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July 29, 2010

There will not be commentaries coming from this source for the next week or so. I need a break to concentrate on my primary business for a while, and I’ve noticed a sharp decline in readership these past few days, which tells me many of you, my loyal and dedicated readers, are probably on vacation during this period as well.

We do have the primary coming on August 10th in Minnesota and I do intend to turn up the volume on my support of Senator Mark Dayton for Governor. I have noticed there is a much larger group of MAK supporters dominating Facebook these days, so I feel I need to add my 2 cents where I can in support of Senator Dayton. BTW, we did read today about MAK’s pandering for votes from the seniors vis-a-vis property tax relief for them, after opposing it in the House. Shameless! Anyway, enjoy these wonderful days of summer and unless there is an important breaking news story, I’ll be back at the end of next week! Thank you very much.
Cam Obert



July 28, 2010

Job one is your summer lawn. If you haven’t applied a summer fertilizing yet, do it now. Read the instructions on the bag and apply accordingly. If you are seeing broadleaf weeds, dandelions, etc., it is okay to use a weed and feed type fertilizer. I personally believe a straight fertilizer followed by a liquid, hose end sprayer type, weed killer only. A few days after the application of the weed killer, you should see the leaves of the weeds curling. Crabgrass is rearing its ugly head right now. You can pull the individual grass plants if you don’t have much infestation. Do it when the ground is moist, and make sure you are getting the roots and all. If your crabgrass infiltration is too large to pull out, there are some new products on the market available to consumers that claim to kill established crabgrass. I used some last week in my yard, it seems some of the crabgrass is starting to yellow, but I don’t know yet. The best practice right now is to get a lawn maintainance company, to apply crabgrass killer. The product they use is available to them only, powerful stuff! This still probably won’t end your problem. Depending on your infestation level, it usually takes a few years to totally eliminate crabgrass from the lawn. The most effective method is applying a pre-emergent crabgrass control in the spring, at around the time the soil temperatures reach 53 degrees. If you apply the product too long before the temperature reaching 53, it could become diluted and thus useless. If you wait too long to apply it, it’s too late, the sed has germinated. Crabgrass is not perennial. It is a self-seeder. One way to get control is to not let the plants “go to seed”. Keep your lawn mowed at 2.5 to 3 inches and if crabgrass is present, use the grass bagging attachment to your mower. The most important points for summer lawn care are to cut the grass at the appropriate height, 2.5 to 3 inches and to make sure your lawn is getting a minimum of one inch of water a week. People claim in dry conditions or even drought, the lawn doesn’t die when it turns yellow, “it’s just in dormancy”, they say. In the shorter term, that is correct. Turf grasses have that mechanism built in for long-term survival. But, I don’t go along with allowing the lawn to go dormant, ever. A dormant lawn actually is weakened. It needs to devote much energy to regain a normal green look when coming out of dormancy. Also, most weeds are much more drought tolerant than turf grass. When the turf grass is weakened in dormancy, that opens the door for more weeds to come in. Remember, the best weed control is thick healthy turf grass.

You really have nothing more to do with the lawn other than mowing and watering until mid-September. If you are planning overseeding the lawn or even seeding open areas, wait until after Labor Day. You can lay sod really anytime through the end of October. The key to successful sodding or seeding is watering. Sod needs to be soaked daily until it “roots in”. Seeded areas should be misted every morning and afternoon until established. I do not recommend seeding or sodding in August, it’s just too hot and dry.

August, however, is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials! The main reason being cost. This time of year the nurseries and big box stores are reducing the prices on plant materials a lot. It gets to be a money loser for them to maintain these plants, etc. in pots and burlap balls during the dog days of summer. You can even negotiate with them for a better price. They will virtually give away plants that are in stress and wilted! All you have to do is get them in the ground and water the hell out of them, unless you’re in clay, they’ll do great for you! When planting trees, shrubs, and perennials in August the key is to give them enough water. If you are in sandy or loamy soil, mulch around the plant to help retain moisture. If you are in clay, water very carefully, let the soil go almost dry in the top couple inches before watering again. Do not over-water plants and trees in clay. Planting these materials this time of year is perfect as long as they get watered properly. They need to get their roots pushed out from the root-ball and into the native soil to search for water and nutrients. The most important thing to remember is to water these newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennials until ground freeze up. This is particularly true of conifers and winter leaf holding plants such as rhododendrons. During the dry windy winter, these plants will lose moisture from their needles and leaves.

If you’re not much of a “green thumb” kind of person, August is also a good time to contract with landscapers to get your property updated and looking great. Those of us in the landscape business generally do a big push from ground thaw through July. You can probably get a better deal now, we need the work and we too, will be paying less for plant materials. Contact me or others in the landscape business to get some estimates for your job. That includes tree trimming. If you are in Minnesota and wish to get your large trees trimmed, you need to wait until well into August to trim American Elms, any Oaks, and any Ash.

I am a big proponent of large tree control. Large trees can be beautiful and be great shade providers but, they can also cause huge problems with the mess many of them create, fallen branches, limbs, and leaves. Trees that have lots of dead limbs need to be trimmed, it’s a safety issue as well as a health issue for the tree itself. There are also too many “trash trees” in the urban and suburban forests and landscapes. These include Siberian/Chinese Elms, Silver Maples, Cottonwoods, Mulberry, and Buckthorn. I personally, am not a fan of Red Oaks, either. They are around the calendar mess makers! Older and bigger Ash trees tend to turn into ugly monsters, lots of limb die-off as well as a downward curl growth of limbs. They simply are ugly and should be removed from the landscape. Always remember, the best time to trim trees is when they are in dormancy, late fall to late winter.

