision.

To me, the truly saddest part of this whole situation is that some of the attention to this very important election has been taken away by this non-newsworthy event. When Juan Williams made the decision years ago to become a guest and then regular panelist on Fox, his prominence as a pundit was greatly diminished. He’s been there for so long that what happened really shouldn’t be on the front of anyone’s mind. Juan Williams is a good man and highly educated. He is not the villain the left is portraying him as, nor should he be used as an excuse for more right-wing flamethrowers to spread more lies about the liberal agenda in the United States. It’s really time for the progressives to forget about this non-news event and get on with the business of slowing down the Tea-Bagger express that’s making great inroads to the destruction of the American way of life and the taking away of liberties that we as Americans have come to love and expect. That’s the read for this weekend, I wrote on it over the weekend because I don’t consider this a topic of great enough importance to cover on higher readership days. Thank you.
Cam Obert


October 21, 2010

It’s simple. Because the right got ahold of and has controlled the message in and of this country via a very powerful media force, we have been given a slate of candidates in opposition that is downright disgusting!

To add to the embarrassment, listening to the sitting conservative establishment and conservative pundits putting a positive spin on this group of ignoramus’ not is laughable but makes me actually feel sorry for them. I pity them that the extremists on the right have pushed the mainstream conservatives out of the way, beaten them badly in primaries, and have basically called for the end of traditional conservative thinking in the republican party.

This Fox News and Tea-Bagger movement driven phenomenon is terrifying in that it opens the way for some of these dangerously extreme candidates to find their way into office. Here’s why I say dangerous. First the movement itself, has no political history and no political experience. You have a movement fueled by a very extreme and anti-America entertainment company, Fox. These people are in the business of entertainment, not governance. What’s worse, they are flame-throwers of hate and hate-based ideology. This is why this movement is so unpatriotic. These people have no respect for the foundation on which America itself stands on. Now we compound the emergency situation by throwing in the Tea-Bagger favored ruling by the SCOTUS, Citizens United. Now there is undocumented and unreported sourcing for these millions of dollars being pumped into the extreme candidate campaigns. Big business is backing these candidates because they are ignorant and can be plied by Corporate America to legislate issues their way. Does this bother anybody? In a poll released this morning, the American public views the republican party as being the party of corporate America by a 72% to 28% margin. The Democratic party in the same poll was viewed as the party of the people by a margin of 68% to 32%. Now, which political entity is better for us, the regular Americans who vote for the candidates?

Let’s take a look at some of these “candidates” the extreme right has put up for election. Joe Miller in Alaska is a hard-core Palin endorsed idiot with very dangerous views. He is running for the Senate seat held by Lisa Murkowski, a conservative republican. By using a huge influx of cash and influence by Fox, Miller painted Murkowski as not being conservative enough for Alaska. He won by virtually buying the primary. This Miller is a real Einstein when it comes to governing in the United States. He wants to privatize Social Security, putting our savings at the mercy of the ebb and flow of Wall Street. Talk about a windfall for Wall Street! Oh, by the way, almost all of these extremists running for office have told us their primary constituency would be Wall Street and Corporate America. They only need the political office as a venue to get the work done on behalf of big business. Miller has claimed minimum wage requirement as being “unconstitutional”. He would do away with it. He claims Medicare is bad and should be replaced by private sector medical services. Miller and his immediate family have all taken advantage of or utilized many of these government programs he opposes. He has a “dark” employment history that has only been partially exposed. He refuses to be interviewed by the media, therefore the Alaskan public should believe he is hiding something. He has now gone so far as to have private security goons handcuff and detain a reporter for trying to ask Miller questions. This policy, stiff-arming the media, is not just with him, it’s for all of the Tea-Bagger candidates. This policy was mandated by non other than Sarah Palin herself. Do you remember in 2008 her interview with Katie Couric? This is why the Tea-Bag candidates are being sequestered from the media. Miller has already shot himself in the foot countless times anyway.

