…once again pointed there by Bush II administration bone-headed policy and decisions! With the news breaking in the past week or so regarding first the massive and bloated to bursting “national security system” to the “WikiLeaks” of over 90,000 pieces of information about the bottomless quagmire known as Afghanistan.

Remember the infamous “BVD undie bomb boy” last Christmas? Well there was the first piece of evidence of just how screwed up and leaderless our national security system is. It started after 911, the Bush administration’s excuse to spend money like drunken sailors on anything defense/security related. The spending and lack of oversight began under Bush/Cheeney in 2001 and continues today unabated! The conservatives have so convinced and bullied America into believing the anything not American is out to get us. So now, first with Bush and now under Obama, Congress rubber stamps all spending bills that are tagged as national security. These two Presidents and Congress in the past 9 years have not only made America less safe against any aggression toward us but, they have made a huge, perhaps the largest portion of deficit spending that has really put the future economy in question. At any rate, with this bloated out of touch national security system in place, it could not even communicate to the appropriate sources what was going on in Africa to Amsterdam regarding this boy with the flaming undies! It really didn’t take the Washington Post expose by Dana Priest to tell the story of the American national security system out of control. We should have known it in advance of the story. Actually many did, but in the name of national security, we have had a policy of not questioning planning and spending.

Let’s look at this mess. We have so many agencies now involved in national security, that Secretary of Defense Gates claims he has no idea how many private contractors have security clearances or how many people are involved at all! There are approximately 850,000 people employed by agencies providing national security services. They use over 17 million square feet of office space, does anybody have a clue? I’m surprised the country has not had a successful terrorist attack against it in light of the total ineptitude of the “systems” in place to ferret out this kind of activity. At the same time all this DOD, CIA, FBI, INS, et al crap is going on, we have continued to dump billions upon billions of dollars into the Afghani debacle. Again, national security?, keep signing those blank checks!

Now that President Obama has followed the lead of Cheeney into Afghanistan, the bottomless quagmire has become his responsibility and ultimately his legacy. Other than a few idiots at the top in the military, virtually nobody, regardless of party affiliation, is in favor of continuing in this struggle. The generals have the President’s ear just as Westmoreland had President Johnson’s ear about Vietnam. It was the American involvement in Vietnam that eventually took LBJ down and the decision not to run for re-election in 1968. Afghanistan has the potential to do the same for Obama in 2012. Because it’s defense and national security related, the U.S. is spending billions of unaccounted for dollars in the region, most going to corrupt government officials or wealthy private citizens in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is so little over sight that people are getting wealthy from American money injections. With the release of the WikiLeaks, now apparently there is American funding going to Pakistani leaders who are involved in training and financially backing Taliban fighters to kill Americans!

The tragedy of 911 continues in so many ways. We a collapsed economy trying to recover, we have lost respect around the globe mostly due to our bungling of foreign policy and backing corrupt governments, and mostly, the fear that that one incident has planted in political leaders minds that has caused them to act almost without any thought of what the end results of their fear driven policies are causing.

President Obama needs to put his foot down and stop the insanity now. The DOD budget needs to be spread wide open and the waste needs to start being eliminated. This has been a run away train wreck since the days of the Cold War. The paranoia can be eliminated in this country by putting an aggressive foot forward by streamlining and making the DOD more efficient. The days of throwing unmonitored money at defense has got to come to an end. Our defense spending currently is more than the next five world powers combined! This is so mind-boggling. To what end? For what purpose? they can’t tell us that. It’s time to get a handle on all other national security agencies. Start by ending all contracts to private entities to carry out the nation’s security. Why do we even have a DOD, CIA, etc. if we just farm it out to private parties, ala Blackwater and Halliburton? Secretary Gates did make a small move recently by vetoing the production of a new very expensive fighter plane. But, that’s not nearly enough. The attitude about defense and national security has got to be changed.

If the United States is going to continue being a world leader, it needs to change from a reactionary program of national security to a proactive program. Proactivity means better planning, closer oversight, and money savings. Rather than working the program from the viewpoint of being the prey, the United States needs to act in the way as the leader. If President Obama doesn’t get a handle on this whole mess, it will take his Presidency down. He needs to be the leader, not the Fox News Network. He needs to be the leader of the allies, not a follower. He needs to be the one who slices the national security agencies and the DOD wide open for public inspection and dismay. The truth needs to come out. Anything national security related is a contributor to the downfall of our economy and the actual weakening of our security.

The Dana Priest expose and the WikiLeaks are the loaded guns at our collective head. If these issues are not addressed, the money flow abated, and regulation placed back on these programs, the United States will collapse as a world leader. Now the White House is already embarking down the wrong trail looking for the “leakers” from the WikiLeaks. They need not be so concerned about who spilled the beans, they need to be concerned about the what the content of the leaks mean. They point out the truth and already the White House is trying to cover it up! I have already stressed the importance of the President to open it up to full transparency and clean it up. Oh well, I guess they believe it’s more important for anything national security related to be a money waste and a direct connection to corruption both within our borders and the recipients internationally of our willy-nilly wild spending! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


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