That’s the mid-summer landscape report, if you have questions or would like an estimate for work you would like done in your landscape, please contact me at or on 612-747-5575. Thanks for today’s read and get out in your outdoor living areas and enjoy!
Cam Obert


July 27, 2010

…once again pointed there by Bush II administration bone-headed policy and decisions! With the news breaking in the past week or so regarding first the massive and bloated to bursting “national security system” to the “WikiLeaks” of over 90,000 pieces of information about the bottomless quagmire known as Afghanistan.

Remember the infamous “BVD undie bomb boy” last Christmas? Well there was the first piece of evidence of just how screwed up and leaderless our national security system is. It started after 911, the Bush administration’s excuse to spend money like drunken sailors on anything defense/security related. The spending and lack of oversight began under Bush/Cheeney in 2001 and continues today unabated! The conservatives have so convinced and bullied America into believing the anything not American is out to get us. So now, first with Bush and now under Obama, Congress rubber stamps all spending bills that are tagged as national security. These two Presidents and Congress in the past 9 years have not only made America less safe against any aggression toward us but, they have made a huge, perhaps the largest portion of deficit spending that has really put the future economy in question. At any rate, with this bloated out of touch national security system in place, it could not even communicate to the appropriate sources what was going on in Africa to Amsterdam regarding this boy with the flaming undies! It really didn’t take the Washington Post expose by Dana Priest to tell the story of the American national security system out of control. We should have known it in advance of the story. Actually many did, but in the name of national security, we have had a policy of not questioning planning and spending.

Let’s look at this mess. We have so many agencies now involved in national security, that Secretary of Defense Gates claims he has no idea how many private contractors have security clearances or how many people are involved at all! There are approximately 850,000 people employed by agencies providing national security services. They use over 17 million square feet of office space, does anybody have a clue? I’m surprised the country has not had a successful terrorist attack against it in light of the total ineptitude of the “systems” in place to ferret out this kind of activity. At the same time all this DOD, CIA, FBI, INS, et al crap is going on, we have continued to dump billions upon billions of dollars into the Afghani debacle. Again, national security?, keep signing those blank checks!

Now that President Obama has followed the lead of Cheeney into Afghanistan, the bottomless quagmire has become his responsibility and ultimately his legacy. Other than a few idiots at the top in the military, virtually nobody, regardless of party affiliation, is in favor of continuing in this struggle. The generals have the President’s ear just as Westmoreland had President Johnson’s ear about Vietnam. It was the American involvement in Vietnam that eventually took LBJ down and the decision not to run for re-election in 1968. Afghanistan has the potential to do the same for Obama in 2012. Because it’s defense and national security related, the U.S. is spending billions of unaccounted for dollars in the region, most going to corrupt government officials or wealthy private citizens in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is so little over sight that people are getting wealthy from American money injections. With the release of the WikiLeaks, now apparently there is American funding going to Pakistani leaders who are involved in training and financially backing Taliban fighters to kill Americans!

The tragedy of 911 continues in so many ways. We a collapsed economy trying to recover, we have lost respect around the globe mostly due to our bungling of foreign policy and backing corrupt governments, and mostly, the fear that that one incident has planted in political leaders minds that has caused them to act almost without any thought of what the end results of their fear driven policies are causing.

President Obama needs to put his foot down and stop the insanity now. The DOD budget needs to be spread wide open and the waste needs to start being eliminated. This has been a run away train wreck since the days of the Cold War. The paranoia can be eliminated in this country by putting an aggressive foot forward by streamlining and making the DOD more efficient. The days of throwing unmonitored money at defense has got to come to an end. Our defense spending currently is more than the next five world powers combined! This is so mind-boggling. To what end? For what purpose? they can’t tell us that. It’s time to get a handle on all other national security agencies. Start by ending all contracts to private entities to carry out the nation’s security. Why do we even have a DOD, CIA, etc. if we just farm it out to private parties, ala Blackwater and Halliburton? Secretary Gates did make a small move recently by vetoing the production of a new very expensive fighter plane. But, that’s not nearly enough. The attitude about defense and national security has got to be changed.

If the United States is going to continue being a world leader, it needs to change from a reactionary program of national security to a proactive program. Proactivity means better planning, closer oversight, and money savings. Rather than working the program from the viewpoint of being the prey, the United States needs to act in the way as the leader. If President Obama doesn’t get a handle on this whole mess, it will take his Presidency down. He needs to be the leader, not the Fox News Network. He needs to be the leader of the allies, not a follower. He needs to be the one who slices the national security agencies and the DOD wide open for public inspection and dismay. The truth needs to come out. Anything national security related is a contributor to the downfall of our economy and the actual weakening of our security.

The Dana Priest expose and the WikiLeaks are the loaded guns at our collective head. If these issues are not addressed, the money flow abated, and regulation placed back on these programs, the United States will collapse as a world leader. Now the White House is already embarking down the wrong trail looking for the “leakers” from the WikiLeaks. They need not be so concerned about who spilled the beans, they need to be concerned about the what the content of the leaks mean. They point out the truth and already the White House is trying to cover it up! I have already stressed the importance of the President to open it up to full transparency and clean it up. Oh well, I guess they believe it’s more important for anything national security related to be a money waste and a direct connection to corruption both within our borders and the recipients internationally of our willy-nilly wild spending! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


July 23, 2010

I attended an event last night at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis that featured Senator Dayton on stage. He made some short comments and then the Q & A followed with the attendees at the bar. This was a really neat deal, hosted by the Liberal Drinkers Club and held at the 331 most Thursday evenings. When they don’t have a candidate or other politico as a guest, apparently it’s just a political give and take session, I can’t wait to go again, I would like to become a “regular” there.