Speaking of shooting themself in the foot, how about Tea-Bagger darling Sharon Angle? This woman is a walking talking parody of what might pass as the dumbest, most ignorant, and racist candidate since George Corley Wallace in a 1964 run for Governor in Alabama. She runs an attack ad featuring “Latino-looking” thugs slinking along a chain-link fence. An effort to show Mexicans trying to become “illegal aliens” in America. This ad was from her campaign, it was not an independent or a 527! Her response to the negative publicity she got from it was, “they could be Asians coming through the Northern border”. Unbelievable! She spoke to kids at a primarily Latino high school the other day and said many of them look “Asian”! I’m not kidding, you can’t make this stuff up! She is running for the U.S. Senate and is within the margin of error in the latest polls. This should scare the living shit out of every American! These people may have the opportunity to be involved with the selection of Supreme Court justices, the decision to go to war or not, or even the most important issue, overcoming the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court.

Michele Bachmann, though a sitting U.S. Representative in Congress is the wackiest of them all. She has voted against every consumer friendly and citizen safety and well-being measure of government regulation since being in office. She went so far as to apologize to the executives of BP for the government’s pursuit of BP to make good on the disaster they and their partners caused in the Gulf of Mexico. She has voted in favor on every piece of legislation that is friendly to Wall Street. She has not shown an ounce of remorse for her support of de-regulation of the energy industry that places people and the environment in peril. She supports the de-regulation of Wall Street, the same de-regulation that caused the melt-down of the world’s economy in 2008. Here’s an easy question for you, just who are Bachmann’s constituents?

Then there’s the poor mis-guided perennial candidate for office in Delaware Christine O’Donnell. Delaware republicans sure killed themselves on this choice. When the mainstream republican candidate, Mike Castle, lost to O’Donnell in the primary, Delaware republicans kicked away a sure shot win in November for the vacated senate seat. Castle was shown as a 15% point winner over Democrat Chris Coon. Now Coon has almost a 20% point lead over O’Donnell in a sure Democratic Senate seat save. This woman is so stupid, she doesn’t know the Constitution, she doesn’t know any Democratic Senators, and she firmly believes masturbation is bad! Not a bad candidate huh, Delaware?

Now the Joe Sestak has evened the race in Pennsylvania for the Arlin Spector Senate seat. The republican and Palin endorsed candidate, Pat Toomey, is running on the wealth he amassed while working on the unregulated Wall Street. He hasn’t changed from those days. He still favors de-regulation of the finance, insurance, and banking industries. One has to wonder in this case, as in Bachmann’s, who is Toomey’s constituency?

This is how nuts this whole election cycle has become. Senator John Ensign(R-NV), an acknowledged philanderer and former C Street resident currently has higher approval ratings in Nevada than the other Senator, Majority Leader Harry Reid! Does this make sense?

Senator David Vitter(R-LA), is running for re-election and is an acknowledged womanizer and user of prostitute services in Washington while in the Senate. He is ahead in the polls and probably will win re-election. Hello! Is anybody home? This shit-bag actually ripped President Clinton for his behavior and is a member of the very conservative Family Values operation!

Carly Fiorina, running as the Tea-Bag endorsed republican candidate for Senate in California states that because she ran Hewlett-Packard she knows all about budgeting. She is running on the Tea-Bagger tag lines of no taxes and smaller government. This is how good she is, she supports an extension of the already failed Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. That being bad enough, knowing that those tax cuts were unfunded and were a primary reason for the Bush years going from a budget surplus of 200 billion dollars to a budget deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars, when asked by conservative Fox talk show host Chris Wallace how she intends to pay for the extension, that will add another 3.5 trillion dollars to the deficit, she could not answer. Wallace asked her seven times how she would pay for the tax cut extension, she never answered. There’s a vote of confidence for you!

