Since President Obama announced the end of maintaining a fighting war presence in Iraq, I have heard about enough ill-informed bullshit from the right. I listened to Senator Grampy McSane on Governor Pawlenty’s radio show this morning and got so enraged I thought I better write today to clear up all the lies and bullshit being spread by the wing-nuts and Tea-Baggers. Someone has to do it because President Obama and the DNC have shown little or no balls in dealing with the growing pile of steaming shit coming from the right. The old adage of; “if you repeat something enough times, it will become the truth”. Let’s examine some of it here.

The republicans were howling about the fact President Obama didn’t give President Bush any credit for the Iraqi occupation and war. It would have been much better had President Obama cited the steps and reasons for the occupation of Iraq, a sovereign state of no threat to the U.S. whatsoever, by beginning with the first lie as cause for occupation. Saddam Hussein was in comfort and cahoots with Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda. That was a flat-out lie, there was never and still is no evidence linking the two. In fact, Saddam was very intolerant of outsiders such as Bin Laden and al Qaeda and had a specific history of not allowing them entrance to Iraq. When Bush got pressed on that lie, lie number two emerged; Saddam has weapons of mass destruction that he intends to use against the U.S. Again, after all of the investigations were done, this also was proven to be a lie, now emerged the last lie to keep troops in occupation of a sovereign that poses no threat to the U.S. at all; we need to establish a cohesive democratic government to stabilize the entire Mid-East. Two points about this lie; first Bush claimed to not be in the business of “nation building”, which is what lie number three is all about, and to this day, there is still not a cohesive central government running the country of Iraq. There never will be because of the deep religious differences of the three major Islamic groups in Iraq.
After Bush got exposed as a bald-faced liar with respect to the occupation of Iraq, he had to back-peddle to save his ass. Enter General David Petraeus and the “surge”. Bush boldly proceeded with this plan by moving in an additional 100,000 troops to “sit” on all of the insurgencies, bad guys, trouble makers, and yes, al Qaeda cells, new to Iraq since the occupation of Iraq by the U.S., and try to bring some sort of “peace” or at least a cease-fire situation in the country. It worked. How could it not work? With 200,000 some troops armed and trained against a bunch of tribal members with barely a black-powder fired musket to defend themselves! That’s an exaggeration of course, but you get the point. Well by the time it was over, the result was thousands of dead U.S. troops, hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, a seven and a half-year long occupation at the cost of about one trillion dollars for what? This imperial occupation pulled off by Bush, Cheeney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and the rest of the chicken-hawk cowards in the administration really is nothing short of a treasonous crime. Remember when Cheeney spoke about a short-lived war that would pay for itself because we would take control of Iraq’s oil fields? “The second largest oil reserves in the world”, he proclaimed. The U.S. did not get one drop of Iraqi oil.
So, today the republicans want to give credit to the Bush administration’s imperialistic occupation of a sovereign state which posed no threat whatsoever to the U.S. I believe the credit due them should come in a court of law where they should be tried and convicted as war criminals and for treason. Then the families of the hundreds of thousands of human beings that were needlessly killed in this bloody occupation should have the right to sue them individually as well as suing the U.S. government for their tragic and personal loss. There you have it. There is the credit that is due Bush and his administration for the tragedy of Iraq.

Now moving on, how about tax cuts for the rich? The republicants are yelling to continue the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. They say that will stimulate the economy and create more jobs. The track record of what the tax cuts did for the economy is pretty clear, rising unemployment, shrinking middle class, increases in bankruptcies, increased foreclosures, increase in failed businesses, and in general a slide to a total collapse of the economy. That’s what the Bush tax cuts have given us so far. Would you like to continue with them? Remember when the republican hero President Reagan said something about “morning in America”? What he meant was he was going to rape, rob, and pillage the future via tax cuts and cuts in programs to pay for immediate gratification. In other words, a beautiful morning that turns into calamity in the afternoon and then into total disaster that night. He ran the USS America ship right into the ground. His successor, George Bush, never had a chance. Reagan left the economy in such tattered ruins that Bush couldn’t correct it fast enough to win a second term. Enter President Bill “Bubba” Clinton. Clinton had to pick up where Bush left off trying to rebuild an economy in ruins. Reagan and his “voodoo” economics had done so much damage that it took Clinton seven years to right the ship. Today, David Stockman, Reagan’s chief advisor on economics says the Reagan plan was all wrong and that the U.S. should never go there again. Guess what? It did, from 2001 to 2009!

Bush II was handed an economy that was working again with a budget surplus of about 200 billion dollars. Bush couldn’t help himself. He immediately proclaimed a surplus is a result of over taxation, so in came the unfunded tax cuts for the rich in 2001. Upon seeing the first tax cut working as planned, out came the second one in 2003, again unfunded. By now the 200 billion surplus was gone, eaten up by two unfunded tax cuts, and then Bush decides to invade the sovereign zero threat states of Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither of these expensive moves was paid for, in fact, he never even listed them in the budgets! He’s like most tax hating conservatives, if you need money from the government, the government need only to squat and shit money out for you. It’s like Bush, his advisors, and the conservatives in general have no clue! Bush then added the Prescription Medicine Act bill to the tab, again unfunded. This was Ronald Reagan all over again! “Screw the future, we need results now!” Bush II ended his reign of unfunded terror at the end of 2008 with TARP. A no strings attached bailout for his buddies in the banking and finance industry. Those rotten bastards took the money, didn’t report what they were doing with it, and ran. We later found out it went for huge bonuses, lavish trips and very expensive office renovations. Thank you very much W!

I hope that with the facts I’ve presented, it should clarify things with regard to the damage created on so many fronts from the Bush II administration. Remember people, it took almost 11 years for Bush I and Clinton to reverse the effects of Reagan’s “voodoo” economics, and it will take a lot more than two years for President Obama to fix the wreck left by Bush II. But, alas, Americans are impatient, and they will punish Obama and the Congressional Democrats this fall, just as they did to President George Bush in 1992. My hope is, if the republicant do get control of the House, that they try a government shutdown ala Newtie and the repubs in ’94. It will take great fortitude by the President to pull it off so hang on. Thanks for today’s read, and please feel free to comment.
Cam Obert


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