Senator Dayton, in his opening remarks shows he is in complete knowledge of the issues of this campaign. He addresses them point-blank, with no fluff. Very refreshing! He is still the only candidate in the primary campaign to lay out, in detail, his agenda as the top executive of the state. He details everything. He doesn’t run from the truth, he confronts it! Virtually all of the DFL candidates for Governor this year in private acknowledged that the years under Ventura and Pawlenty have driven the state broke. They all acknowledge, in private, that the state has a severe revenue shortage problem. Mark Dayton is the ONLY candidate to come right out and say the system of taxation is unfair to Minnesotans and it’s time to bring all tax payers to the table of fairness. Yes, he has proposed raising the taxes on the people in the state that earn more than $330,000 per year. He isn’t at all suggesting they be penalized, he’s only saying they should be paying the same rate as everyone else. That alone, takes care of over 4 billion of the state’s 6 billion dollar debt. Simple you ask? Damn right it’s simple, and more than anything else, it’s fair.

Senator Dayton ticked off many quality of life standards that the states are measured by. In the years under the leadership of Wendy Anderson and Rudy Perpich, Minnesota was ranked at the top of list compared with the other 49 states. Businesses wanted to locate here because of the great schools, the clean towns and cities, and the most educated work force in the United States. Well, under Governors Ventura and Pawlenty, we are now nearing the bottom of the ranking of states in quality of life criteria. What happened? Greed and a Republican agenda that favors the wealthy, tax cuts that only help the wealthiest and have been proven time and again to only drain an economy, and a misplaced constituency of Wall Street, big oil, big coal, big insurance and big banking. They have totally ignored the constituents who have elected them to office, the Minnesotans. Well, we’re sick of it!, and Mark Dayton is the best qualified candidate via experience, connections, bloodline, and independence to get the job done. Getting the job done means returning Minnesota to the place where it was when Wendell Anderson was Governor and the whole United States looked up to “The Good Life in Minnesota”!

He has already stood up to the big interests, inside and outside of our state. He mentioned last night he’ll be getting no support from the money driven big Indian Casino interests. Kind of sad, really. He has a very viable and compassionate plan to lift the poor native Americans from the outstate areas. He has a plan that focusses on health care and education for these poor people. Dayton is the guy that will move all Minnesotans in the right direction to health care, education, and jobs. he understands the crumbling infrastructure that has occurred under the cutting knife of the Republicans.

Keep in mind, the Republican leadership in this state has driven us right into the poor house, but how about the culpability of a complacent DFL legislature. Pawlenty has played those wimps in St. Paul like a cheap banjo for eight years. It’s time for a leader that will work with the legislature without the shackles of the “good ol’ boy network” that operates the legislature. It’s time for a strong independent leader to stand the Republicans up and get the DFL legislators to work his agenda and vision. It can be done and Mark Dayton is that leader to get it done.

I’m asking the Democrats in Minnesota to put your personal prejudice aside regarding Senator Dayton’s wealth, put your petty insulted egos aside regarding the Senator’s decision to not play the caucus/convention game, and take a few minutes to review the documented record of this man. You will be very surprised what he has done. He IS the champion of the poor and disadvantaged, his record shows it. He is the leader in addressing the economy, his record proves it. He has done more for the people of Minnesota in his public service career than all of the other candidates combined. Mark Dayton will be the leader to get us back to “the good life in Minnesota”. Thank you for today’s read.
Cam Obert


July 22, 2010

…even though it has been used for many decades in this country by conservatives who themselves are intimidated by blacks and immigrants. Thanks to Rachel Maddow last night, we got a clear view of what the leadership of the Republican and Tea-Bagger parties are up to.

The process actually came into full bloom in America in the 1960 gubernatorial race in Alabama. George Corley Wallace ran as the Democrat and as a strict segregationist. We all remember his words vividly; “Segregation then, segregation now, and segregation forever!” His campaign even printed a comic book telling whitey how scared they should be of the negroes. They will dominate you, they will shop at our stores, they will rape your children, etc, etc, etc. The practice was a tool to get white people on board against the liberals and minorities. It worked to the extent that the 1960’s was a very turbulent time in the country regarding civil rights. Governor Lester Maddox in Georgia even used pick axe handles to chase the coloreds from his restaurant! A very enlightening time in a very enlightened area of the country! Fast forward to 2008.

Oh, oh! The fear mongerers have returned in full force and dress. This time, however, instead of wearing white robes and hoods, they are dressed as Fox News personnel, EIB personnel, and as political pundits, such as Anne Coulter, Michele Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg, Tucker Carlson, Sarah Palin, Lars Larsen, Joe Soucheray, Katherine Kersten, Tom Tancredo, etc. Add to that list, the elected officials involved in the spread of hatred and fear, Michele Bachmann, Eric Cantor, Jan Brewer, Jim DeMint, John Boehner, Joe Wilson, Virginia Fox, etc.

Let’s take a look at the architect of the new generation of race-baiting, Andrew Breitbart. His bold moves of choreographing the ACORN set up were brilliant! He accomplished what he wanted to do. He got the White House, even though the President is African-American, to run like a chicken being chased by the clever wielding farmer. Obama cut funding for ACORN and shut it down. Breitbart’s staged action at ACORN also destroyed the reputations of the leadership and stopped all of the good work ACORN had been performing in disadvantaged areas. He got what he wanted, he embarrassed the President, made him run like a sissy, but also wrought heavy collateral damage as far as ruining peoples’ careers, reputations, and lives go. Along with that, there is no longer an aid agency to help the disadvantaged folks that took advantage of ACORN’s good work. NICE!

The came the staging of intrusion into Senator Mary Landrueax’s office. Another false story set up to embarrass a Democrat.