This cast os Tea-Bagger candidates this year is worse than a bad joke. The movement has shown no respect for the norms of politicking, they have shown an incredible lack of decency, they have shown a total lack of knowledge, they have shown a dangerous revulsion for the media, and above all, the movement in general has no idea what it wants or how to implement it. They shoot blindly daily. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes are calling all the shots and are responsible for the marketing of their products. With the help of the money-raising efforts of Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, taking advantage of the “Citizens United” ruling, they are collecting billions of undocumented dollars to support their cause. So far the money raised and donated by these two and the money raised and donated by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce can only be referred to as “sullied”. They won’t reveal the sources of the money so that can only lead one to believe it’s tainted. At least when the unions donate, every penny is accounted for.

Unless the brakes are put on this right-wing unpatriotic phenomenon, campaigns and U.S. governance will be sunk for good. This rightie group has sunk to new lows with no regret. They have proven to be Godless, although they all claim to be God-fearing Christians, they seem to oppose anything smacking of human or civil rights and they seem to want to hesitate when it comes to going to war against the “enemy”, basically anyone or entity that is “different” from them. It is time for Americans, Democrats to stand up to this dangerous ground swell. They must be stopped in their tracks so that we can get back to the optimistic and decent America that is what the country is founded on! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


October 20, 2010

The right-wing world of America claims to be very angry about the state of things in our country. Here’s the one I love; “We’re gonna take back America!” Who are they going to take it back from? I often wonder what the “real Americans”, the native Americans think when they hear these extremist nut-jobs calling for America to be returned. If you ask any of these righties who they want to take the country back from, the best response you’ll get is from the Obama led “liberal” agenda. They can’t give specifics, it’s so disgusting and horrifying. As a patriotic American I’m embarrassed by these wing-nuts. How can a country as great as this be shattered into pieces by a hateful group of not very enlightened people? Look at the driving force behind this phenomenon, Fox News Network.

This is what Fox and the rest of the very powerful and controlling right-wing media provides for this movement. They back them financially, they provide vehicles or bully pulpits if you will, they invent or manufacture news to put anything Obama, Democratic party, progressivism in a bad light, and they provide the loud mouth pieces to move their message. Palin, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, all work for Fox, and all are on the record as race baiting xenophobes. These loudmouths then join with Limbaugh, Krauthammer, Goldberg, Coulter, Hume, Malkin, Larsen, Kristol, Ingraham to spread the hate. And they do spread the hate. You simply need to read what they write, listen and watch them, watch their body language when speaking about President Obama. This goes way beyond partisan politics, it is visceral hatred, hatred that they have carried to the lowest depths of the sewer.

When asked what they stand for they simply answer, no taxes and smaller government. The funny thing is, that is what the public gets from them because the Tea-Bagger candidates have all been ordered to avoid the mainstream media. Tea-Bagger Joe Miller of Alaska went so far as to have his private security goons handcuff and remove a reporter from a town hall meeting. One of the tenets of a free functioning society is having a free unencumbered press. The job of the press in our country is to ferret out political malfeasance and in general mischief perpetrated by politicians. So now the right-wing believes IT can control the news. What are they hiding? I know they don’t want to be interviewed by the real media for fear of being exposed as stupid and ill-prepared to serve in office, ala Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, O’Donnell, Paladrino, etc.

Now let’s take a look at what they are about. Smaller government, the federal government in fact, shrinks under Democratic administrations. This has been going on since the turn of the twentieth century, every administration shrinks under Democrats and grows and thrives under republican rule.

Taxation. Under the first two years of the Obama administration, middle class Americans have enjoyed a tax cut to the tune of about $400 for singles and $800 for families. That means 116 billion dollars have been returned to middle class Americans. Under the previous administration, nothing returned to the middle class. The conservatives tout the benefits of the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 and want to continue them. Here is the truth about those tax cuts. They went to the top 2% of income earners in the country only. The reason given for the need for those cuts was to help the “job creators” expand their business and therefore hire more help. Neither of these tax cuts was paid for. They have added over 700 billion dollars to the deficit to date. During the Bush years, none of this tax cut money can be attributed to business growth and expansion and the unemployment numbers sky-rocketed. In the eight years under Bush, the United States lost a record 8 plus million jobs. Unprecedented in the history of the country. We now know where the tax savings went, right into the pockets of the recipients. And none of it has come out of those pockets since either. The banking industry is sitting on over 1.8 trillion dollars, not being loaned out to get the economy turned around. Most economists say the banks need to loosen up lending so business can get going again, so it can pay for expansion, growth, and added payrolls. Corporate America, if you will, is sitting on 1.2 trillion dollars in cash.

