Republicant leadership

In a year when it would be an easy pick up of seats in Congress and Governorships around the country, the republicants are doing their damn well best to kick it away. The party is absolutely leaderless and the stupid members keep opening their mouths and showing just how stupid and how out of touch they are!

With the unofficial leadership coming from Roger Ailes and the Faux Noise Network, the politicians are taking their cues from the uneducated loudmouths at Fix News. It’s a long tradition that the party out of power picks up Congressional seats and Governorships in the mid-term elections. This party has become so weak and damaged they may be costing themselves the opportunity to make such gains. I’m not here to give them any advice to help their cause because God knows the last thing we need is more Fix Noise influenced governance but, just the opposite. The Democrats need to go on the offense and start calling out the Republicants for the outrageous statements they keep making and the lack of tact, decency, and diplomacy they have become so famous for. The Democrats only need to point out this non-sense and the sources, Fox, Limbaugh, and Palin.

A quick look at the year so far had Rep. Joe Wilson(R-SC) shouting out “liar” during the Presidential joint congressional address on the economy, Justice Alito dissing the President during the State of the Union address, members of the Republicant party in Congress waving flags of hatred off the balconies toward the wing-nut tea-baggers and birthers on the ground, Republicant members of Congress attending, even leading tea-bagger hate rallies where signs of racism were very evident, black Democratic members of Congress spat upon by tea-baggers while trying to get to work, tea-bagger and Palin endorsed candidates for office making outrageous statements regarding civil rights, a certifiably insane or mentally retarded tea-bag candidate in Nevada running for the Senate that has made so many outrageous statements of hatred and bigotry she’s made Harry Reid the favorite to win his seat back, the extreme right that has “primarried out” mainstream conservatives to be replaced by wackos that cannot win in the general, such as Senator Bennett in Utah, now making the Democrat the favorite for a once “safe” seat for the republicants. Today, it was revealed a major neo-nazi right-wing pro-life group has called out the republicant candidate for the Senate in Washington opposing incumbant Patty Murray(D) as being “too soft” on his pro-life stance. How can you be “too soft” on a pro-life stance? Do they want him to lead the bombing of an abortion clinic or murder a doctor that performs abortions?

For the sake of hoping for any kind of success this fall, the republicant party had better stop and evaluate what they’ve got so far, because it ain’t much! The minority leader of the House, John “suntan” Boner makes outrageous undignified statements all the time with a streak of outright hatred in most of them. Now he refers to the collapse of the economy as the size of an “ANT” and that the government way to fix it is like using a nuclear weapon to fight that ant! Remember earlier this year I opined about the lazy non-working Republicant members of Congress. I said on many occasions in the private sector they would have been fired for lack of production. Now, there is talk coming from Boner’s side that claims he doesn’t work very hard, doesn’t spend enough time studying the issues, and after 5 or 6 in the evening he’s “light’s out”. There’s a leader for you! What an hypocritical piece of human garbage! And then how about everyone’s buddy, Senator Lindsey Graham(R-SC)? He was on board with the President for energy policy reform, then backed off. He was on board with the President for trying to get a compromise on a jobs bill. Now he is not. So, the rumors are flying all over Washington that the possible “log cabin republican” Graham, will be outed by his own party if he doesn’t snap back in line with the rest of the republicant naysaying nabobs of negativity! Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I suppose the Democrats could have threatened to “out” the Senator if he didn’t play ball with them, but they have enough class to not stoop to such lows.

Anyway, that’s the shape of today’s GOP, and fortunately it is not good for them but getting better everyday for the Democrats. The Dems just need to turn up the intensity of telling the truth about what the republicants are and aren’t doing and proposing to further take away American’s individual rights and aiding and abetting Wall Street and Corporate America to take control of the country. Happy trails, right-wingers! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. Oscarson Says:

    A little worked up this day were we Cam?

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