Breitbart’s latest venture into video destruction of people’s lives is the Shirley Sherrod take down. By fixing a video-tape, Breitbart was able to make Sherrod out to be an anti-white racist, refusing to help some poor white farmers. When the real tape came out, the tape Breitbart had sent to Fox was completely rendered false. But, the story is, it got to Fox first. Of course, being that Fox IS NOT a news organization, they didn’t bother to check the validity of the tape first. Not only did they run with Breitbart’s made up story, they added their own special racist commentary to it as well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, watch Sean Hannity when discussing anything related to race, immigration, or the President. He is a rotten human being to the core, and shows it daily not only with his words, but his voice intonations and body language. So, as you might expect, he fired up the reverse discrimination card against the administration. Coincidentally, after the truth came out, not one Fox on-air personality apologized for their coverage of that lie. They didn’t apologize for the lies about ACORN either, after ACORN was exonerated of all charges. They didn’t apologize for the murder of Dr, George Tiller either.

The common thread through all of these trumped-up stories that Fox airs and the rest of the Tea-Baggers, right-wing politicians, and conservative pundits who support Fox and their agenda is, race. Not only is it race, it’s race-baiting. It’s making up stories that wimpy, stupid white America will lap up to feed their own fears and prejudices. All of these stories are attempts by the right-wing world to get whitey to fear and run away from blacks, Latinos, and other groups of different skin color, cultures, different religions, gays etc. Anything different from what whitey is comfortable with. No, Fox, Rush, et al, they don’t directly bash people who are different from those who attend the Bill-O and Beck appearances, or the old Rush TV shows, or the Sarah Palin appearances, they just set it up for “mainstream” America to be weary of these “different people”, even fear them which then turns to hatred. The end result of this cycling can be violence, civil unrest, and the reestablishment of institutionalised racism, Jim Crowe, etc.

So that’s where Fox News, EIB and the like, want to take the culture and society of the United States. Being the leadership of the party, Fox announces the marching orders to all Republicans and they respond in kind. FOX NEWS, the entity which airs racist programming to alter the attitudes and stoke the fears of white America, is giving the orders. That is scary! WAKE REPUBLITARDS, YOU’RE GETTING USED AGAIN!

Oh, how could I forget the threats from the gigantic and violent Black Panther movement? Fox is trying to convince America it’s for real and is a real threat to the safety and security of America. After all , they keep playing the same video of the two wack-job black guys at the Philadelphia polling place. They keep running the same clip because it’s the only one! There is no “Black Panther” movement!, Fox made it up! The Bush Justice department found no wrong-doing! I guess when Hannity is all frothed up about Reverend Wright, yes, that old story that only Hannity covered, all things negative and black are in play. All I can say is these people have no contact with God or any other omnipotent entity that might be there. God, or any other deity would not tolerate the hateful vomit that comes from these wing-nuts. The right-wing thinks they are the chosen people of God, but, their words and actions would not get them into the front door of any church that the God I’m aware of is deity! You simply can’t blindly hate groups of people and then claim to be Christian, this is not what Jesus had in mind.

Cam Obert


July 21, 2010

Breitbart and Hannity, the Legion of Hate

I’m not sure yet who I should be most angry with today, Andrew Breitbart, Fox News, or the administration. The White House has been victimized by Fox News, again! Why President Obama gives any credence to that fake news organization is beyond me. This is the second time the White House has been burned by fake news stories by Breitbart and Fox. Remember ACORN? Breitbart set up the whole thing with people faking as real potential clients looking for assistance from ACORN while promoting themselves as pimps and whores. Fox ran with the “story” and the White House ran like a scared jack rabbit. Obama immediately called for an end to ACORN funding and inadvertently was a contributor to the indictment of the ACORN leadership. Remember what happened after cooler heads got involved and they did a complete investigation? The leadership of ACORN was exonerated of all malfeasance, in fact ACORN was actually proven to be a viable organization with a long history of helping out the poor and disadvantaged. Now, that organization is dead, not just because of Fox, the administration killed it! Fast forward to Andrew Breibart’s editing studio recently. He took a video tape of an Ag Department administrator explaining to a group in Georgia about how she became compassionate to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged. Clearly, a very innocuous speech with a positive message. Breitbart cut and spliced it into an attack on white folks, sent it to Fox as a news story and Fox ran with it like you can believe they would. This led right into Sean Hannity’s racist wheelhouse. “Oh how whitey has been victimized time again by liberal led reverse discrimination”! Fox did get their desired result , again, by playing the Obama White House like a cheap banjo! The White House and the Department of Agriculture way over-reacted and asked for Ms. Sherrods resignation immediately!

The N.A.A.C.P. also reacted too quickly and burned Ms. Sherrod as well. I’m going to kind of excuse that organization a little bit though, because they issued a sincere apology to the victim immediately after learning the truth. Does Fox revel in destroying peoples’ lives like this? I think you know the answer to that question.

What I’m finding to be interesting so far since last night, is the way the “mainstream” media has savaged the White House for its stupid response to this made up story. They deserve to get taken to the wood shed for sure, but, how come I don’t hear any of the “mainstream” media getting after Fox News and Breitbart? They started it. They are the tight partners in another crime of destroying peoples’ lives. I believe the crime itself, deserves to get a little more scorn from America than the White House response. It must be that “liberal” media protecting the President again! For you folks that might not be real quick, that reference was made “tongue in cheek”.

I watched Faux News Network for as much as I could stomach last night waiting for an apology, or even an explanation. I got neither. Chris Matthews yesterday bet the Bill-O the Clown would address it and possibly apologize for Fox’s involvement in this latest crime against decency. He didn’t, but he argued for Fox with some person from the NY Post. Then I watched Hannity. He never even addressed the story. Instead, he went on another of his old racist rants about Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers. Watch Sean Hannity’s face when discussing anything Obama or race related. It is so obvious he hates, no despises President Obama. Watch him when he speaks of race related matters. His body language and facial expressions tell a great story of a man who hates blacks, immigrants, and anybody who might be educated. After all, Hannity dun gradiated the 12th grade!