Here is some news for you, Bush came into office with a budget surplus of 200 billion dollars and left with a deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars. Under the Bush policies that favor the rich, the rich got richer and the numbers of poor got larger. The number of Americans living beneath the poverty line is now 14% of the total population. This is growth by almost 3% since 2000. The poverty line as defined by a family of four living on $22,000 per year! During the Bush years, nothing was done for the shrinking middle class, in fact because of their union busting policies, it worked to hasten the disappearance of the middle class.

The right-wing is screaming about TARP. This was an emergency measure, only three pages in length, that was done under Bush. I guess the righties forget the biggest cheerleaders and affirmative voting politicians were McCain and Boehner. You’ll notice not one republican incumbant this year acknowledges they voted for TARP, but they all did! Because TARP went through so fast with no accountability worked into the measure, Wall Street used the money to give themselves huge bonuses, million dollar office remodels, and lavish vacations. Fortunately, the Obama Judicial Department and treasury department went after all of the felonious CEO’s etc. and has recovered almost all of the TARP money.

The Stimulus Package hailed by most economists world-wide as the savior of the country’s economy. The right-wing members of Congress that keep referring to it in their attack ads as “the failed Stimulus Package”, are the same ones on record, with letters to prove it, that applied for and received stimulus money for their states and districts, including Michele Bachmann. If you read these letters, all of them have a reference by the writer to the benefits of the stimulus package. HYPOCRISY RUN AMOK!!!! Also keep in mind, the tax relief that middle class America is enjoying is actually about 30% of the Stimulus Package! The republicans want to repeal the bill, how does that make you feel?

How about health care reform. The republicans want to repeal this bill, except the parts they like, but suffice it to say, the CBO scored the bill as being a 100 billion dollar plus in the first ten years and a trillion-dollar plus in the second decade. Our tax load and insurance bills will decrease when we can end charity health care for the poor who use hospital emergency rooms for primary care. People can no longer be refused insurance coverage based on pre-existing conditions. There are so many positives to this bill it just goes on. I love reading the signs at Tea-Bagger rallies saying they are against government-run health care but leave my Medicare alone! Can you say DUMB?

Now they are screaming they want the Bush tax cuts extended. As I proved earlier they don’t work but now more importantly, they will add 3.5 trillion dollars to the deficit! Here is an example of how stupid and short-sighted these people are, when Carley Fiorena was asked by Chris Wallace on republican sponsoring entertainment Fox, how they intend to pay for the 3.5 trillion, she couldn’t answer. In fact, before finally giving up, Wallace asked her 7 times how the republicans plan on paying for the tax cut extension. They don’t have an answer, the only place left to cut in the federal budget is defense, and we all know how the republicans hold the Department of Defense sacred.

Enough said on this topic. I hope I have been able to clarify why the right-wings complaints in fact are baseless. So the question is, what is it? Are they still bothered by a President that is a person of color? Are they bothered by the fact that maybe under this administration will finally grant the same civil rights to a group of citizens who wish to join the military and who wish to be married to a person of the same-sex, are they bothered by an administration that deals with international relations with diplomacy, are they bothered by an administration that doesn’t by law favor certain religions over others, and finally are they bothered by an administration that has been trying in vain to deal with the undocumented alien situation in a calm and humane manner. What is it?

Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


October 18, 2010

A letter to the editor in Minneapolis Star Tribune the other morning from Barb Carlson of Shoreview, Minnesota really hit the nail on the head. Ms. Carlson claims the biggest election fraud being committed today is the sheer amount of undocumented dollars flowing into the campaign coffers. As I have opined on many occasions to this point, the Citizens United ruling by a very “activist” SCOTUS, is primarily responsible for this new form of rape of the American free society election process.

Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie have basically thrown the RNC and Michael Steele to the wayside and have proceeded balls to the walls exploiting this new “open-ended cash machine”. Two things are making this work for Rove and Gillespie; they can now attract corporations and wealthy incorporated individuals to donate money in unlimited amounts to their PAC’s for the purpose of being distributed to the campaigns of their own candidates and to fund attack ads on the opposition. Part two of this perfect storm is, the identity of the donors does not have to be revealed. There is a reason why billions of nationally raised dollars are being pumped into campaigns all around the country supporting right-wing extremist and Tea-Bagger movement candidates. This is an all out effort to stop the Obama and Democratic agenda from proceeding at odds with the right-wing agenda. Another entity which has joined in the cash machine known as ‘”Citizens United” ruling is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The “new” Chamber has now become fully involved with the purchase of American government and it’s agenda. What was once a political neutral operation, the Chamber has now gotten in the business of lobbying and purchasing governmental influence to promote their own pro-business agenda.

The desire by political parties and their operations has always been about raising money. Over the years and decades and centuries of democratic forms of government money has always been the fuel to support the agenda of the sides in the race. It’s always been ripe for fraud, and, quite frankly it has been fraudulent in almost every election cycle. The government put rules and caps on donations by individuals. So the political apparatus got smart and came up with a thing known as a PAC, political action committee, where there are no caps or restrictions on dollar amounts. There was not a reporting rule on PAC’s either. PAC money was then distributed to the chosen campaigns and causes. With the introduction of unlimited and unreported donations to campaigns and PAC’s, the purchase of American government is well under way.

You will remember as recently as 2008, Barack Obama’s campaign raised a record amount of money. They were the first really tech savvy campaign to organize and utilize the internet to their advantage. While the Obama campaign did enjoy the fruits of PAC donations, the majority of their money-raising was grassroots, only electronically. Most of their donations were from private individual citizens supporting the Obama campaign. This is more in line with what a “democracy” is supposed to look like and operate like. In two short years look what has happened.

In the race for Minnesota’s Congressional seat in district 6, a race that has opponent Tarryl Clark trying to unseat Tea-Bagger incumbant Michele Bachmann, so far this campaign season, over 80% over the funds coming into Bachmann’s campaign are from out of the state! This is already being called the most expensive Congressional race in history! A district that fringes a metropolitan area but is mostly rural! This truly is an abomination of the American electoral process. It’s obscene! It’s dirty and disgusting!

Now the Democrats are being reviled by both the opposition and the media for making campaign finance a campaign issue. Even some members and candidates of their own party are questioning the usefulness of this issue. It seems it’s the same old chant, jobs, jobs, jobs! That’s great, but with America not listening to or understanding what the Democrats are saying about the progress to recovery being made under their leadership, the party needs to go after why America isn’t getting their message. America isn’t getting the message because of the total ownership of the airwaves and media in general by the right-wing. The Fox News led right-wing extremists are taking advantage of this limitless amount of money at their disposal to control the message. This is why the Democrats are making an issue of campaign finance abuses.

The bottom line for America is, should the voting citizens of the country retain the right to choose what candidate or agenda they want serving them in government or do we stand by and let Corporate America purchase agenda and personnel to operate our government? This is a critical time in our country’s history. We are on the edge of being subvertly overtaken by the interest of a very few. Interests that basically are for the top wage earners, interests of the pro-life agenda, interests for the suspension of government assistance for the needy, interests that favor over-turning health care reform, interests that favor the support of institutionalized discrimination in the case of any issue regarding the LGBT community, and interests that favor the further depression of immigrants and of the portion of the population that lives under the poverty line. That is why the Democratic party needs to address this situation now. Jobs and job creation are meaningless if we are being operated by a government sponsored by Sears! Thanks for today’s read and I look forward to reading your comments.
Cam Obert


