Racist Newtie

As the driver of the Republican party and the Tea-Bagger movement, Fox News has driven two stories to the forefront in the nation’s discourse today, the proposed construction of an Islamic learning center and mosque within a few blocks of “ground zero” in New York City and the issue of “anchor babies”, particularly in the American Southwest.

In delighting with the spread of hate directed at anybody other than white American males, Fox has stirred up this local debate in NYC regarding the placement of this Islamic mosque. It’s simple, Fox continues to paint the religion of Islam as a terrorist organization and all Muslims world-wide are terrorists. Watch Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck when they speak of Islam. If this isn’t a portrayal of hate and prejudice I don’t know what is! Mayor Mike Bloomberg tried to put this Fox contrived controversy to rest yesterday by saying there are no constitutional means to block the construction of this religious center, period! He also eloquently spoke of America’s tolerance and understanding. Americans are bigger than this, we are greater people than to let personal prejudice and ignorance supercede one of the tenets of our Constitution, freedom of religious choice. One of the leading voices of the Fox contrived opposition would be that of presidential hopeful and overall “Einstein”, Newt Gingrich. In a nationally shown speech yesterday, Gingrich said the Muslims are engaging in a cultural-political assault on the “American way of life”. He believes the new Islamic center is an insult to all Americans and should not be tolerated. And this idiot is running for President?! He might just as well put on the robe and hood and light a cross on fire with this kind of hate speech. Former Governor George Patacki(R-NY) also disagrees with Mayor Bloomberg. If for no other reason, there are no constitutional grounds to stop this project from moving forward. But, it is a matter of human decency. Does Fox News really want this country to become a reflection of them? A country of gun-toting morons that will shoot anyone that might be different from them. I have asked this question before, is there a God-fearing good and decent person in charge of or even working for Fox News? This network spews vile hateful shit daily, they hate anybody that is different from them. They do hire their “tokens” for sure, Coulter, Ingraham, Malkin, Palin, Carlson, etc. Let’s move that same question to the republican party. Would God-fearing decent people turn their backs on millions of people and vote against such basic needs as affordable health care, unemployment insurance, or jobs bills? How about the republican tolerance and even cooperation with the racist wackos of the Tea-Bagger movement? They attend and even lead rallies where there are a presence of racist signs and chants!

Now, because of the uproar over immigration, the Senate Minority leader, Mitch McChinless(R-KY), is calling for a review of the 14th Amendment, the Amendment that grants U.S. citizenship to any baby born in the U.S. McChinless, though only a mouthpiece for the leadership, Fox News, wants to open an investigation as to how the 14th Amendment can be re-written to prevent Mexicans entering the States and having babies. These babies, known as “anchor babies”, are U.S. citizens by birth, even though one or both of the baby’s parents may be undocumented residents. The Fox News led righties think this is the Latinos way to make staying in the U.S. easier. Well, common sense says they will never get the terms of the 14th changed, but Fox is just using McChinless, Boner, and Cantor to keep the racist fury of the right-wing in a lather.

It’s so obvious what’s going on here, the right-wing is taking stands on issues that will cause white Americans to fear and distrust anybody other than white Americans. So far, this tactic is working only with the less enlightened, or stupid Americans. These extreme positions will never become mainstream, simply because they are hate and fear based. Americans are above that nonsense. The problem lies in what they are doing to the mental condition of these stupid white people. The right-wing preys on these idiots to spread their vomit and they are so stupid they don’t even realize they are being used by Fox and the rest of the righties. Here is the danger, however, these people don’t know the difference between right and wrong. The result is the murder of Dr. George Tiller, the bombing of the federal Building in Oklahoma City, the formation of right-wing militias, and the re-birth of solid KKK. This mentality in too many people poses a real danger to country. What the right-wing is forming is a bunch of domestic terrorist cells and organizations that because of the limited intelligence of its members, can be very dangerous. Don’t forget, Sharon Angle, the Tea-Bagger candidate for the Senate in Nevada recently remarked if things don’t go the tea-baggers’ way, there is always the 2nd Amendment to fall back on. This coming from a person running for the U.S. Senate!

White Americans have an obligation to decency by rejecting any of the hateful shit that’s spewed by Fox and the right-wing. White Americans need to remember the very existence of America is based on freedoms, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc. The new right is based on erasing all of that. They are based on pitting white men against everybody else. They scream it everyday with their policy positions and their actions. It’s time to shit-can Fox News and EIB broadcasting and start researching the news and the facts on our own. Fox has trained Americans to be shallow, ignorant, stupid, and to fall for 30 second sound bytes and bumper stickers. Oh, by the way, now Murdoch and Ailes want the local Fox News outlets to be more like Fox News, broadcast lies, use manufactured news stories to fit Fox’s agenda, etc. So you can look forward to the “Fox spin” on your local stories.

Stay cool and thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



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