Breitbart and Hannity, the Legion of Hate

I’m not sure yet who I should be most angry with today, Andrew Breitbart, Fox News, or the administration. The White House has been victimized by Fox News, again! Why President Obama gives any credence to that fake news organization is beyond me. This is the second time the White House has been burned by fake news stories by Breitbart and Fox. Remember ACORN? Breitbart set up the whole thing with people faking as real potential clients looking for assistance from ACORN while promoting themselves as pimps and whores. Fox ran with the “story” and the White House ran like a scared jack rabbit. Obama immediately called for an end to ACORN funding and inadvertently was a contributor to the indictment of the ACORN leadership. Remember what happened after cooler heads got involved and they did a complete investigation? The leadership of ACORN was exonerated of all malfeasance, in fact ACORN was actually proven to be a viable organization with a long history of helping out the poor and disadvantaged. Now, that organization is dead, not just because of Fox, the administration killed it! Fast forward to Andrew Breibart’s editing studio recently. He took a video tape of an Ag Department administrator explaining to a group in Georgia about how she became compassionate to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged. Clearly, a very innocuous speech with a positive message. Breitbart cut and spliced it into an attack on white folks, sent it to Fox as a news story and Fox ran with it like you can believe they would. This led right into Sean Hannity’s racist wheelhouse. “Oh how whitey has been victimized time again by liberal led reverse discrimination”! Fox did get their desired result , again, by playing the Obama White House like a cheap banjo! The White House and the Department of Agriculture way over-reacted and asked for Ms. Sherrods resignation immediately!

The N.A.A.C.P. also reacted too quickly and burned Ms. Sherrod as well. I’m going to kind of excuse that organization a little bit though, because they issued a sincere apology to the victim immediately after learning the truth. Does Fox revel in destroying peoples’ lives like this? I think you know the answer to that question.

What I’m finding to be interesting so far since last night, is the way the “mainstream” media has savaged the White House for its stupid response to this made up story. They deserve to get taken to the wood shed for sure, but, how come I don’t hear any of the “mainstream” media getting after Fox News and Breitbart? They started it. They are the tight partners in another crime of destroying peoples’ lives. I believe the crime itself, deserves to get a little more scorn from America than the White House response. It must be that “liberal” media protecting the President again! For you folks that might not be real quick, that reference was made “tongue in cheek”.

I watched Faux News Network for as much as I could stomach last night waiting for an apology, or even an explanation. I got neither. Chris Matthews yesterday bet the Bill-O the Clown would address it and possibly apologize for Fox’s involvement in this latest crime against decency. He didn’t, but he argued for Fox with some person from the NY Post. Then I watched Hannity. He never even addressed the story. Instead, he went on another of his old racist rants about Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers. Watch Sean Hannity’s face when discussing anything Obama or race related. It is so obvious he hates, no despises President Obama. Watch him when he speaks of race related matters. His body language and facial expressions tell a great story of a man who hates blacks, immigrants, and anybody who might be educated. After all, Hannity dun gradiated the 12th grade!

I think when that bunch of liberal journalists many years ago suggested the FCC pull Fox’s license to broadcast. The conservatives will scream, they already are about this non-story according to famed genius Tucker Carlson. He says it’s a first amendment issue. Bullshit! Ask the people who work for or were supported by ACORN, ask Shirley Sherrod what she thinks, ask the family and friends of the murdered abortion doctor in Wichita, ask any of these people how solid is the ground of first amendment rights as accorded to Fox News.

I am still living in a state of shock, actually for several years now, that people look to Fox News for their education on news and current events. I actually had a Fox devotee tell me she watches Fox because of the values they stand for and impart. VALUES?! This is quite possibly the most Godless hateful group of individuals on the planet. They preach hatred, bigotry, homophobia, anti-abortion, anti-immigrant rights, and the list goes on. What positive value do they practice? I can’t figure it out. It’s one thing to have an agenda or ideology that might be different from even your allies positions, but to be off the chart to support hate groups, tea-baggers, etc. that’s quite another. Hell, ask any of my progressive friends, they’ll tell you I don’t agree with them on all issues! But that’s why the progressives are more tolerant and understanding.