October 17, 2010

Contrary to what a couple of reviews from the “lamestream” media have given this production, I found it to be richly entertaining and very “real” with regard to today’s political scene. The show was created by stage veteran James Detmar, who also directs with Mark Bergren. Those two along with Shanan Custer and Michael Paul Levin write the show. I say write in the present tense because this is an ever changing script based on the daily activities of the subject of the musical, our very own CD-6 Congressperson Michele “Batshit Crazy” Bachmann.
A very close friend of my wife and I is a co-star of the show, Janet Paone. We were fortunate enough to give Janet a lift home after the show Friday night. Janet plays many roles in the production and excels at them all, I say that not because she is so close to us but, because it is true. Janet, as with the rest of the cast, is a pure professional of the stage. She carried off the many roles beautifully. Not to short-shrift the rest of the cast, they all, except Laura Adams as the lead, played many roles. Obviously costume and scene changes are done “on the fly” but, unlike a “regular” stage production, this adds to the general craziness of the show. Janet related to my wife and I after the show that due to the changes in the script and scenary as the stage run goes, it can become very difficult for the players to keep things straight and sharp. They absolutely pull it off! This truly is an ensemble of pros.
I would be remiss if I did not give proper notice to Laura Adams as Michele Bachmann. This is a scary portrayal of “Batshit” in the light that we all know Bachmann, crazy, confused, ill-informed, and just down right dumb! Kudos to Ms. Adams for a great performance.
The video additiopns to the production are mint. They are very funny and are a great addition to message being conveyed.
The musical song and dance numbers show not only a great deal of sarcastic humor but show the true range the cast is capable of. The three women, including the not yet mentioned Ahna Brandvik Logan, have wonderful singing voices, quite unexpected from my perspective.
“Michele” is being performed at the Minneapolis Garage Theater on the corner of Lyndale and Franklin Avenues in Uptown. My wife, Karen, and I didn’t plan far enough in advance for dinner and drinks at Rudolph’s, so we ended up at one of my favorite old watering holes, Mortimer’s for appetizers and a couple beers! It turned out to be an excellent choice! The fries and onion rings were great. My advice though, arrive at the corner early enough for dinner, either at Rudolph’s or the Red Dragon, then proceed to the show. It will be an evening of entertainment you will be very happy you did!
For tickets and information, call 1-800-838-3006, or go to
Thanks for today’s read, and I hope you enjoy the show as much as we did!
Cam Obert


October 14, 2010

The great years...

Hello people!, this writing has been on the wall for years. With many of its feeder elementary and junior high schools closing these past few years you had to know it was only a matter of time. The real question here is what has been occurring the preceding several years. Why is it now that a few people decide it’s bad to close North?

The problem on the north side is the lack of early child education and more importantly, proper parenting and child guidance. How bad is it when several years ago it was suggested to parents to move their kids out of the north side schools if they want their kids to get a decent chance at an education? Perhaps what the school district might have done at the time is implement more strict programs and guidelines for having children in the Minneapolis public schools. The cost per child to “educate” kids in the Minneapolis schools is the highest in the state. That is because the schools are being called upon to raise or parent these kids as well as educate them. Parenting is not supposed to be a role for schools. That responsibility is on the parents.

I would like to know why the NAACP is so involved in this issue. Shouldn’t the school’s PTA be taking the lead in trying to save the school? Where is the parent-teacher partnership? I’m sure the teachers show up because they have to, they are paid to do so. Do parents show up? Do parents volunteer to be hall monitors? Do parents get involved in the school’s academic and extra-curricular school related events? Do parents volunteer to help academically challenged kids, and do those kids’ parents help? Where is the local outcry from the children and parents to get help, to improve things. Why was the situation allowed to simmer for years and nothing done about it? It’s too late now.

The new North High was built to accommodate 1800 plus students. Today, enrollment is about 300, with only 40 in the freshman class. The facility is now being used to house other activities and business to justify keeping the doors open. It is time to move the remaining kids to other schools and lease out the building for other uses. If I was a kid in high school, I wouldn’t want to go to a school that is being shared by other businesses and activities. I would want to go to a school I could proudly proclaim as my school.

