There will not be commentaries coming from this source for the next week or so. I need a break to concentrate on my primary business for a while, and I’ve noticed a sharp decline in readership these past few days, which tells me many of you, my loyal and dedicated readers, are probably on vacation during this period as well.

We do have the primary coming on August 10th in Minnesota and I do intend to turn up the volume on my support of Senator Mark Dayton for Governor. I have noticed there is a much larger group of MAK supporters dominating Facebook these days, so I feel I need to add my 2 cents where I can in support of Senator Dayton. BTW, we did read today about MAK’s pandering for votes from the seniors vis-a-vis property tax relief for them, after opposing it in the House. Shameless! Anyway, enjoy these wonderful days of summer and unless there is an important breaking news story, I’ll be back at the end of next week! Thank you very much.
Cam Obert


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