The tenure of Coach Tim “Gasbag” Brewster as the University of Minnesota head football coach must end now! Not at season’s end, but now! Living right here in the Twin Cities is former head coach Glen Mason. Mason can come in as the interim coach for the balance of this season. Heck, it certainly couldn’t be any worse than continuing with Gasbag at the helm.

Brewster was brought to the “U” by Athletic Director Joel Maturi four years ago. His reputation was as a great recruiter, with no head coaching experience. The feeling was let him get the quality high school players, the blue chippers, here and let his assistant coaches form them into D-1 college players. That reveals two problems right off the bat; first, he would have to keep assistant coaches long enough to work with the players, his coordinators turnover faster than burgers on the grill, and second, he has only gotten a couple of blue chippers out of Minnesota since arriving here. Most of the cream of the high school players in Minnesota still go to Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Florida and California schools. The best quality player he has landed, according to the experts, is Marquis Grey, and Gasbag can’t even figure out what to do with him! With Adam Weber as a fifth year player and quarterback, he has the only somewhat quality Big Ten player. Weber is a Mason recruit. Weber probably could have been at times the top qb in the Big Ten in years gone by had it not been for the Gasbag’s inability to keep coordinators on staff for more than a year.

Gasbag took over when Glen Mason was let go after an embarrassing loss in a bowl game. What Gasbag inherited was the most potent offense in the Big Ten and one of the top offenses in the country. Mason knew how to get top-notch skill position athletes here, something Gasbag hasn’t even come close to doing. Not only did Minnesota have an exciting high-powered high scoring offense, they were generally able to beat competent teams simply by outscoring them. Those Mason teams were a blast to watch. So Gasbag comes in, completely abandons the offense that got Minnesota on the map with and went to various forms of the spread, depending on the coordinator, which has been a complete and total flop! I must say though, there are times when Gasbag looks as lost on the sidelines as Mason did in the famous Michigan game collapse. This is a Division 1 program in a power football conference. The program cannot afford to have coaches on the sidelines acting like they are lost or are in over their heads. The University of Minnesota is the state’s only D-1 school. There should be no excuses why this institution cannot get a top name coach to lead them. There should be no excuses for letting the cream of the crop Minnesota high school athletes get out of the state to attend other schools.

The University of Minnesota needs to make some drastic decisions. Too bad they weren’t made before blowing the hundreds of millions of dollars on the new stadium. One gets the idea there is no support for athletics at this school from the administration, other than outgoing President Bruininks, it is very common knowledge around the University there is no support from the school’s faculty, support from the student body is very weak, a combination of only 4,000 seats dedicated to students at the stadium and no booze allowed, and the whole Twin Cities community is very luke warm to supporting the school’s athletics. The other issue is their Athletic Director, Joel Maturi. From the first day this guy arrived at the “U”, I’ve known he’s in way over his head. He came from the much smaller Mid-America conference and the Big Ten is simply too overwhelming to him. His handling of Coach Monson, his handling of Coach Mason, etc. are proof he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He lucked into signing Tubby Smith. Tubby had just been fired at Kentucky and Minnesota was the only major conference school with a head coaching vacancy. Tubby hired himself, he dictated the terms etc. and Maturi obediently signed him. Now though, there’s storm clouds brewing over that program. Don Lucia has driven the Gopher hockey program down from “the elite program” in the country to competing with three other schools to be top dog in Minnesota! So it’s obvious, it’s time to send Maturi packing as well as Gasbag.

As the only Division 1 school in the state of Minnesota, the “U’s athletic programs are shameful and embarrassing. Something major has to change regarding athletics there. I believe the alumni groups, athletic and otherwise, need to take stewardship to start making the changes. That will take a major shift of attitude from the alumni to get this done. The administration and faculty are too deeply entrenched as anti-athletics, so it won’t come from there. A new president is coming this winter, and the alumni associations better make sure that the new guy has more than a passing interest in athletics.

When looking at the successful college football programs around the country, the first thing you’ll notice is a very active and supportive alumni athletics association. I graduated from the University of South Carolina, where the Gamecock Club basically drives the athletics there. At one time, the Gamecock Club was exceeded only by Nebraska’s as far as membership and money donations were concerned. A few years ago, I attended the Dairy Queen Baseball tournament in the Dome, hosted by the Gophers. The Gamecocks from Carolina were one of the visiting schools. I walked into the dome to find at least twice as many garnet and black clad fans from Carolina as maroon and gold clad Minnesota fans. I sat with the Gamecock fans, I am an alum after all, and learned there is a huge number of Gamecock Club members that follow the ‘Cocks all over the country to support them. That’s the kind of college sports support that is totally absent from the University of Minnesota. It is time, right now, to start making changes and get the Gopher athletic programs going in the direction that the only D-1 school in the state should be going. I still support the Gophers, they are my home state team, but things better start improving or they’ll lose me just as they have already lost a good number of fans and supporters in recent years because they have become branded as a “loser” or simply a program with no desire. Thanks for reading this today, and as always, I do look forward to your comments.



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