I hate to be negative about the prospects for this fall, but everything is beginning to point in the direction for a “wave” election in November. That means the party in power is setting up to get their collective ass whooped good. This is so unfortunate on many fronts.

First, it’s the economy and jobs. At this point in Reagan’s first term, the unemployment number was 10.8% compared to 9.6% now. Reagan’s polling numbers were the lowest in Presidential history at the time. Now President Obama’s numbers are heading that way. Along with his sinking numbers, are the lower than sunk approval numbers of Congress. Though President Obama is polling at 46% approval, the Republicans in Congress are polling sub-20%. Very strange they are lining up for a big “wave” election pick-up of seats, maybe even taking control of the House and maybe even the Senate. This tells me a few things about the way Americans think. American conservatives have no memory about the whole disaster of the entire two term Presidency of Ronald Reagan. Reagan begged , borrowed and stole from the future to get immediate results and get Americans back on his side. It worked, Reagan’s polling numbers went way up, but look at the costs. Americans need to remember that Reagan’s raping of the future took Presidents Bush I and Clinton almost 11 years to recover from his “screw the future” policies. It cost Bush I a second term in office. Remember his famous words, “no new taxes”! Well after finding the country broke from Reagan’s “voodoo” economics, he had no choice but to raise taxes to meet any semblance of a budget. That killed him! While Reagan granted large businesses and wealthy Americans massive tax cuts, at the same time he increased the tax burden on the middle class. Most conservatives forget that minor detail! The long and short of it was simple, the wealthy folks and businesses on the receiving end of Reagan’s benevolence, used the tax savings as profit, applying it directly to their businesses bottom line, or the wealthiest of American citizens simply put it into their savings accounts, doing nobody any good. Fast forward to 2001;

President Bush II declares the 200 some billion surplus handed to him in the healthiest economy the country had seen in decades, was an over-charging of taxes on America’s wealthiest people and big businesses. So he passed his first UNFUNDED tax cut for the rich under the guise it will stimulate an already healthy economy. Obviously Bush II missed the memo about keeping the ship upright. It did help out his buddies in the top 2% of income earners in the country. Here’s where the situation starts getting bad for everyone. Those recipients of the tax gift, did nothing with it. Didn’t expand their companies, didn’t hire more people, and simply banked the money. By 2003, the President realized the 2001 tax cut didn’t work so up came the UNFUNDED tax cut of 2003! These two tax cuts not only ate up the whole 200 billion surplus he was handed in 2001. Now President Bush II created an economic slide the country hadn’t seen since the Great Depression. By the end of Bush II’s second term, we found out UNFUNDED tax cuts actually hurt the economy, passing prescription medicine care without a mechanism to pay for it, and plowing us into two unpaid for wars shot the debt to well over one trillion dollars and unemployment going over 8%, the highest it had been since the Reagan administration.

President Bush II did, however, make many new friends in the top 2% of income earners and business in the country. Today, the private business sector, not including financial institutions, is holding onto 1.8 trillion dollars…CASH! The economy continues to flounder and they do absolutely nothing to help it. Oh, they claim more tax cuts for them will inspire them to spend, hire, and expand but, burn me three times, shame on you, burn a fourth time, shame on me. Their track record is established. They DO NOT put the money back into the economy via spending, hiring, and expanding. It’s a proven documented fact! The record is right out in the open for anyone to see!

Now, the President has proposed “targeted” tax credits for business that will encourage them to spend, hire, and expand. They are “targeted” because the Democrats want a means to hold them accountable for receiving the credits. In other words, if you hire additional personal, you will get credits. If you make capital investments for your company, you will receive credit. If you invest in research and development, you will receive credit. It’s a pretty simple concept, the republicans say tax cuts for business are needed to spur the economy, well here they are. They will rebel and oppose them because they are generated from the White House and their buddies that own the businesses are telling them they don’t want to be held accountable for gifts from the government. Remember TARP? That was a Bush II idea that went way off the tracks! Bush gave Wall Street , the insurance industry, and the mortgage industry some $700 billion to do with what they pleased, no strings attached. Instead of putting the money where it was needed, they rewarded themselves very nice bonuses for running the economy into the ditch, lavished expensive trips on themselves, and used millions of dollars remodeling the executive offices. With Reagan and Bush II, this is what corporate America has come to expect from the government, FREE MONEY, no strings attached! Like I said, all of the tax cuts awarded to the top income earners and businesses in the past thirty years have been gifts to those receiving them with no requirements to put the money to good economic use, like spending and expanding, and hiring! The resulting near depression economy is the result, LOUD and CLEAR! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

So now the polls are showing the country is on the wrong track, by 61% to 39%. They do blame President Obama because he is the President. I can accept that. The thing to keep in mind as the polls suggest that republican candidates are favored over Democrats by some 10% across the board. This is the widest gap ever prior to an election. Two things to hang onto here; the republicans’ response to everything is tax cuts and smaller government. Well,in the past thirty years evidence shows tax cuts DO NOT work and the federal government grew exponentially under both Reagan and Bush II. Also, remember the republican Congress has the lowest approval ratings in history. So why are the polls showing them with a 10% edge in preference for this fall’s elections? While I’m on the subject, why is it that Governor Bobby Jindal(R-LA), is always yelling to the federal government for more money? He ran on the right-wing express and won based on smaller government and less government intrusion into American lives. The whole republican party is hypocritical, in other words they lie constantly. But, Americans are saying they prefer them to the Democrats by almost 10%! Can you figure this out?

I still believe the Democrats problems started with the President’s lack of leadership and focus in 2009 while trying to push through health care reform. That dropping of the ball by him opened the doors for the right-wing to waltz in and take over control of the media, therefore the message. President Obama and the Democrats have been reeling ever since then. I think the President needs to hold the opponents’ feet to the fire now as they begin to oppose his business credit proposals. He must brand the republicans as do nothing and even as being anti-business. Should the republicans win control of the House, the President must be resolute as Bill Clinton was, and let the House shut down the government. It back-fired on Newtie and the republicans before, and it will take them down again. But, the President must be a stong leader with a very rigid backbone. The Democrats need to take back the message, like they did in 2008. Right now, the message is coming from Fox News and the Tea-Baggers. Not very deep sources at all. Get Howard Dean re-involved and let him deliver the message.

It’s going to be tough going for the President and the Democrats this fall, but if they start now, hitting the republicans hard on their rotten record they can try to pull out some semblance of success in November. Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


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