…his name is Senator Al Franken. It appears Senator Franken is the only Democrat in the U.S. Senate that has balls big enough to take on the Robert’s SCOTUS and call it out for what it is, AN ACTIVIST COURT LEGISLATING FROM THE BENCH! I’m looking forward to watching Senator Franken in action during the Elena Kagan nomination confirmation hearings.

As his fellow Democrats on the Judiciary Committee follow a “don’t make waves” line in the confirmation process, our Junior Senator will do the job important to all patriotic Americans and begin the process of returning the SCOTUS to what it is supposed to be according to the Constitution, a watchdog for the Constitution and for the rights of Americans and the “American way of life”. The problem with this present court is the disturbing list to the right that has slowly become an advocate for things and entities other than American individuals and their rights. In a study released recently, the results show that of the twenty most conservative associates to ever sit on the SCOTUS, FOUR of them are seated today! With the fifth justice also near that level, the interests of the huge lobbies, Corporate America, and other issues not America friendly, the Supreme Court is in a position to control the functions of our country at every level. Remember, the American democracy is based on a three prong system of the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. The executive branch leads from the White House. The legislative branch sees to the enactment of the laws, budgeting, and funding. The judicial branch, as the referee, oversees the legality of these matters as well as is the final say in justice system. Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the SCOTUS the opportunity to “free-form” it’s way through judicial discourse to create an environment more “friendly” for a particular segment of our society.

With it’s internally led ruling on the Citizens United case, the SCOTUS granted individual rights to corporations. I believe this is potentially the most dangerous ruling ever brought down by the Court. This ruling will actually jeopardize our democracy as we know it. It opens the floodgates for corporations to pour unlimited amounts of money into our political process, thus making every elected political office in America for sale. Another scary aspect of this ruling is the point that these companies don’t even have to be American! All politicians, all patriots, and all Americans should be very concerned about this awful ruling. Well, the new star of the U.S. Senate, Al Franken(D-MN), is.

Yesterday’s capricious ruling, on yet another 5-4 vote, regarding 2nd Amendment issues or rights is another example of the reckless nature this Court in endangering America. It says the 2nd Amendment supercedes all local and state gun-control laws. As pinhead Alito wrote, it is a basic right of Americans to “bear arms”. Two fallouts to this short-sided pro-NRA decision are the incredible disaster that will befall courtrooms around the country as gun lovers start proceedings against their own particular jurisdictions and their gun-control laws. The other is the fact the Constitution was written over two hundred years ago and the framers had no idea what the effect of people wielding assault weapons without controls would have on our society. There is no rational reason or excuse for a private American citizen to own an assault weapon. These weapons are for one purpose only, to kill humans!

This SCOTUS is on track to destroy America. The conservatives who keep putting these fascists on the Court obviously have no idea of what’s happening. It’s interesting listening to the conservative blowhards railing against “judicial activism” and how bad it is for America. Well thanks to these empty-headed idiots in Congress and the Presidents who nominated the future justices, we now have the most “activist” court in history. No Court at any level has the history of “legislating from the bench” as this present Robert’s Court. The SCOTUS has put the rights and freedoms of Americans in jeopardy and it’s time for people to jump in behind Senator Franken and expose them for what they are and start to change the direction they are going! Thank you.
Cam Obert



  1. Tom Nyvold Says:

    It is ironic that you think he is an american hero and I think he is a failed comedian and radio talk show host that can’t hold a job. Thus he ends up in government. He is not anything special.

  2. His sister Says:

    Tom, clearly you have NO IDEA who Al Franken is. He is NOT a failed comedian. He is a best selling author as well BUT more important — he is a graduate of Harvard and majored in political science. He has gone to Iraq and Aghanistan several times to entertain the troops. Perhaps instead of criticizing him, you should READ exactly who Al Franken is.

  3. His sister Says:

    Tom, let me correct my comment — he is a best selling author. More importantly, he is a graduate of Harvard (graduated cum laude) and majored in political science. He is no dummy. I suggest you read up about him instead of making these unfounded criticisms of him. On March 25, 2009, Franken was presented with the USO’s Merit Award for his 10 years of service to the organization through visiting injured and deployed servicemembers. Senator Franken’s first piece of legislation was the Service Dogs for Veterans Act (S. 1495), which he wrote jointly with Sen. Johnny Isakson (R). The bill, which passed the Senate via unanimous consent, established a program with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to pair disabled veterans with service dogs.

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