With the shrinking school age population, this could be the right time for the Minneapolis public schools to make a change in how they operate the system, especially in the areas of socio-economic distress. I think it’s time to get a program together to specifically train or mentor parents on the importance of raising their children to be good students. I know there is probably something like that in place now, but obviously it’s not working. There was a meeting last night regarding the situation with North High School. It was reported there were 150 people in attendance. I would like to know how many of that 150 were actual parents of kids at North, and how many were neighborhood or NAACP activists. The parents are the shareholders, not the NAACP and not the same old “neighborhood activists” that show up at every newsworthy event on the north side. I want to know what the parents of kids at North, and at the feeder junior high and elementary schools say. This whole controversy needs to be taken out of the realm of race. The powers that be need to step back and analyze the issues and act according to what is best for the kids. Ethnicity should have nothing to do with it. If the loudmouths that want to make race the issue, they need to be removed from the situation. This is about what the parents, shareholders, and the school kids are going to do. Let the shareholders and the school system fix the problems.

My dad graduated from North High School, as did both of my uncles. When they attended North High, it was considered one of the top academic high schools in the country. My uncle recently told us again about the athletic prowess of North. They were strong in all sports. I’d like to hear from residents of North Minneapolis. I want to know what happened? How did it go from being a great academic and athletic power to where it is today?

It’s time to end the excuses. It’s time to get into the north side and clean it up. Get the drug traffickers, prostitutes, gangs, and the rest of societal shit that has taken over that part of the city out of there.

Introduce some strong law enforcement measures, clean the human garbage from the streets, begin new programs to mentor kids in the neighborhood, get s powerful and positive mandatory program for parents of school age kids. They must attend in order for their kids to be in school. Institute a volunteer program for parents that will put them into the schools to help and observe exactly what happens in school.

Minneapolis has the dubious distinction of having the worst high school graduation by race ratio in the country. The grad rate for white kids is amongst the highest in the country and the grad rate for kids of color or ethnic difference is one of the lowest, thus making it such a sad and embarrassing statistic. The answer is to not separate out the kids of color and “molly coddle” them. The answer is to put together a positive but strict program that is ethnically blind. A program that gets parents involved soon after the birth of their kids, that focusses on early child education at home and in school. A program that requires parental involvement from pre-school through high school graduation. The biggest cost that any entity will incur will be that of time, by the parents, the shareholders, of the public schools.

My desire is to get the north side back to what it was when I was a kid. Great neighborhoods, great homes where the pride of ownership glowed, safe streets and parks, and neighbors helping neighbors to pull together for the common good of North Minneapolis! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


October 13, 2010

In a campaign season wrought with attack ads, you can only surmise that attack ads work. I think attack ads work because the very people who promote them and they’re use, are the same people who have transformed America into a “dumbed down” society that relies on bumper stickers and 30 second sound bytes to formulate political opinions and philosophies. Let’s take a peak at what the Obama White House and the Democratic National Committee has been forced to do in the past couple weeks of this national mid-term election.

When President Obama and this Congress came into office in January of 2009, they faced the most horrendous economic situation in the country since Franklin Roosevelt was elected to reverse the economy destroyed under President Hoover. If you remember, it was well into FDR’s second term, until his reforms had actually begun to work. You see, it takes a long time to right an economy that has been allowed to bottom out. Well, President Obama has been working his fanny off to turn this economy around. He and the Democratic led Congress are starting to make headway, but as we learned in the ’30’s, you don’t turn around a grounded economy overnight. This President and Democratic Senate majority have been succeeding in putting many things in place to start the economy moving the right way again, in spite of a Republican tsunami of delaying, lying, changing the message, record filibusters, and just trouble making in general. One can only conclude that because the republicans in Congress not only refuse to work with the White House, they really don’t even want to recognize Barack Obama as our President, but their actions show a willingness to force economic failure to make the President Obama and the Democrats look bad to ensure political success in the elections of 2010 and 2012. Their actions clearly point to this. I think one could almost look at their actions, led by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, as being “treasonous”! They are deliberately bankrupting the economy to serve their own political purposes! So, facing this situation beginning last spring or so, the Democrats decided they were going to take every race individually and run on their record of successes in the past two years. unfortunately for them, the Fox News led republicans have been on a national campaign portraying the whole economic mess on President Obama and the Democrats. Now we all know this economic collapse began in 2001 with the first Bush tax cut for the wealthy. For clarity’s sake, the previous President came into office with a 200 billion dollar budget surplus and left office in January of 2009 leaving the country with a deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars, record bankruptcies, record foreclosures, and sky-rocketing unemployment. What Fox has been successful in doing, is making it look like the whole economic mess is a result of President Obama and the Democratic Congress. In reality, it has been the President and the Congress trying to fix the problems while the Fox led republicans sit on the sidelines and complain. You’ll notice too, they never suggest or offer policies that they think would fix the economy other than tax cuts and smaller government, both of which have proven to not work and the fact is, the Democrats in office always tighten the federal budget and shrink the size of government. The Democrats have tried to run a campaign based on facts, successes they have accomplished in the past two years but, it doesn’t work! They are now switching gears and going more to the negative attack type advertising.

