…even though it has been used for many decades in this country by conservatives who themselves are intimidated by blacks and immigrants. Thanks to Rachel Maddow last night, we got a clear view of what the leadership of the Republican and Tea-Bagger parties are up to.

The process actually came into full bloom in America in the 1960 gubernatorial race in Alabama. George Corley Wallace ran as the Democrat and as a strict segregationist. We all remember his words vividly; “Segregation then, segregation now, and segregation forever!” His campaign even printed a comic book telling whitey how scared they should be of the negroes. They will dominate you, they will shop at our stores, they will rape your children, etc, etc, etc. The practice was a tool to get white people on board against the liberals and minorities. It worked to the extent that the 1960’s was a very turbulent time in the country regarding civil rights. Governor Lester Maddox in Georgia even used pick axe handles to chase the coloreds from his restaurant! A very enlightening time in a very enlightened area of the country! Fast forward to 2008.

Oh, oh! The fear mongerers have returned in full force and dress. This time, however, instead of wearing white robes and hoods, they are dressed as Fox News personnel, EIB personnel, and as political pundits, such as Anne Coulter, Michele Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg, Tucker Carlson, Sarah Palin, Lars Larsen, Joe Soucheray, Katherine Kersten, Tom Tancredo, etc. Add to that list, the elected officials involved in the spread of hatred and fear, Michele Bachmann, Eric Cantor, Jan Brewer, Jim DeMint, John Boehner, Joe Wilson, Virginia Fox, etc.

Let’s take a look at the architect of the new generation of race-baiting, Andrew Breitbart. His bold moves of choreographing the ACORN set up were brilliant! He accomplished what he wanted to do. He got the White House, even though the President is African-American, to run like a chicken being chased by the clever wielding farmer. Obama cut funding for ACORN and shut it down. Breitbart’s staged action at ACORN also destroyed the reputations of the leadership and stopped all of the good work ACORN had been performing in disadvantaged areas. He got what he wanted, he embarrassed the President, made him run like a sissy, but also wrought heavy collateral damage as far as ruining peoples’ careers, reputations, and lives go. Along with that, there is no longer an aid agency to help the disadvantaged folks that took advantage of ACORN’s good work. NICE!

The came the staging of intrusion into Senator Mary Landrueax’s office. Another false story set up to embarrass a Democrat.

Breitbart’s latest venture into video destruction of people’s lives is the Shirley Sherrod take down. By fixing a video-tape, Breitbart was able to make Sherrod out to be an anti-white racist, refusing to help some poor white farmers. When the real tape came out, the tape Breitbart had sent to Fox was completely rendered false. But, the story is, it got to Fox first. Of course, being that Fox IS NOT a news organization, they didn’t bother to check the validity of the tape first. Not only did they run with Breitbart’s made up story, they added their own special racist commentary to it as well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, watch Sean Hannity when discussing anything related to race, immigration, or the President. He is a rotten human being to the core, and shows it daily not only with his words, but his voice intonations and body language. So, as you might expect, he fired up the reverse discrimination card against the administration. Coincidentally, after the truth came out, not one Fox on-air personality apologized for their coverage of that lie. They didn’t apologize for the lies about ACORN either, after ACORN was exonerated of all charges. They didn’t apologize for the murder of Dr, George Tiller either.

The common thread through all of these trumped-up stories that Fox airs and the rest of the Tea-Baggers, right-wing politicians, and conservative pundits who support Fox and their agenda is, race. Not only is it race, it’s race-baiting. It’s making up stories that wimpy, stupid white America will lap up to feed their own fears and prejudices. All of these stories are attempts by the right-wing world to get whitey to fear and run away from blacks, Latinos, and other groups of different skin color, cultures, different religions, gays etc. Anything different from what whitey is comfortable with. No, Fox, Rush, et al, they don’t directly bash people who are different from those who attend the Bill-O and Beck appearances, or the old Rush TV shows, or the Sarah Palin appearances, they just set it up for “mainstream” America to be weary of these “different people”, even fear them which then turns to hatred. The end result of this cycling can be violence, civil unrest, and the reestablishment of institutionalised racism, Jim Crowe, etc.

So that’s where Fox News, EIB and the like, want to take the culture and society of the United States. Being the leadership of the party, Fox announces the marching orders to all Republicans and they respond in kind. FOX NEWS, the entity which airs racist programming to alter the attitudes and stoke the fears of white America, is giving the orders. That is scary! WAKE REPUBLITARDS, YOU’RE GETTING USED AGAIN!

Oh, how could I forget the threats from the gigantic and violent Black Panther movement? Fox is trying to convince America it’s for real and is a real threat to the safety and security of America. After all , they keep playing the same video of the two wack-job black guys at the Philadelphia polling place. They keep running the same clip because it’s the only one! There is no “Black Panther” movement!, Fox made it up! The Bush Justice department found no wrong-doing! I guess when Hannity is all frothed up about Reverend Wright, yes, that old story that only Hannity covered, all things negative and black are in play. All I can say is these people have no contact with God or any other omnipotent entity that might be there. God, or any other deity would not tolerate the hateful vomit that comes from these wing-nuts. The right-wing thinks they are the chosen people of God, but, their words and actions would not get them into the front door of any church that the God I’m aware of is deity! You simply can’t blindly hate groups of people and then claim to be Christian, this is not what Jesus had in mind.

Cam Obert


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