I’m not sure what motivates Michele Bachmann and some of the things she says and does. That’s probably why she could be considered certifiably insane. Her words and actions defy normal sane human response.

Let’s look at some of these numbers and why this is yet another highly questionable move by this idiot. Probably since the 1950’s, with the emergence of the John Birch Society, there has been about a 20% portion of the population that identifies itself with these right-wing extremist groups. That number has been fairly static throughout this whole period, including the recent rise of the Tea-Baggers and Birthers. With roughly a 20% portion to cater to, where is the benefit?

In recent polls, approximately 45% of the people polled are aware of the Tea-Baggers existence and what some of the tenets that back-bone the movement, ie, no taxation, reduced government, etc. The usual complaints of anti-American extremists. These people see some value in the basics of the movement, but can’t support it because of the peripheral bullshit that accompanies these wackos, homophobia, racism, etc.

So now this moron, Michele Bachmann, is trying to go mainstream in Congress with this lunacy. I have noticed that so far, the leadership in Congress, is not in support of the creation of this caucus. It’s pretty easy to why they don’t go along with this. They don’t want to be tied to a movement that seems to tolerate many tangents of hatred and bigotry. They have also noted that many of the Tea-Bagger endorsed candidates are in the process of blowing what were once easy wins or pick-ups in various races around the country, with Harry Reid, once considered politically dead, now actually leading in the polls in Nevada over Sharon Angle, tea-bagger and loon! Marco Rubio in Florida, once considered an easy win for the Republicans, in now trailing Independent Charlie Crist in the polls. They’ve already been killed in two races because of Tea-Bagger endorsements, New York 23 and Pennsylvania 12. The Republican party insiders are for obvious reasons, are very uncomfortable with the Tea-Baggers and Palin/Bachmann endorsements.

The nucleus of the Bachmann Tea-Bagger problem goes right back to the voters of Minnesota CD-6. These people of the district seem to be unaffected by her long absences from the district. I’d hate to be served by her Congress, how does she handle constituent service? Oh, I forgot, her constituency is Wall Street, Big Energy, and the banking and insurance industries. How a sitting Congressperson, in an election year, come out in favor of a foreign based corporation, BP, over supporting our own government, our interests, and our environment. She can do things like this because her bone-head bosses, the voters of CD-6, let her. She spends more time flying around the country, avoiding her district even during campaign season, to spread more anti-American hatred and fear. She can do this because her bosses in CD-6 allow her to do this.

The more level-headed political leaders of the GOP see the potential catastrophe headed their way should this idiot get a foothold into the traditional party. When looking at this on the surface, there is no way to justify hitching their wagon to a lunatic fringe movement that does more to tear down and cause fear than anything else. The only way for the Tea-Baggers to gain any ground with the traditional conservative Republicans is the Tea-Bagger leadership must start calling out and rejecting the hard-core racists that have become so visibly a part of the movement. Until Bachmann, Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck, start supporting the ejection of the racist and homophobic members of the group, this movement has a finite growth in influence and membership. Throwing out Mark Williams was a start, but how could Bachmann and Palin, et al, buddy up to him in the first place?

I believe it’s up to the voters in Minnesota CD-6 to put an end to this source of hatred, fear mongering, racism, homophobia, muslim hating, Mexican hating, Corporate America loving, and clean environment hating Bachmann. The CD-6 voters have not figured out yet she doesn’t hardly even acknowledge them as her constituents. It’s time for candidate Tarryl Clark and her campaign to start going face-to-face with the voters and handing them the documentation of what an unmitigated disaster having Michele Bachmann in Congress is. I’m not sure they’ll understand anything short of that. After all, they have sent her to Washington twice already! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


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