I think when that bunch of liberal journalists many years ago suggested the FCC pull Fox’s license to broadcast. The conservatives will scream, they already are about this non-story according to famed genius Tucker Carlson. He says it’s a first amendment issue. Bullshit! Ask the people who work for or were supported by ACORN, ask Shirley Sherrod what she thinks, ask the family and friends of the murdered abortion doctor in Wichita, ask any of these people how solid is the ground of first amendment rights as accorded to Fox News.

I am still living in a state of shock, actually for several years now, that people look to Fox News for their education on news and current events. I actually had a Fox devotee tell me she watches Fox because of the values they stand for and impart. VALUES?! This is quite possibly the most Godless hateful group of individuals on the planet. They preach hatred, bigotry, homophobia, anti-abortion, anti-immigrant rights, and the list goes on. What positive value do they practice? I can’t figure it out. It’s one thing to have an agenda or ideology that might be different from even your allies positions, but to be off the chart to support hate groups, tea-baggers, etc. that’s quite another. Hell, ask any of my progressive friends, they’ll tell you I don’t agree with them on all issues! But that’s why the progressives are more tolerant and understanding.

So today I am angry with the White House for being duped again, I’m really pissed off with Fox and Breitbart because of their total lack of regard for people and peoples’ feelings. The N.A.A.C.P. righted their error and they are okay with me again. The message here is, take the time to analyze news stories and always consider the source. Fox has clearly established itself as an entertainment network and NOT a news gathering and reporting source. So, please, do yourself a favor and watch Fox in context of which it is, entertainment and sensationalism with a large splash of hate and bigotry! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


July 20, 2010

I’m not sure what motivates Michele Bachmann and some of the things she says and does. That’s probably why she could be considered certifiably insane. Her words and actions defy normal sane human response.

Let’s look at some of these numbers and why this is yet another highly questionable move by this idiot. Probably since the 1950’s, with the emergence of the John Birch Society, there has been about a 20% portion of the population that identifies itself with these right-wing extremist groups. That number has been fairly static throughout this whole period, including the recent rise of the Tea-Baggers and Birthers. With roughly a 20% portion to cater to, where is the benefit?

In recent polls, approximately 45% of the people polled are aware of the Tea-Baggers existence and what some of the tenets that back-bone the movement, ie, no taxation, reduced government, etc. The usual complaints of anti-American extremists. These people see some value in the basics of the movement, but can’t support it because of the peripheral bullshit that accompanies these wackos, homophobia, racism, etc.

So now this moron, Michele Bachmann, is trying to go mainstream in Congress with this lunacy. I have noticed that so far, the leadership in Congress, is not in support of the creation of this caucus. It’s pretty easy to why they don’t go along with this. They don’t want to be tied to a movement that seems to tolerate many tangents of hatred and bigotry. They have also noted that many of the Tea-Bagger endorsed candidates are in the process of blowing what were once easy wins or pick-ups in various races around the country, with Harry Reid, once considered politically dead, now actually leading in the polls in Nevada over Sharon Angle, tea-bagger and loon! Marco Rubio in Florida, once considered an easy win for the Republicans, in now trailing Independent Charlie Crist in the polls. They’ve already been killed in two races because of Tea-Bagger endorsements, New York 23 and Pennsylvania 12. The Republican party insiders are for obvious reasons, are very uncomfortable with the Tea-Baggers and Palin/Bachmann endorsements.

The nucleus of the Bachmann Tea-Bagger problem goes right back to the voters of Minnesota CD-6. These people of the district seem to be unaffected by her long absences from the district. I’d hate to be served by her Congress, how does she handle constituent service? Oh, I forgot, her constituency is Wall Street, Big Energy, and the banking and insurance industries. How a sitting Congressperson, in an election year, come out in favor of a foreign based corporation, BP, over supporting our own government, our interests, and our environment. She can do things like this because her bone-head bosses, the voters of CD-6, let her. She spends more time flying around the country, avoiding her district even during campaign season, to spread more anti-American hatred and fear. She can do this because her bosses in CD-6 allow her to do this.

The more level-headed political leaders of the GOP see the potential catastrophe headed their way should this idiot get a foothold into the traditional party. When looking at this on the surface, there is no way to justify hitching their wagon to a lunatic fringe movement that does more to tear down and cause fear than anything else. The only way for the Tea-Baggers to gain any ground with the traditional conservative Republicans is the Tea-Bagger leadership must start calling out and rejecting the hard-core racists that have become so visibly a part of the movement. Until Bachmann, Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck, start supporting the ejection of the racist and homophobic members of the group, this movement has a finite growth in influence and membership. Throwing out Mark Williams was a start, but how could Bachmann and Palin, et al, buddy up to him in the first place?

I believe it’s up to the voters in Minnesota CD-6 to put an end to this source of hatred, fear mongering, racism, homophobia, muslim hating, Mexican hating, Corporate America loving, and clean environment hating Bachmann. The CD-6 voters have not figured out yet she doesn’t hardly even acknowledge them as her constituents. It’s time for candidate Tarryl Clark and her campaign to start going face-to-face with the voters and handing them the documentation of what an unmitigated disaster having Michele Bachmann in Congress is. I’m not sure they’ll understand anything short of that. After all, they have sent her to Washington twice already! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


July 19, 2010

Having enjoyed a long and great discussion, sometimes becoming a little hotter, over the weekend at a local watering hole, a new Democratic friend of mine started to open my eyes a little wider. Andrew was not in agreement with me about how the Obama administration has gone about its business since day one. You see, my feeling is the White House through its ineptitude regarding executive level management, has fumble-fucked its way through trying to learn how to operate the executive branch of the government. For me, being in business management for many years, this has been an experience that has frustrated the hell out of me. I still say, had the President taken the lead in March of 2009 in the formulation and writing of the Health Care Reform bill, like Lyndon Johnson would have, the bill would have gotten through with much less rancor and much sooner than it did. The delays of ineptitude opened the doors for the town hall disruptionists and the tea-baggers. There was too much time wasted waiting on the House and Senate leadership to guide themselves through the process. I still say, had it not been for those delays, the political discourse of today would not be as negative and dysfunctional as it is.

