…is driving America to a sure “third world” status. I was watching MSNBC this morning when I was awakened by very conservative host and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough, screeching about this very subject. He pointed out that since the almost total collapse of the American economic system in September of 2008, the wealthiest persons in the country have gone into “uber-drive” with their growing personal fortunes. He mentioned that the rich had been getting richer under Bush II, but the collapse opened new avenues for the wealthy to multply their incomes many times over. We now have 1 of every 7 families of four in the United States living below the poverty line, defined as $ 22,000 annual income for a family of four! The percentage of Americans by this measuring device has grown from 13% at the end of 2008, to 14.3% now. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the poverty level for a family of four as $22K! I don’t know how a family of four with an income of double that makes ends meet. Food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and education are very expensive! I know, my family is four! What are the people that support tax cuts for the wealthy thinking about? This is a very alarming situation in this country, and they are worried about how the top 1.5% of income earners can make even more money?!

The latest polls show that Americans, by a 54% to 44% edge, do not favor extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest. The same polls show a modest tax cut for what’s left of the middle class and targeted tax cuts for small business they would favor. I am starting to feel that with the widening gap in the wealth distribution in this country, we are becoming a country of two nations, John Edwards battle cry in 2004 and 2008. Amazing how that fillandering ol’ southern lawyer had the foresight to see and act upon what he saw was coming in our country’s future.

This is what I’m having trouble understanding right now. Not one politician, whether running for office or not, has addressed this issue. The republicans keep harping on jobs, and the economy with the simple Tea-Bag driven message of “tax cuts for the rich” and “reduce the size of government.” The Democrats have crawled into a hole and have let the conservatives control the message in America from Fox News and the EiB, Limbaugh. I’m not even sure what the Democrats stand for or what the hell they are trying to accomplish in this election cycle. They have been so bullied and bloodied by Fox, Limbaugh and their minions Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, Boner, McChinless, etc. that are virtually a whimpering pile of crap hunkered down in the corner. The problem is the leader of the Democrats, President Obama, does not like confrontation. He has this belief he can get governance done in a bi-partisan way, still not realizing the republicans hardly even acknowledge he is the President, they don’t like him or his philosophy, and they refuse to work with him. That has basically opened the door for all of the wacko nut-job Tea-Baggers, Palin, Bachmann, Orly Taitz and the birthers, the “town hall meeting hooligans” etc. Before it’s too late, the Democrats need to change the way they are conducting their business.

The Democrats need to put Howard Dean back in charge of the DNC. With his “smash-mouth” style, he will get the Democrats to start standing up to the bullies on the right. The Democrats need to tell the story of the failure of tax cuts for the wealthy, ie. the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. Since the failed “voodoo” economics of the Reagan administration, every republican policy made law regarding economic issues has been a colossal failure that has resulted in dropping GNP, rising unemployment, and the padding of the pockets of the wealthiest 1.5% of the adult population. The Democrats need to drive this point home. The republicans work for Wall Street and Corporate America and not their constituents in their home states and districts. As result of republican Presidential appointments, the very activist SCOTUS has applied a new wrinkle to the demise of the middle class with the Citizens United ruling that has basically put Corporate America in control of the government at all levels in the country. They now have the ability to put their own “people” into offices they have purchased for them. The Democrats have to loudly and clearly tell America this is where the republicans are going with this. The nice thing about their position is, all of their points are fortified with facts and documentation of history. The right has been flame-throwing with rhetoric based on lies, fudged facts, invented stories, and basic fear-mongering. The Democrats need to address this widening gap in wealth distribution. On their side is basic support for the working-class and the poor. Their plight can be brought to light by highlighting what the right has accomplished through tax cuts for the wealthy. The rich are gaining wealth at hyper-speed while the growth of those in poverty is growing dramatically.

What the right-wing has been chanting relentlessly for the past 20 months is the need to extend tax cuts and to shrink the size of government. The old adege of “if you repeat the same thing enough, it will become gospel, whether true or not”. That has happened. The conservatives have convinced much of America these are the ways out of economic woes! The FACTS, however, tell a complete opposite story. Since Reagan, every time taxes are cut as a mechanism to spur the economy, it backfires. The economy shrinks and unemployment grows. The size of the federal government buracracy always grows under republican administrations and shrinks under more fiscally responsible Democratic administrations. These are facts the Americans don’t know. Do you think if they were aware of these facts, the Tea-Bagger cult would be as big as it is or even exist? Probably not. It really is about who is controlling the message, and Fox and their republican politician minions are in control.

Another fact that has been obscured from America’s collective mind by the republican spin machine at Fox is the Stimulus package passed by Congress in February 2009 contains almost a third of the savings through tax cuts. The right has convinced America the Stimulus package was a bunch of extra taxes to support more useless growth of government. Every prominent economist world-wide has said our economy would have gone into complete collapse without the stimulus. Now leading economists are saying the extension of the Bush tax cuts would be very harmful and costly. Even David Stockman, Reagan’s “supply-side” economics guru says extending them would be bad. The tax cuts originally were done as not funded, in other words borrowing from the future for relief today. It didn’t work, in fact, Bush came in with a budget surplus of 200 billion dollars and left with a budget deficit of over one trillion dollars. Now, by extending these sill unfunded tax cuts, it will add another 700 billion dollars to the deficit. I don’t get it. Why is there even a discussion? I’ll tell you why.

The republicans politicians in America work for Wall Street and Corporate America. The tax cuts have always resulted in the growth in wealth for the top 1.5% of income earners in the U.S. Their personal wealth grows because the ones that actually do report income and pay taxes, simply put the tax savings into the bank and watch it grow. Contrary to what the republicans will tell you, the facts are the tax savings are NOT put back into businesses to grow nor are they used to add additional workers. It’s all a big lie!

The democrats need to start working their base again. So far, this President has sigend into law three major bills that really are landmark in stature. They are the ealth care reform bill, the finace and insurance reform bil, and the stimulus package. In soite of the republicans record setting pace of delays, obstruction, and fillibusters, President Obama has actually set a record for getting items on his agenda for legislation passed. The Democratics’ and the President’s progress report is very good. They need to promote that! I don’t get why they keep running from these positive accomplishments. You think Americans are going to want to give back the ability to have affordable health care coverage?, you think Americans want to go back to being forced into bankruptcy because of health care matters?, you think Americans want to go back to using hospital emergency rooms for primary health care? Heck no! There is such a long list of positive acheivement so far to boast on. I’m now concerned there are Democrats that want to cave into Fox and work on at least a Bush tax cut hybrid in an effort to keep their seat. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Stand up for yourself and your party’s accomplishments, don’t run from them.

That’s make take on how to take back the message, thanks for your read today and I do look forward to your comments!
Cam Obert



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