After seeing the first poll results in the race for Minnesota Congressional District 6, Incumbant Republican Michele Bachmann leads DFL candidate Tarryl Clark by roughly 9 points. What I find so appalling by these results is the fact that since being in office, Bachmann has either voted for or supported every piece of legislation and governmental issue that works against the citizens of her district. She has consistently supported big business, Wall Street over Main Street, she is way out of step with her constituents in the ways of gay rights, she’s opposed to same-sex marriage, she’s opposed to repealing “don’t ask-don’t tell in the military, she keeps insisting tax cuts are the answer for everything, even though the “Bush Tax Cuts” are still the law of the land, and the Bush tax cutting that began in 2001 has not improved the economy at all. In fact, the economy has been in a free fall since the early 2000’s with the taxes being cut constantly and the unemployment numbers rising at an equally alarming rate. So, why does this Representative of the 6th District deserve to be re-elected? As a matter of the list of facts, she is indeed out of step with her constituency. Is it comfort with the incumbant, is her massive tea-bagger fueled money war chest for campaign funding giving her this advantage? A combination of the aforementioned is at work here.

As I’ve already stated in regard to this Congressional race, the right-wing dominated Republican party is clearly out of step with the country. They’re answer to everything is cut taxes and reduce spending. They offer no explanation how to do it, how to reduce spending, oh, don’t touch DOD spending!, that’s the sacred cow of the federal government, or is it the over weight bloated cow dragging the federal government down. Oh, don’t touch our Medicare! Do they even know that’s a much reviled government health insurance program for Americans? God, are these people stupid! I guess they can make cuts to education, the righties seem to be afraid and intimidated by college grads, particularly that commie crowd coming out of Ivy League schools. I think they like ’em ignorant and stupid, it’s easier for Fox News to manipulate them. After all, two of their leaders, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity dun gradiated the 12th grade! They want us to keep cutting infrastructure updating costs. They seem to take joy in pot holes and collapsing bridges! It was interesting watching Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, head state tea-bagger and presidential pretender, looking on in wonderment with the collapse of the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis after cutting public works money budget after budget. These idiots just can’t connect the dots!

I’ve only mentioned a couple of areas where the right-wing likes to dabble or ignore. The fact of the matter is, it is now a world economy and the U.S. must invest to stay competitive. I don’t understand why the righties can’t get this, oh, reference their fear of education. Under eight years of Bush tax cuts, and a continuation of tax cuts the past 18 months under President Obama, it now definitively shows tax cuts are not the answer to gaining a healthy economy. The overall GDP has been shrinking since 2001, unemployment has been rising since 2001, manufacturing has continued to leave the country since 2001, etc. The conservatives say they need tax cuts to spur the economy, but it hasn’t worked, in fact, it’s had the opposite effect. What has happened to the money from these tax cuts? You’ll notice the gap between wealthy and poor is at its greatest in this country since records have been kept. That tells me, the wealthy and powerful and the big corporations are sending those tax savings to their net bottom lines or into their own bank accounts. The proof is, they are not using these so-called cuts to expand, add workers, perform more research and development like they said they would do with the windfall of government tax money they are saving. They are gaining personal wealth and that’s it! What else could it be? The facts are the facts, unemployment has exploded, the GDP has shrunk, jobs and manufacturing continues to be sent out of country. The conservatives have sold a HUGE LIE TO AMERICA! Proof is, tax cuts for the rich and corporate America don’t work, they never have worked and they never will work. You see, human nature is greedy. If you give wealthy people the opportunity to grab more money for themselves, they will! It’s just that simple. Greed drives that part of our economy. As long as there are politicians that can be bought and sold for the interests of the wealthy, this downward economic spiral will continue. The SCOTUS ruling giving corporations the spending rights of individuals will only add to the problem. Now that’s are surprise, the SCOTUS ruling in favor of big money and Corporate America!

The Democrats’ job in America is to try to enlighten those in the dark. The masses have been overly influenced by the powerful right-wing media and it’s loud mouthed liars at the top. The Democrats need to tell the story of the do-nothing Republicans, whose answer to everything is cut taxes and reduce spending. Watch them sweat, then run away when pressed to give details or present a plan. They can’t! They don’t have a plan! They only know about attacking with mindless idiots like Palin, Limbaugh, Boner, Cantor, McCain, McChinless, Fox News, Coulter, Malkin, Ingraham, and the rest. They have, in conjunction with the Tea-Bagger party, perfected the politics of personal destruction and scorched earth to bury their opponents.

I am encouraged by some rays of hope. Florida Governor Charlie Crist, a former Republicant now an Independent, is spanking the shit out of tea-bagger darling Marco Rubio. I think the Republicant party was hoping for a Rubio victory to give Jim DeMint a fellow idiot in the U.S. Senate.

Anyway, back to MN CD-6. Michele Bachmann now says President Obama is making slaves out of Americans. She says he is denying people their freedoms and enslaving them. Screaming “Give me liberty or give me death”, is not something a rational U.S. Congress person would be doing. Things like this hate-filled rhetoric from tea-party backed idiots is very bad for America for obvious reasons and is not germain in the least to what the Congress person from MN CD-6 should be concerned with . Bachmann has become a parody of herself, over the top racism, over the top homophobia, and over the top anti-America ranting! She is a danger to the security of our country and is NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF WHAT AMERICA WANTS WORKING FOR US IN GOVERNMENT! DO YOU, THE VOTERS IN MN CD-6 UNDERSTAND THIS? HELLO, IS ANYBODY HOME?

I’m tired of having to answer to friends from around the country about this empty-headed moron and the shit that flows from her very large yap! C’mon, CD-6, wake up and smell the coffee. Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. tomobert62 Says:

    Kinda like what was said on “lettersfromlakedarling” today: http://tomobert62.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/this-tax-thing/ today! 😉

  2. libhomo Says:

    Part of Bachman’s lead is probably due to name recognition.

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