…unfortunately has rubbed off on some weak-kneed Democrats. After yesterday’s vote in the U.S. House on the up or down for extending the Bush tax cuts, 39 Democrats joined the republicans in favoring a vote prior to election recess. Now the republicants will go back home and tell their constituents the Democrats were afraid to vote it down before the election. The republicant spin is it is a tax hike, which is not true at all. It is a return to the 39.1% rate for the top 2% of income earners in the country. The Bush tax cuts resulted in a rate of 36.5%.
Now let’s take a peek at these tax cuts from 2001 and 2003. Neither of them was funded, in other words, there was no accommodation in the budget for the revenue loss. That added about 700 billion dollars to the deficit that the Bush administration simply threw out there for future pay-back. No accommodation at all was made for payment. When Bush arrived in office there was a very healthy economy cooking along with a budget surplus of 200 billion dollars. Bush claimed the reason there was a surplus was Americans were being over-taxed. So cut number one in 2001, basically took care of that surplus, and then, under the guise of injecting life onto a fast fading economy in 2003, he added tax-cut number two. These tax-cuts were sold to Americans as a way to stimulate lagging business and increasing unemployment. As always happens with tax-cuts, the opposite occurred. The economy, the GDP, went into a free-fall. There was a job loss of over 8 million jobs under Bush. Bankruptcies and foreclosures were happening at record rates. A large portion of Americans were falling under the poverty line. So, just like under the Reagan tax-cuts for the wealthy, they simply don’t work. The God-father of supply side economics, the tax-cutter’s hero, David Stockman has even acknowledged tax-cuts do not spur the economy! What does this tell you?
Now the republicants want to return to those failed programs. It only means their true constituents are on Wall Street and in the CEO and COO offices of Corporate America. The majority of the recipients of the Bush tax cuts are not business owners or economy expanders anyway. They are individuals who happen to make in excess of $250,000 annually. This could be doctors, attorneys, corporate heads, etc. These people do not start or expand businesses nor do they hire and employ personnel. The tax savings they receive, according to most leading economists, largely do nothing for the health and advancement of the nation’s economy. They buy second homes, buy expensive cars, take lavish vacations, etc. These activities hardly even qualify as a blip on the radar of the economy. Most of these savings end up in a bank or in an overseas bank hiding from the IRS. Not a single republican or economist has presented a rational fact-based reason for continuing the Bush tax-cuts.
All we have heard all year from the republicants is the Fox News created rant of “no taxes” and “smaller government”. These are not solutions, these are hair-brained declarations for the Tea-Baggers to incite the less enlightened Americans that live on Fox News. That is where the problem with these “lilly-livered” Democrats comes in. These Democrats are intimidated by the power of Fox News. They believe their own constituents won’t vote for them because Fox has told them the Democrats are for tax increases and expanding government. Go back to 1900 and look at the performance of every Presidential administration. You will find, without exception, that every Democrat has reduced the size of government and every republican has grown the size of government. You see, it’s one of the big lies that Fox News has ordered it’s republicant and Tea-Bagger politicians to vomit constantly on the stump. The old adage, “if you tell a lie enough times, it will become the truth”, has worked for Fox. It enabled the creation of the “birthers”, the “town hall meeting disruptionists”, and of course, the tea-bag movement. If you simply take the brief period of time it takes to get the facts, you will indeed, realize Fox News has pulled the wool over many Americans’ eyes.
Pelosi and Congress were correct in not voting to yea or nay on this tax bill. It needs a little more time for sane and reasoned debate on the House floor. The Democrats need a little more time to break through the cloud of smoke thrown up by Fox and their political minions in the House to get the truth out and better explained to America. If Americans would open their minds a little bit, there would no longer be a “Tea-Bag” movement, there would no longer be a Sarah Palin or the rest of the Fox News liars, we could get back to honest give and take of governance by sane and rational Democrats and traditional Republicans. America can and will move forward once these purveyors of hate, negativity, and lies are exposed and thrown out. Be positive for the progressives, work hard to support the President and his agenda to unwind the failed Bush agenda, and help people learn and understand the truth. Thank for today’s read and I look forward to your comments.
Cam Obert


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