Let’s take a peek at what has happened in Washington since the inauguration of President Obama. From his first day in office, the Republican political leadership announced they will not work with the President on any of his initiatives. They felt they had just been stung by their former leader Bush II who pushed the passage of TARP through as a measure to slow down the collapse of the economy. This was Bush’s only attempt to fix an economy which he and his administration and put straight into the ditch. Let me do a quick recount, the first Bush tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, it was unfunded and not fixed into a budget, there was the invasion of two sovereign states in a warfare based on lies, both unfunded paid for by adding to the deficit, then there was the unpaid for prescription medicine bill and then that was followed by the second major unfunded tax cut for the wealthiest Americans. As I’ve said time and again, giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans only results in them becoming wealthier, the economy still plunges and unemployment numbers still sky-rocket. The whole tax cut for the wealthy to spur the economy is a false premise. Remember, when Bush came into office in 2001, he was handed a budget SURPLUS of about 200 billion dollars and by the time he was done in 2009, he left President Obama with a DEFICIT of over 1.3 trillion dollars!

Based on this kind of news, politicians are getting the brunt of negative response from the people, and President Obama is getting the worst of it because he is “in charge”! I guess life isn’t really fair some times. By the time Bush-Cheeney left office, Bush’s approval numbers were in the mid to high 20’s and the evil Dick Cheeney’s poll numbers were in the teens! So, I guess there is some justice.

Now, since January 20, 2009, the Obama agenda has been bashed around quite a bit. The tea-baggers and the far right have tried to paint him as a socialist whose only interest is to destroy America and prop up Islamic jihad groups around the globe to attack the U.S. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well, take a few minutes and listen to the national Republican leadership, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Sarah Palin, and hear what they say. They accuse the President of these charges daily! In the face of this kind of opposition, racist, homophobic, anti-American “values”, hatred and the like, let’s look at what the President has accomplished.

With the passage of the Stimulus Package bill, the President’s recognition of America’s disintegrating infrastructure and the unemployment numbers were helped immediately. He knows that America is fast losing its economic leadership in the world because of a worn out infrastructure, lack of funding for progressive education programs, and being uncompetitive for jobs and manufactured goods. When the bill was signed into law, America was losing about 700,000 jobs per month. We are now adding around 200,000 jobs per month! Most economists of any reputation say the Stimulus bill passage saved the economy from completely bottoming out.

Next came the passage of the Health Care reform bill. Though not what many of us wanted, it is a good start. America is the only developed country in the world that allows people to go into bankruptcy and poverty because of health care bills! We are the only developed country in the world that does not have health care coverage for all citizens. These problems have been addressed, people no longer need to use hospital emergency rooms for primary care, people can no longer be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and children can now stay on their parents policy until age 26. Another pleasant consequence of the bill’s passage is the reduction of the national debt. In the first ten years the CBO says this bill will be responsible for saving approximately 500 billion dollars from the budget debt and by twenty years it will save about 1.4 trillion dollars from the debt! Financially and fiscally responsible and morally right! A big winner for America.

The third major piece of legislation passed under President Obama’s administration is last weeks approval of the Wall Street Reform bill. This is a huge victory for all Americans. It puts the unscrupulous leaders in the finance, banking, and insurance industries under closer scrutiny by regulators. These people can no longer gamble with “regular Americans'” money. They can no longer run business at such high rates of risk that they will need to be bailed out at some point. Future bailouts will no longer be done with taxpayer money. These industries will be required to have their own money in escrow to handle their own financial problems.

Since becoming President, Barack Obama has had a higher percentage of his agenda passed and put into law than any other President in the modern era for their first 18 months. He has accomplished this in the face of an all time record of filibusters and delays in getting judicial and official appointments passed. The Republicans have had a flat “no cooperate” attitude with this White House from the outset. How has he done this? I’m not sure except to say he’s obviously a lot smarter than his foils in Congress. My guess is the Republican leadership, Fox News, Rush, etc, aren’t very good at working the system as it needs to be done to be successful. If I had advice for McChinless, Boner, and Cantor, they should scrap Fox and the Tea-Baggers as their leaders and start acting like leaders themselves. It’s probably too late for that! Remember how the Congressional Repubs were scolded by Fox for engaging President Obama in that famous lunchtime debate at the White House? Obama buried them without even breaking a sweat! You’ve probably surmised that is the reason why none of the Republicans nationwide are making policy statements for fear of getting caught up in a debate with the Democrats. Congressman Peter King(R-NY), even made a public statement last week saying that is the strategy of the GOP this election cycle. I believe this is a statement of surrender! How can Americans in good faith and conscience vote for a player in a party that is so afraid of the opposition, they can’t even make statements regarding policy? That’s like voting for a candidate without knowing anything about what they stand for! How stupid is that?