The DNC and White House finally figured out Americans don’t want the facts nor do they want to take the time to understand the truth. It’s fascinating watching Fox’s response to the Democrats going after the republicans on character based issues. They claim the Democrats don’t have a solid campaign platform to run on so they’ve resorted to using the Fox led idea of personal attacks and lies about the factual record. The SCOTUS gave the right-wing a gift with their “activist” ruling on Citizens United. Now corporations etc. are donating hundreds of thousands to the campaigns for right-wing candidates and advertising attacking the Democrats. This is a character issue because the way the SCOTUS set this thing up, these right-wing donating entities do not have to be identified, nor do they want to be identified. Why? Because they are embarrassed they are supporting such an array of cold-hearted rotten people for office and they don’t want to be tied to them for business reasons. But, they want them to win because they believe the paybacks will be ten-fold! We saw in Minnesota, where the state law requires all donations be identified to the donors, we saw what happens when Target Corporation donated $100,000 to a political pac that supports republican and Tea-Bagger endorsed Tom Emmer for Governor. Target is still suffering from a nationwide boycott of its stores because Emmer is a homophobe and is opposed to helping education in Minnesota. Target learned! This speaks directly to the character of Tom Emmer. He is opposed to civil rights legislation and is opposed to legislation to support public education and health care in his state. What does that say about this person’s character? A person’s character basically tells you all you need to know. If a candidate has a voting record in whatever elected position they have held, that record will tell you about their character. If they are opposed to health care reform, public education reform, and civil rights reform, the record is right there. If they do not have a voting record, study their position on the issues. By their public statements, a voter will know if this candidate is of good character or not.

Basically, a person’s character will tell you about how they will be as a political office holder. If they favor Wall Street, not Main Street, if they favor Big Banking, Big Insurance, Big Energy, and Corporate America in general, are they in it to serve the needs of their geographical constituency or to serve the needs of their constituency that paid for them to get elected. This is a huge election in terms of the clear choice available this year. There really are no gray areas this time around. The classic republicans have been bullied by the extremist Tea-Bagger movement, even made a regular Republican like John McCain into an ignorant flame-thrower from the far right. One other thing to consider. The extreme right has advised it’s stable of candidates to avoid the media for obvious reasons. Every time a Tea-Bagger has been questioned by a member of the media, they fall ont heir face while showing just how dumb, ignorant, and uninformed they are. As long as they don’t debate with opponents or talk with the media, they are safe. Just keep throwing things out there like Latino immigrants and Muslims are bad for America, that a woman’s right to choose is bad for America, that anything related to LGBT is some sort of commie plot to overthrow America, tax hikes for the rich are good, and invading non-threatening sovereign countries is good. Gee whiz, when you look at it, they do have a pretty positive agenda for America! Wow, just look at that little list, which really is a small part of their plan, it is scary isn’t it? God, how can people back such a rich person loving and human rights hating platform? That’s today’s question, thanks for the read and I look forward to your comments.
Cam Obert

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