So today I am angry with the White House for being duped again, I’m really pissed off with Fox and Breitbart because of their total lack of regard for people and peoples’ feelings. The N.A.A.C.P. righted their error and they are okay with me again. The message here is, take the time to analyze news stories and always consider the source. Fox has clearly established itself as an entertainment network and NOT a news gathering and reporting source. So, please, do yourself a favor and watch Fox in context of which it is, entertainment and sensationalism with a large splash of hate and bigotry! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. Andrew Breitbart on ‘Hannity’: ‘This Is Not About Shirley Sherrod’ – FOXNews - Most hotest, Most latest U.S. News Online - Online News 28 – Top Stories in U.S. Says:


  2. youandmedoweagree Says:

    The Federal Communications Commission recently cut off a reliable funding source – it will no longer fine media outlets for inadvertent on-air utterances of naughty words. A reasonable action. Fortunately, we have a media outlet that should be fined millions – more than making up for the loss of profanity revenue.

    FOX News has once again been caught manipulating the “news,” causing major, irreparable harm to the individual(s) involved. FOX has succeeded in getting a Department of Agriculture employee fired by video taping her alleging admitting to recent racist actions in her official capacity. The complete video, however, actually shows her relating an event that happened 20 years ago, and she was using it as an example of what not to do. The alleged “victim” even says she was extremely helpful in helping him save his farm. But the FOX news over reaction prevailed – at least so far.

    FOX fomented a similar uproar on false pretenses last year. The undercover “investigative journalist” posing as a pimp with a prostitute succeeded in getting an ACORN employee fired allegedly for willing to help bring prostitutes across the border. That’s all the public saw initially – everybody took the FOX cut and ran with it. It turns out the ACORN employee was leading them on, gathering as much information as he could, and then when they left his office, he called the San Diego police department to report their illegal plans, as a good citizen should. This never seemed to get as much media play as the initial big lie.

    It’s easy to blame FOX – they are not a news organization, they are a political action committee. But further blame must be assessed the mainstream media, which does a terrible job policing FOX stories – and on Democrats, who once again caved at the first sign of possible controversy.


    Tom Obert
    1933 Darling Heights Place, NW
    Alexandria, Minnesota 56308

  3. Your Sister Says:

    Andrew Breitbart — We all remember him. He’s the guy who put those young kids up to breaking into Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office posing as telephone repair people (the kids who formerly had posed as the pimp and prostitute to go after ACORN). Those kids were hailed as heroes at the time by Faux news until criminal charges were brought against them. Breitbart was involved in the taking down of ACORN. Now here he is again. Slandered a federal government worker’s good name and her career and cost her her job. He even said on Faux news that this isn’t about Shirley Sherrod, in fact, he “could care less about Shirley Sherrod.” Does this all remind you of where it all started — Nixon and his “plumbers” and the Dirty Tricks? Lee Atwater? Karl Rove (who is now affiliated with an organization whose sole purpose is to raise money to find dirt on the Democrat candidates) in the upcoming elections. They campaign on personal destruction. They have nothing else to offer. Faux news is going after the New Black Panthers (happened when Bush was in office), Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers again. Isn’t this old news? Didn’t we go through all of this BEFORE Obama was elected president. Don’t they have anyting to say about solving problems or proposing ideas for all the issues facing this country right now? They don’t even have a lead candidate for the next presidential election. I thought they, the GOP, said they can’t base their campaigns on negativity or personal attacks but that appears to be the route they are taking. As for Shirley Sherrod, if I were her, I would hire a good lawyer, sue the government, the NAACP, Fox network, and Andrew Breitbart. Having watched the interview with her, the federal government lost an excellent and dedicated employee. She had a stellar career and helped hundreds of people in saving their farms — black and white. She should become an advocate for the have nots and not return to the federal government. Now, as for the right complaining about government spending — you can thank Breitbart if Sherrod does sue the federal government and get her just reward. Just my take….

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