…has made me very angry and disappointed and has caused the party to lose control of the message in the United States today. This is what is so confounding about this situation. The democrats hold the White House, they have the majority in the U.S. House, they have the majority in the U.S. Senate, and they hold the advantage by three seats in state Governorships; and they have lost control of the message!!! Is this outrageous or what? How has this happened?

Go back to about March of 2009, when President Obama turned the initiative of forging a health care reform bill over to Harry Reid, Max Baucus, and Nancy Pelosi. Due to zero direction from the White House and weak leadership and creativity in the Senate, the developement of the bill languished for months. The White House was invisible and Reid and Baucus couldn’t put anything together. It was during that time, the reactionary right took advantage of the opening and dove in. With the support of the republican party leadership, Roger Ailes and Fox News, the Tea-Bagger movement took hold. Seizing on the lull coming from Washington, Fox was able to stoke the flames of rhetoric with one racist Obama hating hit after another. they played to the fears of the less enlightened Americans and cultivated this hate attitude that has only grown more with each passing day as the Democrats lay by the side and do nothing about it.

President Obama wasted so much time of his first 20 months in office believing the republicans would work with him on legislation and therefore the governance of the country. It took him until about the present to finally figure out the republicans are not going to work with him, they don’t hardly even acknowledge him as the President, and they really don’t like him. So with the Tea-Baggers and “birthers” and the “town hall meeting disruptionists” at full speed, the right commandeered control and thus the message, while the Democrats sat by the side and let them do it.

Some Democrats, led by the White House, think they can “intellectualize” their way back into control of the message. That doesn’t work in our society anymore. We have become trained to only respond to bumper stickers and 30 second negative attack ads. Trying to instruct Americans on what is the better way for them is useless. Why do you think the right got control? They have taken advantage of America’s stupidity and telecast it back to them on Fox and Rush Limbaugh’s rantings. Ther is a way to do it for the democrats, and hopefully, it’s not too late. The Democrats need to start touting their accomplishments of the past two years. the Stimulus Bill has proven to be the savior of sure economic depression, the health care reform bill, though weakened by the absence of a public option, is strong and very beneficial to all Americans in so many ways, the “bailout” of GM and Chrysler has not only saved the companies but has made them stronger and more viable in the marketplace as well as the fact GM will begin repaying the government loan years ahead of schedule, the Wall Street, big business, big insurance, big ban king reform bill will prevent the greed of Wall Street from continuing it’s thieving ways, the country has gone from a record eight year job loss streak under Bush to actually adding jobs, yes in the private sector, the GNP is back on a track for return to where it once was, and many more things the Democrats can proudly hang their hats on. But, many of the Democratic candidates are afraid to talk about these great achievements. they are so bullied and intimidated by the cries from the right for the only two things they ever say, “smaller government” and “less taxes”. Funny though, when right-wing political candidates are pressed to explain how to accomplish these agenda items, they have no answers. Even yesterday’s unveiling of the republicans “plan” offers no concrete ideas of how they intend to accomplish a reduced government and lower taxes. In fact, they still can’t give an answer. When pushed on their demand to extend the unfunded and failed Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, how do they intend to pay for the extension as well as have they given any thought as to how they might repay the original, still unfunded tax cuts? No, they can’t answer these questions because Fox News and the constituency of the republican party, Wall Street and Corporate America don’t want them to. “Keep the Americans in dark and dumb” is their claim. In the mean time, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson, a very liberal Democrat, is now leading his republican opponent by 13 points in his race. Quite a different story from what we are all reading with the national trends. He’s also doing it in a very conservative district, in fact, prior to him winning in 2008, that seat had been held by the republicans for the previous twenty-five years! He’s doing it by taking back the message, aggressively. He proudly yells the virtues of the accomplishments of this President and this Congress. He explains why what he and Congress are doing is beneficial for America. He’s loud and he calls them as he sees them. That’s why it works for him. he reveals the lies spread by the republicans, Tea-Baggers, and Fox News then tells them the truth, forcefully. The voters believe Alan Grayson, that’s why in this so-called “wave election” for the republicans, he will prevail. One has to wonder why the whole Democratic Party can’t learn from Grayson the right way to do things. Barbara Boxer(D-CA), is growing her lead in the California Senate race with Carly Fiorinna by selling her “liberal” accomplishments in the Senate.

Come on Democrats, it’s time to angry, it’s time to get aggressive, it’s time to take pride in your accomplishments, and it’s time to start holding the republicans accoutable for all of their lies, fear-mongering, bigotry, and lack of substance. Use their tactics, get in their faces and use the facts you have to tell the truth. It’s time to get up off you’re collective bruised ass and get going. Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Dale Bradford Sarff This has been an issue with me for a long time. Where did the “roll up your sleeves”, the fire and passion go?
    3 hours ago · Like

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