Obviously, Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod don’t read my blogs. If they had been reading them over these past few months, they wouldn’t be spouting all this negativity regarding the fall mid-term elections. Gibbs went so far yesterday to say the White House is aware the House may move over to Republican control in November. Why would you say things like that to fuel the rhetoric machine of the opposition? I think it’s bullshit, and it’s a defeatist attitude! If he doesn’t have the confidence in his party to up sell the victories of the White House and the Democratic party in the past 18 months, then someone needs to muzzle him and anyone else that dribbling this crap!

As I’ve said countless times in the past year, the Democratic Party needs to get out the story of the significant accomplishments that have been made under the Obama White House. If the Stimulus Package hadn’t been enacted, the U.S. and possibly much of the world would have plunged into a very deep depression. With the passage of the Health Care Bill, not only has the U.S. joined the other civilized and developed countries in the world for providing affordable health care for all citizens, it will also be a shot in the arm for the economy, especially entering its second decade of existence. When the Obama team entered the White House, the U.S. economy was losing jobs at the rate of over 700,000 per month. Over the past few months, the country has actually seen employment spikes of job GAINS. The unemployment rate remains high, but the indicators are there to prove the country is on the road to recovery.

The opponents, led by Fox News, Rush, and the Tea-Baggers want Americans to think the country is still in the tailspin brought on by the Bush II administration idiotic policies. What they don’t offer is ideas or policy proposals of their own. They only attack. If the American public could see through this meaningless bullshit, they would start to question the opposition, “what is your plan?” The Democrats need to get the word out that they are doing ALL of the heavy lifting trying to get the economy back on track. The Republican politicians have offered exactly nothing to the effort. The Democrats need to expose the Republicants as the party of side-line sitting complainers. As the boss, we the tax payers who pay the politicians salaries, these Republicants should be fired for lack of production. In the private sector, Boner, McChinless, Cantor, McCain would have all been fired a long time ago. They have done nothing at all to help get this country back on the rails.

I don’t get why some of these democrats are running scared already. They have the story about hard work and progress. They have the story about compassion for the less advantaged in our society. They have the story about extending unemployment benefits, they have the story about moving forward with the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” so that gays can serve openly in our military, they have the story about moving more troops onto the southern border of any President in history, they have the story about catching, detaining, prosecuting, and returning more undocumented aliens than any administration in history, they have the story of the Stimulus Package paying for the long over due repairs and upgrades of the nation’s crumbled infrastructure, remember the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis?, they have the story of capturing or killing more al Qaeda leaders than the previous eight years combined under Bush II, have you had enough yet?, Gibbs and the rest of you Democrats that feel you might take a beating in the fall.

The Democrats and the President have been able to get these things done in spite of dealing with a “hostile, do-nothing” Republicant Congressional Caucus. The Republicants have basically sat on their hands while the business of moving America ahead has been done. To the credit of the President, he has been able to accomplish these many great feats without the help of the Republicants. The Republicants have set a record for the most filibusters ever, they have set a record for sitting on or delaying more Presidential office and judicial appointments than any Congress in U.S. history. Now, I ask all of you, “WHAT THE FUCK DO THE DEMOCRATS NEED TO FEAR HERE?”

It’s time for the Democratic party to crank up the machines to start telling their great stories of accomplishments and start countering the lies and misinformation being spewed by the Republicants through their media channels of Fox News, EBI(Rush), Palin and her Tweets of lies and simplified mistruths, etc. The Democrats need to start calling out the opposition for attacking only, criticizing only, and then offering absolutely no alternatives at all. The only answer we ever get from them is cut taxes and down-size government. Pretty broad, pretty safe! But, it doesn’t say a God damned thing. It’s so easy for them to say that, but, they say nothing about details, defense, health care, state support, education, etc, etc, etc! The Republicants have “teed it up” once again, for the Democrats. The Democrats blew what should have been landslide pick-ups in 2000 and 2004 due to the incompetency of the Republican Party. As it turned out, the Democrats, under that idiot Terry McCaulliffe, blew it. We should have never had to live under the failed regime of George W. Bush and Dick Cheeney. I hope the Democrats review those failures and avoid the same mess again. It’s theirs for the taking. The Republicans can not be in anymore of a hole they are presently in. The Democrats need to exploit this situation now, and start going after the jugular and bleed those SOB’s of doom and gloom to death.

Bring in Howard Dean now, and let’s get after it! Let’s be aggressive, and expose the truth. President Obama can not do anything more than he has regarding the oil spill. The law prohibits him from doing much about it. So come on Democrats, please get that truth out there and disarm the liars on the right! I’m just sick how the Democrats have let these do-nothing Republicans led by the uneducated morons of Fox News lead the news. Get dean in, and take control of the media, and get the truth out there! Thank you.
Cam Obert



  1. Bob Says:

    Are you at last convinced that Gibbs is an idiot?

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