I opined recently about how the national Republican party is doing a slow implosion. The foxy President Obama has been quietly maneuvering them into place for their slaughter. By him not picking on them, by their inactive governmental work, and by them allowing the right-wing to hijack the party, they have put themselves in the cattle chute on the way to the slaughter-house. Masterful! Very conservative commentator and columnist Charles Krauthammer in a week-end column in the Washington Post even warned the Republican party they are being used by the President and they had better wake up. If I remember right, George Will, another conservative columnist, recently wrote on a similar topic. He warned Republicans they may be taking the President too lightly. At least a few conservatives are starting to wake up, but I think it’s too late for the mid-term elections. It actually would be better for President Obama to have the Repubs take over the majority in the House, he’ll have an easier time getting the rest of his agenda, immigration reform, gay rights, and DADT reform passed. If you think Bill Clinton had an easy time with Newt Gingrich, wait until you see President Obama play that weak kneed idiot John Boner! By the time Obama will be done with him, Boner won’t have a micron of pigment left in his skin!

It will be a fun summer and fall watching the Republicans fold under their own idiotic weight! I hope they keep on taking their marching orders from Ailes and Palin, it will just make it more entertaining. Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


July 14, 2010

After seeing the first poll results in the race for Minnesota Congressional District 6, Incumbant Republican Michele Bachmann leads DFL candidate Tarryl Clark by roughly 9 points. What I find so appalling by these results is the fact that since being in office, Bachmann has either voted for or supported every piece of legislation and governmental issue that works against the citizens of her district. She has consistently supported big business, Wall Street over Main Street, she is way out of step with her constituents in the ways of gay rights, she’s opposed to same-sex marriage, she’s opposed to repealing “don’t ask-don’t tell in the military, she keeps insisting tax cuts are the answer for everything, even though the “Bush Tax Cuts” are still the law of the land, and the Bush tax cutting that began in 2001 has not improved the economy at all. In fact, the economy has been in a free fall since the early 2000’s with the taxes being cut constantly and the unemployment numbers rising at an equally alarming rate. So, why does this Representative of the 6th District deserve to be re-elected? As a matter of the list of facts, she is indeed out of step with her constituency. Is it comfort with the incumbant, is her massive tea-bagger fueled money war chest for campaign funding giving her this advantage? A combination of the aforementioned is at work here.

As I’ve already stated in regard to this Congressional race, the right-wing dominated Republican party is clearly out of step with the country. They’re answer to everything is cut taxes and reduce spending. They offer no explanation how to do it, how to reduce spending, oh, don’t touch DOD spending!, that’s the sacred cow of the federal government, or is it the over weight bloated cow dragging the federal government down. Oh, don’t touch our Medicare! Do they even know that’s a much reviled government health insurance program for Americans? God, are these people stupid! I guess they can make cuts to education, the righties seem to be afraid and intimidated by college grads, particularly that commie crowd coming out of Ivy League schools. I think they like ’em ignorant and stupid, it’s easier for Fox News to manipulate them. After all, two of their leaders, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity dun gradiated the 12th grade! They want us to keep cutting infrastructure updating costs. They seem to take joy in pot holes and collapsing bridges! It was interesting watching Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, head state tea-bagger and presidential pretender, looking on in wonderment with the collapse of the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis after cutting public works money budget after budget. These idiots just can’t connect the dots!

I’ve only mentioned a couple of areas where the right-wing likes to dabble or ignore. The fact of the matter is, it is now a world economy and the U.S. must invest to stay competitive. I don’t understand why the righties can’t get this, oh, reference their fear of education. Under eight years of Bush tax cuts, and a continuation of tax cuts the past 18 months under President Obama, it now definitively shows tax cuts are not the answer to gaining a healthy economy. The overall GDP has been shrinking since 2001, unemployment has been rising since 2001, manufacturing has continued to leave the country since 2001, etc. The conservatives say they need tax cuts to spur the economy, but it hasn’t worked, in fact, it’s had the opposite effect. What has happened to the money from these tax cuts? You’ll notice the gap between wealthy and poor is at its greatest in this country since records have been kept. That tells me, the wealthy and powerful and the big corporations are sending those tax savings to their net bottom lines or into their own bank accounts. The proof is, they are not using these so-called cuts to expand, add workers, perform more research and development like they said they would do with the windfall of government tax money they are saving. They are gaining personal wealth and that’s it! What else could it be? The facts are the facts, unemployment has exploded, the GDP has shrunk, jobs and manufacturing continues to be sent out of country. The conservatives have sold a HUGE LIE TO AMERICA! Proof is, tax cuts for the rich and corporate America don’t work, they never have worked and they never will work. You see, human nature is greedy. If you give wealthy people the opportunity to grab more money for themselves, they will! It’s just that simple. Greed drives that part of our economy. As long as there are politicians that can be bought and sold for the interests of the wealthy, this downward economic spiral will continue. The SCOTUS ruling giving corporations the spending rights of individuals will only add to the problem. Now that’s are surprise, the SCOTUS ruling in favor of big money and Corporate America!

The Democrats’ job in America is to try to enlighten those in the dark. The masses have been overly influenced by the powerful right-wing media and it’s loud mouthed liars at the top. The Democrats need to tell the story of the do-nothing Republicans, whose answer to everything is cut taxes and reduce spending. Watch them sweat, then run away when pressed to give details or present a plan. They can’t! They don’t have a plan! They only know about attacking with mindless idiots like Palin, Limbaugh, Boner, Cantor, McCain, McChinless, Fox News, Coulter, Malkin, Ingraham, and the rest. They have, in conjunction with the Tea-Bagger party, perfected the politics of personal destruction and scorched earth to bury their opponents.

I am encouraged by some rays of hope. Florida Governor Charlie Crist, a former Republicant now an Independent, is spanking the shit out of tea-bagger darling Marco Rubio. I think the Republicant party was hoping for a Rubio victory to give Jim DeMint a fellow idiot in the U.S. Senate.

