I have previously come out in full support of Senator Dayton’s candidacy for the Governor’s seat in Minnesota. Having a discussion over the weekend with an avid young supporter of the “party endorsed” candidate, has moved me to try to make more sense for a Dayton Governorship. The argument given by the other side is Dayton is too old and entrenched, the Minnesota Democrats need new blood! I got news for all of you Democrats, Margaret Anderson-Kelliher is hardly fresh blood. She has been tenured in the Minnesota House long enough to be made Speaker by her fellow Democrats. House members aren’t really known to appoint or support fresh-faced youngsters to leadership positions. MAK is as deeply entrenched in the party machinery as anyone in office in the state of Minnesota. Matt Entenza is also fairly well grounded in the ways of Saint Paul, serving many years in the House, including a term as Minority Leader.

Let me point out why drawing this comparison between MAK and to a lesser degree, Entenza is important. These two candidates have long-term and deep ties to the members of the Minnesota House and Senate, from both sides of the aisle. I believe at an important time in the state’s history as the present, we don’t need a leader who is too closely attached to the members of their own party or too deeply at odds with the members from the other side. Now is the time for an independent voice, or force, to handle the train wreck Pawlenty and the Republicans are leaving the state. MAK can’t prevail because she has the backing of “the party”, which hasn’t done crap on either side in the last twenty-eight years. If people think of MAK as the “new voice” of leadership, she was pushed up there by the same old party hacks that have been running the party for years. If I may add, they have a horrible track record to boot!

Dayton is the fresh new voice of leadership with the bonus of a great track record of achievement. This time around he did “buck the system”. The rational was perfect. This is an important time in Minnesota’s history and it needs independent progressive force to move it along. He is the first candidate to have the balls to agree the state has a revenue problem, not a spending problem. He has recommended an increase in the income tax for the top income earners in the state. He supports the development of a state-run casino with profits earmarked for education. Have you heard any of the other “fresh voice” candidates being so bold? No, because they have too many ties to entities that don’t support these radical but necessary moves. As the former state auditor, I’d say he has a real understanding of what it takes to operate a functioning and efficient state government. He is the ONLY candidate in the field that will enter the Governors office unencumbered by money interests, PAC’s, big donors, and existing relationships in the Minnesota Legislature. People who say Senator Dayton can’t lead or legislate for the poor and disadvantaged because of his personal wealth. Let me point out two items here about the Senator. He taught in New York City Public Schools for two years after graduating from school. This is not simply an addition to the old resume, it is a life’s experience that cannot be duplicated. As the senior Senator from Minnesota, he was considered one of the “true liberals” in the Senate. His votes were right there with Senators Wellstone and Kennedy. He has a track record of fighting for the disadvantaged, more so than any other candidate in the field.

Senator Dayton has been called “quirky” by some at times. Right now, after twelve years of state leadership that has run the state right into the ditch, I think “quirky” works. It’s time for the old line Democrats in the state to step aside, give up your last hold on whatever you think you’re holding onto, like say the failed caucus/convention system which I believe is still in operation to keep people feeling they are doing something. In the last twenty-eight years in Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty is the only candidate to win the office coming out of a state party convention. Pretty dismal record, huh? Senator Dayton is following the lead from Governors Perpich and Carlson, both great two-term Governors that were elected in spite of their party’s rejection of them.

For those of you that believe Senator Dayton is from the past, the old line that can’t lead again, just think about what I have written here today. I think the ONLY conclusion you can come to is, Senator Dayton is the fresh voice from the outside. He is not encumbered by relationships, PAC’s, and large money donations. He has great labor support but does not take their money. Some of the state’s biggest and most influential unions have endorsed Senator Dayton. They endorse him because of his documented record of support. He doesn’t need their money to support their cause. Senator Dayton is a brilliant thinker, sometimes “outside the box”, but that what the state needs now, creative ways to increase revenue, etc.

Senator Mark Dayton is a proud liberal with a great progressive track record that the state of Minnesota desperately needs now. It’s time to get our state back to where it was prior to twelve years ago, a national leader of progressive governance and leadership. Senator Dayton IS the fresh new energetic leader the state is yearning for. I think if people could put their personal bias aside regarding “rich people” and understand what I’ve written here as well as researching deeper things Mark Dayton, you will be in agreement with me, Senator Mark Dayton is the choice and the favorite to become Minnesota’s next great Governor! Thank you.
Cam Obert



  1. Colleen Morse Says:

    Much of what you say is true, although I certainly wouldn’t call Dayton the fresh new voice of leadership. That’s just not true. Dayton is the one with the most experience in running state government. No one has more experience than he does. He knows how MN government works, how it’s supposed to work, and how it will work if he is governor.

    I’m voting for Mark Dayton, as I’ve said I was since the beginning. I do feel that he’s the best candidate for governor of Minnesota.

  2. Paul Donley Says:

    Cam, I will vote for Mark Dayton if I have to but only because the alternative GOP candidate is a dangerous radical. Mark Dayton has bounced from job to job without taking roots in anything. He has no significant accomplishment in his many years of public service. When he wasn’t holding a job he was running for some other position. I believe in the same principals as Mark Dayton. I just have grave doubts about his leadership skills to accomplish the DFL platform.

  3. youandmedoweagree Says:

    It bothers me that if elected and we have a threat of terriorism, he will run and shut down all State offices.

    Submitted by Bob Annen

  4. Colleen Morse Says:

    Shut down state offices…do you mean to save lives?

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