With the President’s two addresses this week in Milwaukee and then in Orange Boner’s backyard of Cleveland, the President is forging a renewed vigor in how to get America back on his side. The conservatives, Tea-Baggers, have controlled the message nationally since Obama totally dropped the ball on health care reform in March of 2009.

As a result of weak leadership in the Senate by Harry Reid and a House under Nancy Pelosi proceeding on a tack that was not going to be remotely compatible with the Senate, there was a six month period of inaction by the White House and Congress with regards to this issue. It was this period of inactivity, confusion, and finger-pointing by the Democrats that opened the door for the “birthers”, the Tea-Baggers, and the “town hall meeting disruptionists” to form “wedge” issues that had nothing to do with the national objectives. The Democrats have never recovered. The conservatives own the media and the message. I believe, as much, if not more of the reason the Democrats are in trouble this fall is because of these “made up wedge” issues more than the economy and jobs.

The national message for the past 18 months has been controlled by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. They invent the wedge issue news bits and run with them. They embellish real news and issues to a more negative light, especially on the economy, immigration, and health care reform. After Fox makes up the stories, they send out their ground troop s to support it. That’s where Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, etc. come into the picture. These people and others like them really have nothing to offer for solving national problems and working on issues of positive value to the country. They are flame throwers who spew their bigoted ill-informed views to anyone who might be listening. Unfortunately, lately there have been too many people listening. Finally, the President looks like he’s going to come out of his bomb-shelter and go on the attack, the Obama of 2008 may be emerging!

President Obama is smart enough to know how reactionary the American public is. He knows there is a history of huge turn-over in Congress in off-year elections away from the party in power, particularly in a bad economy. He understands this so look for him to change the dialogue. Look for him to offer some ideas that may make Americans really think about who they are voting for and why. He will be offering a choice, keep the Democrats in control and working hard to turn around the Bush-created recession, or return to the Bush-era policies that got us in this mess to begin with. He will bring a sharp focus to the world of “uber-hypocrisy” the Republicans have been living in since January of 2009. He will stress how the leaders of the republicans, Boner and McChinless have flip-flopped on a number of issues solely to make points politically. He will remind America how they have gotten so bad they now reverse course on bills that they themselves wrote and introduced. He will point out how the republicans have opposed every issue the Democrats have championed with no reason given for opposition. President Obama will have to remind America that the Bush II and Reagan tax cuts have not worked, in fact have had the opposite effect on the economy He will point out to America that the federal government always grows under republican leadership, while it always shrinks under democratic leadership. The hypocrites on the right want America to believe just the opposite, but the facts prove them wrong.

Because the republican party, led by the racist elements of Fox News and the Tea-Bagger movement has simply refused to accept Obama as President. It’s as if they are living in denial. They have acted like spoiled brats these past two years and have played political volleyball while in their positions of legislative governance. They have not worked for America or their own constituents, they have only worked for their own agenda, which is the Fox News inspired destruction of this Presidency. Now is the time for President Obama to take off the gloves and go after these people . He does have the advantage of having a republican Congress with the lowest approval ratings in history, less than 20%. He will be presenting a simple but very useful solution. Keep moving forward, and keep the nattering nabobs of negativity on the right in the minority. America is fickle and very reactionary, so the President’s job will be difficult. It’s just too bad the President wasted so much time in his first term trying to get cooperation from the republicans. They never had any idea of working with him and it took too long for the President to get it. Oh well, onward and upward, the President needs to get to work exposing the republicans for what they are; “the party of no” and the party with no solutions. Thank you for today’s read.
Cam Obert


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