…in a key step toward the civilization of America. In what was clearly a decision to solidify discrimination in America, the Defense of Marriage Act, thankfully was overturned in a real and common sense decision. The DOMA institutionalized rules to discriminate against same-sex couples by not offering the same benefits that “straight” married couples receive, such as Social Security death benefits for surviving spouses.

This federal district judge, Joseph Tauro, ruled on a common sense and legal foundation by overturning the act and now placing same-sex couples in a similar place where mixed-race couples were a few decades ago. Gay rights activists and all common sense thinking Americans can rejoice in this ruling. Hopefully, we are moving in the direction of decency and humanity. The very title, “Defense of Marriage Act”, is so misleading. It has never been revealed and proven just what it is that is attacking the rite of marriage, thus needing a legal act to “defend” it.

The homophobic implication is same-sex marriage is bad and will result in the weakening or end of regular breeders marriages. Do these people really believe that the existence of homosexual couple marriages will make partners in straight marriages stray to the “other side”? Apparently there is one aspect they haven’t considered; a person is born either straight or gay. A person is who they are from birth. I’m not sure either a straight person can be lured to the gay lifestyle nor can a gay person be made to be straight. Sorry to break that news to you poor ignorant bigots who oppose the gay lifestyle and marriage because it is different from your lifestyle. So I’ve eliminated the argument that gay married couples will cause partners of straight couples to turn gay. So, what else is there? Why is the legalization of same-sex marriage bad? I want answers, no, I demand answers! And don’t give me any of your interpretations from the bible or any other religious writings. All religions preach peace and tolerance. Being raised in a Christian home and family, and growing up in the Episcopal Church, I will tell all of you that Christ himself, did not or would not discriminate against gays! That would be a Christian fact. Christ taught acceptance of all, not to judge anyone by labels placed on them from society. So there, I’ve shot down your second potential argument! Next?! Where is it written that marriage is only permitted for hetero couples. I’m looking in terms of legal documentation, moral footing, and religious writings. Where is it documented, by facts, that homosexuality is bad, morally, physically or any other reason.

As the wheels of government grind slowly away, hopefully in the near future, gays will be able to serve openly in our military. What a blatant form of discrimination the U.S. has institutionalized in the military. No other military of a developed country in the world engages in such discrimination. I guess I could see that if a guy were getting “nobbed” by another guy in a foxhole while taking enemy fire, it could impair their ability to defend themselves against the oncoming hun! I just find it so hard to believe that the homophobic feelings run as deep as they do in this country. Are “breeders” afraid of their own sexuality? Is that why they are so nervous about the more open lifestyle gays may live in our society the more of a threat to their own sexuality it is?

It’s time for everyone to sit back, take a deep a deep breath and start using some common sense. A person’s sexual preference is of no threat to anyone. Nowhere is it specifically stated that gays are bad for society or a threat to our national security. With a country being more open with acceptance of all people,there would no longer be the threat of being “outed” or of “outing” third parties, because, who would care? Am I being naive? I hope not, because there is nothing wrong with “gayness”, there is no reason to be afraid of the gay lifestyle, and we are all people and only a higher power has the right to be judgemental.

This is a civil rights issue, absolutely no different from the plight of African-Americans in the post Civil War through the years of Jim Crowe. Discrimination by skin color was ruled unconstitutional as it should have been. No the homosexual population is seeking the same rights and protections offered to all other Americans. I say, fight on my brothers and sisters, you are great Americans, no different from anyone else in the eyes of the law, so I will continue to support your efforts. Thank you, and have a great weekend.
Cam Obert



  1. Your sister Says:

    Good article!

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