Anyway, back to MN CD-6. Michele Bachmann now says President Obama is making slaves out of Americans. She says he is denying people their freedoms and enslaving them. Screaming “Give me liberty or give me death”, is not something a rational U.S. Congress person would be doing. Things like this hate-filled rhetoric from tea-party backed idiots is very bad for America for obvious reasons and is not germain in the least to what the Congress person from MN CD-6 should be concerned with . Bachmann has become a parody of herself, over the top racism, over the top homophobia, and over the top anti-America ranting! She is a danger to the security of our country and is NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF WHAT AMERICA WANTS WORKING FOR US IN GOVERNMENT! DO YOU, THE VOTERS IN MN CD-6 UNDERSTAND THIS? HELLO, IS ANYBODY HOME?

I’m tired of having to answer to friends from around the country about this empty-headed moron and the shit that flows from her very large yap! C’mon, CD-6, wake up and smell the coffee. Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


July 12, 2010

Obviously, Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod don’t read my blogs. If they had been reading them over these past few months, they wouldn’t be spouting all this negativity regarding the fall mid-term elections. Gibbs went so far yesterday to say the White House is aware the House may move over to Republican control in November. Why would you say things like that to fuel the rhetoric machine of the opposition? I think it’s bullshit, and it’s a defeatist attitude! If he doesn’t have the confidence in his party to up sell the victories of the White House and the Democratic party in the past 18 months, then someone needs to muzzle him and anyone else that dribbling this crap!

As I’ve said countless times in the past year, the Democratic Party needs to get out the story of the significant accomplishments that have been made under the Obama White House. If the Stimulus Package hadn’t been enacted, the U.S. and possibly much of the world would have plunged into a very deep depression. With the passage of the Health Care Bill, not only has the U.S. joined the other civilized and developed countries in the world for providing affordable health care for all citizens, it will also be a shot in the arm for the economy, especially entering its second decade of existence. When the Obama team entered the White House, the U.S. economy was losing jobs at the rate of over 700,000 per month. Over the past few months, the country has actually seen employment spikes of job GAINS. The unemployment rate remains high, but the indicators are there to prove the country is on the road to recovery.

The opponents, led by Fox News, Rush, and the Tea-Baggers want Americans to think the country is still in the tailspin brought on by the Bush II administration idiotic policies. What they don’t offer is ideas or policy proposals of their own. They only attack. If the American public could see through this meaningless bullshit, they would start to question the opposition, “what is your plan?” The Democrats need to get the word out that they are doing ALL of the heavy lifting trying to get the economy back on track. The Republican politicians have offered exactly nothing to the effort. The Democrats need to expose the Republicants as the party of side-line sitting complainers. As the boss, we the tax payers who pay the politicians salaries, these Republicants should be fired for lack of production. In the private sector, Boner, McChinless, Cantor, McCain would have all been fired a long time ago. They have done nothing at all to help get this country back on the rails.

I don’t get why some of these democrats are running scared already. They have the story about hard work and progress. They have the story about compassion for the less advantaged in our society. They have the story about extending unemployment benefits, they have the story about moving forward with the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” so that gays can serve openly in our military, they have the story about moving more troops onto the southern border of any President in history, they have the story about catching, detaining, prosecuting, and returning more undocumented aliens than any administration in history, they have the story of the Stimulus Package paying for the long over due repairs and upgrades of the nation’s crumbled infrastructure, remember the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis?, they have the story of capturing or killing more al Qaeda leaders than the previous eight years combined under Bush II, have you had enough yet?, Gibbs and the rest of you Democrats that feel you might take a beating in the fall.

The Democrats and the President have been able to get these things done in spite of dealing with a “hostile, do-nothing” Republicant Congressional Caucus. The Republicants have basically sat on their hands while the business of moving America ahead has been done. To the credit of the President, he has been able to accomplish these many great feats without the help of the Republicants. The Republicants have set a record for the most filibusters ever, they have set a record for sitting on or delaying more Presidential office and judicial appointments than any Congress in U.S. history. Now, I ask all of you, “WHAT THE FUCK DO THE DEMOCRATS NEED TO FEAR HERE?”

It’s time for the Democratic party to crank up the machines to start telling their great stories of accomplishments and start countering the lies and misinformation being spewed by the Republicants through their media channels of Fox News, EBI(Rush), Palin and her Tweets of lies and simplified mistruths, etc. The Democrats need to start calling out the opposition for attacking only, criticizing only, and then offering absolutely no alternatives at all. The only answer we ever get from them is cut taxes and down-size government. Pretty broad, pretty safe! But, it doesn’t say a God damned thing. It’s so easy for them to say that, but, they say nothing about details, defense, health care, state support, education, etc, etc, etc! The Republicants have “teed it up” once again, for the Democrats. The Democrats blew what should have been landslide pick-ups in 2000 and 2004 due to the incompetency of the Republican Party. As it turned out, the Democrats, under that idiot Terry McCaulliffe, blew it. We should have never had to live under the failed regime of George W. Bush and Dick Cheeney. I hope the Democrats review those failures and avoid the same mess again. It’s theirs for the taking. The Republicans can not be in anymore of a hole they are presently in. The Democrats need to exploit this situation now, and start going after the jugular and bleed those SOB’s of doom and gloom to death.

Bring in Howard Dean now, and let’s get after it! Let’s be aggressive, and expose the truth. President Obama can not do anything more than he has regarding the oil spill. The law prohibits him from doing much about it. So come on Democrats, please get that truth out there and disarm the liars on the right! I’m just sick how the Democrats have let these do-nothing Republicans led by the uneducated morons of Fox News lead the news. Get dean in, and take control of the media, and get the truth out there! Thank you.
Cam Obert

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