As the 2010 celebration of America’s birth winds down, I will take a look at some of the aspects of America and Americans. The United States of America is truly beautiful in so many ways. The physical variation of geography, the abundance of natural resources, and the people. With possibly the least homogenous population of any nation in the world, America works! It works as good as any country, if not better than most. What makes Americans so wonderful is the freedom we enjoy. Sure, there are other democracies around the globe, but none seem to work as well as ours, in light of the fact most other democracies have more homogenous populations. The wise decisions made by Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and now Barack Obama have created a society that works. Are there bumps in the road? Of course! We are dealing with millions of people from all walks of life. These are the Presidents that have made it so modern America functions so well in light of the differences in the populace. These were/are leaders that put the focus on human rights, not on things other than that. These presidents understand people are the number one resource in a nation.

America’s natural resources are boundless. Mountains, fertile plains, rivers, lakes, ocean shores and a climate from tropical to arctic tundra. With the freedoms granted us by the Constitution, we can move about this beautiful land and appreciate it’s beauty and potential. Our natural resources are now, however, under extreme pressure due to some selfish short-sighted policies developed under administrations friendly to corporations and greed. Hopefully, under present leadership from the White House, this troubling trend is now over and tougher regulation policy will be put in place.

America has recently come under attack by an extreme right-wing anti-America movement. Starting with the moves of the blood-thirsty neo-cons and chicken hawks in the early President George W. Bush administration, the look and feel of America started to change. Under Bush’ pathetic weak leadership, it became apparent to the world that America was becoming an imperialistic power stomping on and occupying sovereign states around the world. Under a cloak of lies, the U.S. marched into Iraq and Afghanistan causing the deaths of millions of innocent people and a few “bad guys”. People with a good heart know that killing leaders because they are “bad” is not right. Having a “bad guy” leader is not cause to invade that country. The U.S. has made some big mistakes in the past, for sure, like Kennedy expanding U.S. troop presence in Vietnam. There is a difference, however. Expanding our involvement in Vietnam was an act to stop the “spread of communism”, or the “domino theory”. At the time, the cold war was in full bloom and the threat of the use of nuclear arms was real, after all, it was just 15 years prior that we A-bombed Japan. There was a feeling of necessity to stop the commies. Different times! The Bush II situation was despicable, sleazy, pointless, and felonious, bordering on treason! Let’s look at the spin-off of the Bush II years where many Americans started to believe in taking things into their own hands, legal or not. You figure it had to happen when the White House is running fast and loose with the rules and laws. The head felon, Dick Cheeney, is an evil self-promoting thug who led by thuggery, bribes, payoffs, and cronyism. Because America will come back to its basic roots of decency in time, Dick Cheeney will pay the piper. I think there is prison time in his future. Cheeney, Wolfowitz, Rove, Libby, Rumsfeld and the rest of the rotten apples of the Bush II administration have certainly led by actions. Witness the birth of “jingoism” in America.

Because those rotten criminals were allowed to run amok with and on the laws of the land while in the White House, there is a group of psychos that have spun off this kind of leadership. This new group of leaders are known as the Tea Party. The premise of this group is love America to the point of exclusionism, bigotry, bombs away defense policy ala Curtis LeMay, hatred of liberal college educated people, zero tolerance for pro-choice stands, disgust of gay people, opposed to repealing DADT, same-sex marriage is an abomination toward God, and speaking of which, Christianity is the only recognized religion. The power of the right-wing media fuels the hatred. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, etc. continue to fan the flames of jingoism.

What these extreme right-wing groups want is not at all what America is based on. America is supposed to be based on the freedoms of the people. People migrated to our country, to our open arms, to escape the things the tea-baggers represent in their home countries. America is about having the opportunity to pursue one’s dreams. Because of hate and prejudice, that way is now being blocked. The 2nd Amendment states the right to bare arms. The Constitution was written prior to our becoming a country, in the 1700’s. Back then, there was not the reality of large concrete and asphalt urban centers, there was not the reality of gangs that kill each other, and there was no such thing as AK-47’s etc. as urban assault weapons. These weapons are for the express use of killing human beings, not other reason. In Colonial America, they used powder packed muskets for fighting the British AND killing animals to eat. The 2nd Amendment was not intended to be an excuse for street thugs or wacked out militia to use assault weapons. This is common sense, hello, is anybody home?

Now the right-wing anarchists from Fox etc, even question a person’s patriotism if they don’t wear a flag lapel pin. A twenty-five cent cheap piece of pot metal that comes from China. There’s patriotism for you!

The true patriots are Americans that believe we are a decent and civil country. People that believe America must lead on the world stage by that decency and civility. If America wants to be hated and targeted by nut-jobs from around the world, keep showing force over desperate third world sovereign states, keep threatening to stifle people and nations with military might, keep slamming the doors on people or nations that are anything other than white Christians, and continue intolerance of ideology different from ours. The right-wing insists when the U.S. is attacked by a nut-job terrorist, it’s because they hate our freedoms, our way of life. But it’s the right-wing that is so intolerant to anything other than what they think. Where’s the vaunted American freedoms there?

America is a great country. I love living in America, I love being an American citizen. I believe America can be better. I believe America needs to become more tolerant again. We need to accept people and nations for what they are, not what can make of them. America needs to become the global leader again in decency and civility. Foreign affairs are much easier when done on a friendlier basis. Domestic relations will only get better when the white supremacist led right-wing gives up it’s grip, and even makes an attempt to educate themselves. Knowledge is king and right now the right-wing is lacking in that area.

Hoping for the blessings from all deities on America and wishing for peace at home and abroad. Thank you for today’s read.
Cam Obert


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