The Catholic Church in Minnesota recently mailed out 200,000 anti-gay marriage instructional DVD’s to their parishioners. The concept of being opposed to same-sex marriage is okay individually, but when an entity as large as the Catholic Church gets involved, it’s different.

While most of the states of the Union do not make concessions for same-sex marriage, or even make it legal or on the same level of breeders getting married, this is by any way one looks at it as legal institutionalized discrimination. It is baseless discrimination against a rather large group of American citizens. Why is this different from a past wrong being corrected by law, the right of mixed-race couples to wed? It isn’t. I defy anybody to tell me why it is okay that LGBT citizens are not accorded the same rights in this country as heterosexuals. In time, the rights of LGBT citizens will be recognized and extended. The country has to keep applying pressure to the ultra-conservatives that keep on fighting this. Congress and the courts finally had to make mixed-race marriage legal, over the strong and loud objections of many conservatives of the time, Southerners, primarily. This was a case of human decency trumping the “will of the people” at that time. A very similar situation in California where the court recently overturned the Prop 8 ruling banning same-sex marriage. The opponents howled, but at the end of the day, it is about decency, humanity, and morality.

The opponents will argue that it is against religious teachings to marry a person of the same-sex. This has been debunked as has most religious crap that has no bearing on people in today’s society. It’s really just another avenue for conservatives to hide their real reasons for opposing any progressive legislation or rules they disagree with.

Churches and religious institutions enjoy tax-free status in the United States. That status was granted them in order to keep the church from applying undo influence on the governance of the country. There is such a thing as “separation of church and state” in our Constitution. When religious organizations start advocating for things political, same-sex marriage for example, they have become a major influence in the governance of the country. The Catholic Church of Minnesota is not the first to politically advocate for a cause. There has been a tradition in the country of the likes of Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Bakker, Orel Roberts, and Jerry Falwell to lobby and politic for the advancement of their particular agendas. As a side, almost every item on these agendas over the decades has been conservative.

How does the country reel in this radical behavior by religious institutions? Simple. Start by taking away their tax-free status. Again, the churches were given tax-free status to keep them from influencing government and politics. If they violate that agreement, take away that status. Like everything else American, hit where it hurts, in the bank account. We might see a change in the energy level of religious organizations that are influencing politics if they get hurt financially.

The Catholic Church in Minnesota is saying this DVD is an instructional instrument sent only to members of that faith. Being distributed just weeks before the mid-term elections was a planned and calculated manuever. Believe it or not, there are members of the Catholic Church that support same-sex marriage, and the church obviously doesn’t like that. Their hope being they can influence their members and anyone else that might get the opportunity to view the DVD to see things the Church’s way. Minnesotan’s have a clear choice for Governor this time around. Senator Mark Dayton and Tom Horner favor the legalization of same-sex marriage and republican Tea-Bagger Tom Emmer opposes it.

The Church really should have no say in the constitutionality of marriage. Marriage is a secular institution, not a religious rite. People choose to opt for the shroud of religion around their marriage, but it is not a legal or constitutional requirement. Conservatives need to understand what the institution of marriage in the United States is. It is because they are taught by the fear mongering right, it is hard for them to get a grasp on this. Is there a reason in a poll released yesterday that atheists/agnostics are more educated on religions than members of the religions themselves? It’s simple, many “religious” people get so wrapped up in the concept of religion they forget or don’t bother to study it and learn what it really means or stands for.

Minnesota and America, it’s time to stand up against this relentless onslaught of unchecked politicking by tax-free organizations. They are clearly violating the law, and Americans need to get word to their legislators and Governors they are tired of it, and they want there to be serious consequences for any violations made by religious organizations. Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Karen Ferguson Fleischhacker I’m Catholic and I totally disagree with this DVD idea, great way to distance Catholics away from the church.

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