I attended an event last night at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis that featured Senator Dayton on stage. He made some short comments and then the Q & A followed with the attendees at the bar. This was a really neat deal, hosted by the Liberal Drinkers Club and held at the 331 most Thursday evenings. When they don’t have a candidate or other politico as a guest, apparently it’s just a political give and take session, I can’t wait to go again, I would like to become a “regular” there.

Senator Dayton, in his opening remarks shows he is in complete knowledge of the issues of this campaign. He addresses them point-blank, with no fluff. Very refreshing! He is still the only candidate in the primary campaign to lay out, in detail, his agenda as the top executive of the state. He details everything. He doesn’t run from the truth, he confronts it! Virtually all of the DFL candidates for Governor this year in private acknowledged that the years under Ventura and Pawlenty have driven the state broke. They all acknowledge, in private, that the state has a severe revenue shortage problem. Mark Dayton is the ONLY candidate to come right out and say the system of taxation is unfair to Minnesotans and it’s time to bring all tax payers to the table of fairness. Yes, he has proposed raising the taxes on the people in the state that earn more than $330,000 per year. He isn’t at all suggesting they be penalized, he’s only saying they should be paying the same rate as everyone else. That alone, takes care of over 4 billion of the state’s 6 billion dollar debt. Simple you ask? Damn right it’s simple, and more than anything else, it’s fair.

Senator Dayton ticked off many quality of life standards that the states are measured by. In the years under the leadership of Wendy Anderson and Rudy Perpich, Minnesota was ranked at the top of list compared with the other 49 states. Businesses wanted to locate here because of the great schools, the clean towns and cities, and the most educated work force in the United States. Well, under Governors Ventura and Pawlenty, we are now nearing the bottom of the ranking of states in quality of life criteria. What happened? Greed and a Republican agenda that favors the wealthy, tax cuts that only help the wealthiest and have been proven time and again to only drain an economy, and a misplaced constituency of Wall Street, big oil, big coal, big insurance and big banking. They have totally ignored the constituents who have elected them to office, the Minnesotans. Well, we’re sick of it!, and Mark Dayton is the best qualified candidate via experience, connections, bloodline, and independence to get the job done. Getting the job done means returning Minnesota to the place where it was when Wendell Anderson was Governor and the whole United States looked up to “The Good Life in Minnesota”!

He has already stood up to the big interests, inside and outside of our state. He mentioned last night he’ll be getting no support from the money driven big Indian Casino interests. Kind of sad, really. He has a very viable and compassionate plan to lift the poor native Americans from the outstate areas. He has a plan that focusses on health care and education for these poor people. Dayton is the guy that will move all Minnesotans in the right direction to health care, education, and jobs. he understands the crumbling infrastructure that has occurred under the cutting knife of the Republicans.

Keep in mind, the Republican leadership in this state has driven us right into the poor house, but how about the culpability of a complacent DFL legislature. Pawlenty has played those wimps in St. Paul like a cheap banjo for eight years. It’s time for a leader that will work with the legislature without the shackles of the “good ol’ boy network” that operates the legislature. It’s time for a strong independent leader to stand the Republicans up and get the DFL legislators to work his agenda and vision. It can be done and Mark Dayton is that leader to get it done.

I’m asking the Democrats in Minnesota to put your personal prejudice aside regarding Senator Dayton’s wealth, put your petty insulted egos aside regarding the Senator’s decision to not play the caucus/convention game, and take a few minutes to review the documented record of this man. You will be very surprised what he has done. He IS the champion of the poor and disadvantaged, his record shows it. He is the leader in addressing the economy, his record proves it. He has done more for the people of Minnesota in his public service career than all of the other candidates combined. Mark Dayton will be the leader to get us back to “the good life in Minnesota”. Thank you for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. Claire Says:

    Good post! I agree completely! I was there as well.

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