Having enjoyed a long and great discussion, sometimes becoming a little hotter, over the weekend at a local watering hole, a new Democratic friend of mine started to open my eyes a little wider. Andrew was not in agreement with me about how the Obama administration has gone about its business since day one. You see, my feeling is the White House through its ineptitude regarding executive level management, has fumble-fucked its way through trying to learn how to operate the executive branch of the government. For me, being in business management for many years, this has been an experience that has frustrated the hell out of me. I still say, had the President taken the lead in March of 2009 in the formulation and writing of the Health Care Reform bill, like Lyndon Johnson would have, the bill would have gotten through with much less rancor and much sooner than it did. The delays of ineptitude opened the doors for the town hall disruptionists and the tea-baggers. There was too much time wasted waiting on the House and Senate leadership to guide themselves through the process. I still say, had it not been for those delays, the political discourse of today would not be as negative and dysfunctional as it is.

Let’s take a peek at what has happened in Washington since the inauguration of President Obama. From his first day in office, the Republican political leadership announced they will not work with the President on any of his initiatives. They felt they had just been stung by their former leader Bush II who pushed the passage of TARP through as a measure to slow down the collapse of the economy. This was Bush’s only attempt to fix an economy which he and his administration and put straight into the ditch. Let me do a quick recount, the first Bush tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, it was unfunded and not fixed into a budget, there was the invasion of two sovereign states in a warfare based on lies, both unfunded paid for by adding to the deficit, then there was the unpaid for prescription medicine bill and then that was followed by the second major unfunded tax cut for the wealthiest Americans. As I’ve said time and again, giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans only results in them becoming wealthier, the economy still plunges and unemployment numbers still sky-rocket. The whole tax cut for the wealthy to spur the economy is a false premise. Remember, when Bush came into office in 2001, he was handed a budget SURPLUS of about 200 billion dollars and by the time he was done in 2009, he left President Obama with a DEFICIT of over 1.3 trillion dollars!

Based on this kind of news, politicians are getting the brunt of negative response from the people, and President Obama is getting the worst of it because he is “in charge”! I guess life isn’t really fair some times. By the time Bush-Cheeney left office, Bush’s approval numbers were in the mid to high 20’s and the evil Dick Cheeney’s poll numbers were in the teens! So, I guess there is some justice.

Now, since January 20, 2009, the Obama agenda has been bashed around quite a bit. The tea-baggers and the far right have tried to paint him as a socialist whose only interest is to destroy America and prop up Islamic jihad groups around the globe to attack the U.S. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well, take a few minutes and listen to the national Republican leadership, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Sarah Palin, and hear what they say. They accuse the President of these charges daily! In the face of this kind of opposition, racist, homophobic, anti-American “values”, hatred and the like, let’s look at what the President has accomplished.

With the passage of the Stimulus Package bill, the President’s recognition of America’s disintegrating infrastructure and the unemployment numbers were helped immediately. He knows that America is fast losing its economic leadership in the world because of a worn out infrastructure, lack of funding for progressive education programs, and being uncompetitive for jobs and manufactured goods. When the bill was signed into law, America was losing about 700,000 jobs per month. We are now adding around 200,000 jobs per month! Most economists of any reputation say the Stimulus bill passage saved the economy from completely bottoming out.

Next came the passage of the Health Care reform bill. Though not what many of us wanted, it is a good start. America is the only developed country in the world that allows people to go into bankruptcy and poverty because of health care bills! We are the only developed country in the world that does not have health care coverage for all citizens. These problems have been addressed, people no longer need to use hospital emergency rooms for primary care, people can no longer be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and children can now stay on their parents policy until age 26. Another pleasant consequence of the bill’s passage is the reduction of the national debt. In the first ten years the CBO says this bill will be responsible for saving approximately 500 billion dollars from the budget debt and by twenty years it will save about 1.4 trillion dollars from the debt! Financially and fiscally responsible and morally right! A big winner for America.

The third major piece of legislation passed under President Obama’s administration is last weeks approval of the Wall Street Reform bill. This is a huge victory for all Americans. It puts the unscrupulous leaders in the finance, banking, and insurance industries under closer scrutiny by regulators. These people can no longer gamble with “regular Americans'” money. They can no longer run business at such high rates of risk that they will need to be bailed out at some point. Future bailouts will no longer be done with taxpayer money. These industries will be required to have their own money in escrow to handle their own financial problems.

Since becoming President, Barack Obama has had a higher percentage of his agenda passed and put into law than any other President in the modern era for their first 18 months. He has accomplished this in the face of an all time record of filibusters and delays in getting judicial and official appointments passed. The Republicans have had a flat “no cooperate” attitude with this White House from the outset. How has he done this? I’m not sure except to say he’s obviously a lot smarter than his foils in Congress. My guess is the Republican leadership, Fox News, Rush, etc, aren’t very good at working the system as it needs to be done to be successful. If I had advice for McChinless, Boner, and Cantor, they should scrap Fox and the Tea-Baggers as their leaders and start acting like leaders themselves. It’s probably too late for that! Remember how the Congressional Repubs were scolded by Fox for engaging President Obama in that famous lunchtime debate at the White House? Obama buried them without even breaking a sweat! You’ve probably surmised that is the reason why none of the Republicans nationwide are making policy statements for fear of getting caught up in a debate with the Democrats. Congressman Peter King(R-NY), even made a public statement last week saying that is the strategy of the GOP this election cycle. I believe this is a statement of surrender! How can Americans in good faith and conscience vote for a player in a party that is so afraid of the opposition, they can’t even make statements regarding policy? That’s like voting for a candidate without knowing anything about what they stand for! How stupid is that?

I opined recently about how the national Republican party is doing a slow implosion. The foxy President Obama has been quietly maneuvering them into place for their slaughter. By him not picking on them, by their inactive governmental work, and by them allowing the right-wing to hijack the party, they have put themselves in the cattle chute on the way to the slaughter-house. Masterful! Very conservative commentator and columnist Charles Krauthammer in a week-end column in the Washington Post even warned the Republican party they are being used by the President and they had better wake up. If I remember right, George Will, another conservative columnist, recently wrote on a similar topic. He warned Republicans they may be taking the President too lightly. At least a few conservatives are starting to wake up, but I think it’s too late for the mid-term elections. It actually would be better for President Obama to have the Repubs take over the majority in the House, he’ll have an easier time getting the rest of his agenda, immigration reform, gay rights, and DADT reform passed. If you think Bill Clinton had an easy time with Newt Gingrich, wait until you see President Obama play that weak kneed idiot John Boner! By the time Obama will be done with him, Boner won’t have a micron of pigment left in his skin!

It will be a fun summer and fall watching the Republicans fold under their own idiotic weight! I hope they keep on taking their marching orders from Ailes and Palin, it will just make it more entertaining. Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. Terry S. Sorensen Says:

    Cam, I love it when you lie through your teeth to serve your purpose. One thing we are still losing 450,000 jobs a week, not adding 200,000. As far as the Republicans filibustering, it seems to me they had 60 votes which prevented a filibuster. The Democrats had no time for any of the Republican ideas. Like today Obama wants to extend unemployment, which the Republicans just want to use the half of the stimulus that has not been spent yet to pay for it like he insisted the last time but no he wants to add more to the debt. It took Bush 8 years to raise the deficit to 1.3 trillion, It took Obama less than a year to surpass that and still growing, and it has not turned the economy around no matter how you would have liked it to have.Obama’s own guy said we are headed for disaster if we don’t lower the deficit. Quit the spending don’t add to it! I happen to think like most people the Democrats are in big trouble in November no matter how you spin it! Terry

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