…it’s called legally sanctioned and protected civil rights violations. As the U.S. military continues to destroy the lives and the lives of the families of service persons who get booted from military service because of their own particular sexual orientation. This is not only a continuing violation of Americans’ civil rights, but is a violation of human rights on this planet.

Let’s look a little closer at the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy at the Department of Defense. This policy was signed into law in1993 by President Clinton as a stop-gap move to eliminate the previous ban and expulsion of gays in the military. In the wording of the DADT law, there is a passage that says this policy may be repealed at any time based on any certain circumstances. Basically, it means, if the powers that be choose to repeal, they may. Being that the U.S. is the only developed country on the planet that outlaws gays serving openly in the military, after years of public scrutiny, it has come time to repeal the law. President Obama called for its repeal by the end of 2010 last winter. As the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military, shouldn’t his position as C-I-C carry enough weight to at least get the repeal law to the floor of the Senate for debate? One wonders exactly what the circumstances need to be to repeal this ongoing injustice being perpetrated on potentially thousands of our own citizens.

With the support and agreement with Secretary Gates of the Department of Defense, Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs fo Staff, has announced his support for repeal DADT. In Mullen’s statements he said the military must be a reflection of our society itself. Meaning, gays are not legally discriminated against in any other walk of life in America. So now you have the first, second, and third in command of the United States military in favor of repeal, and here, 17 years later, the military still discriminates against its own personnel. This truly is shocking! Would this circumstance be enough to repeal? Obviously, not yet!

The polls of Americans show 75% of all Americans favor repeal of the law. Over 60% of republicans polled are in favor of repeal and over 80% of Democrats are in favor of repeal. Is this a strong enough indicating circumstance to repeal the law? Not yet.

The vote on the Senate floor yesterday was 56-43, pretty much along party lines with the cowardice exceptions of Senators Pryor and Lincoln, both of Arkansas. Oh well, I hate to say it but, bigotry, racism, and discrimination is still looked upon favorably in some states. Therefore, the Congressional representation, regardless of their own feelings, have to vote for hater actions like this blocking of the bill to advance to the floor for debate.

Here is some of the nonsense the republican Senators used to hide their personal contempt of gays; Senator Collins citing the need to wait for the return of all the surveys sent out to service persons. I guess Senator Collins needs to be reminded of the fact the military is not a democracy, employees work and act under orders from superiors. This whole survey thing was a knee-jerk reaction by a weak-kneed White House trying, once again, to work with Congress on a bi-partisan basis. Poor President Obama, he has wasted so much time and energy since coming into office believing republicans(the party of NO) would work with him. They have proven everyday they have no interest in working with him on anything, they still will not acknowledge him as our President, and their disdain for him on all levels shows constantly. Senator John McCain(Grampy McSane) advised and voted against yesterday citing DADT is not financially related to the bill itself, the Defense Appropriations Bill, therefore, does not belong in the bill. In reviewing the past several defense appropriations bills, there are literally hundreds of non-germain amendments attached to them. You would think, with the advisement from the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, an old fly boy like Grampy McSane would dutifully follow their commands. He can’t, the Tea-Baggers have gotten to him and poisoned his mind into becoming a homophobic old man.

By standing against the repeal of this law, an institutionalized violator of civil rights, the politicians are basically saying they are bigots and wish to treat LGBT people on a lower level. In so many ways this is wrong. It’s the bottom of the barrel thinking in terms of morality. It’s ethical bankruptcy. Many of these politicians standing in opposition to the repeal claim to be God-fearing puritanical Christians. Because I am making an effort to clean up my language, I will not say how I really feel about these Godless and hating idiots! This is plain old homophobia washing hysterically over the closed minds of these morons, primarily on the right. Hate is hate, and you can’t white-wash it with lies and half-truths. It’s time for America to really take a hard look at these right-wing politicos, look past the cries of reduced government and no taxation. Start looking at their views on the social issues, immigration, gay rights, including same-sex marriage, health care, and treatment of the growing segment of Americans slipping into the ranks of poverty.

There is not a sociologist or psychologist world-wide that claims gays serving openly in the military is a bad thing. So why do guys like Grampy McSane and Mitch McChinless hold onto these anti-gays in the military feelings? I’d like to know, because they cannot cite anything factually that would preclude gays serving open in the service.

The Democrats, once again, need to grow balls and go after this. The right-wing still has control of the message. The mouth pieces for the republican leadership, Fox News and EIB, Rush and Sean and Beck, still carry the hate filled message daily. This needs to be subdued. It’s time for the Democrats to get back in the game and stop being bullied around by Fox, etc. I’ll say it again, it’s Howard Dean time!

I’m really angered by yesterday’s events in the U.S. Senate. I think any decent and moral person in the country would feel just as betrayed by the Senate as I was. Anyway, here’s angrily to you, hope you enjoy today’s read and i look forward to your comments.

Cam Obert


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