In a rare Saturday commentary today I will discuss these two issues that were prominent in the news this week. I have been absent from the keyboard the past two days mostly because of work and children chauffering demands. But today, wife Karen is going to do the chauffering business and I will go to work a little later, let the ground dry out a little after the deluge of rain we had in the Twin Cities last night! The forecast for today is hot, 87 degrees, and very humid leading up to another round of heavy thunderstorms in the early evening. I’ll fight though the heat and humidity to try to advance another landscape job to fruition!

In an attempt by the White House and the Democratic Senate to extend unemployment benefits for workers that have yet to find work through this long economic recovery period, we find out exactly what the program is of the McChinless led Republicant Senate. The Republicant Senate successfully blocked the passage of the bill by voting negatively together including a nay from Ben Nelson, conservative curmudgeon Democrat from Nebraska. The difference between this weeks Republicant actions compared to the anti-stance by the doddering and sleepy Jim Bunning of Kentucky last time around is Bunning was trying to stand on a hard financially based position. Now the whole caucus, including Nelson, are opposed to the passage of the bill for other reasons, personal, mean, cold-hearted reasons. This time around instead of fighting the bill on rational grounds, they have opened up an attack on Americans that have fallen on hard times. Using terms such as “lazy”, “unmotivated”, “drug dealers”, “mooches”, etc. This is coming from elected officials that were elected into office to protect and secure the population from such things as economic downturns. Now they have turned against them! Turned against the people who voted them into office! I’ve heard of being “ballsy” before but, this one takes the cake. On a related note, Governor Jan Brewer of the whacked out state of Arizona made statements referring to undocumented aliens coming across the border as “drug mules”! Purely an ignorant racist comment that seems to be a clear signal of where the right-wing extremists are taking the Republicant party. Let’s face the facts here, the Republicant party is not interested in helping the disadvantaged, they are only interested in helping the wealthy and powerful money brokers that fund the engine of the party and now more recently, the Tea-Baggers, etc. that are lusting more power and influence. The statements coming out of the right side of the Senate are cold and hateful. They simply don’t give a shit about people who are down on their luck. They give us the cursory “it’s not good for the economy” line but we know different. They say it’s better to eliminate money from the consuming public than have them have the opportunity to pay their bills, buy food, and keep a roof over their head. I can’t think of a single positive point for allowing people to fall into bankruptcy as a result of the economy, not stupid personal decisions, I can’t think of a single positive point to letting more homes go into foreclosure, I can’t think of a single positive point for letting people apply for welfare or assistance, I can’t think of a single positive point for letting people give up paying their health insurance premiums, nor can I see any positives for letting people go off their prescription medication for lack of money to pay the bill. These are some of the consequences that occur when you allow these “mooches” to go off unemployment insurance. Now, add up the costs to society and the government for these consequences and compare it to the extension of the benefits package cost and what do you see? You see the monetary cost of not passing the bill will easily exceed the costs of passing the bill. Plus, it helps disadvantaged people in a time of need. Isn’t that why we elect these people into office? To help take care of financially disadvantaged people function in the most advanced and supposedly civilized society in the world. Anything less than that is totally unacceptable and abominable. Come on Republicants, start thinking about your voter constituency, not your Wall Street constituency. Pull your collective heads out of your asses and start serving the people who put you into office. Ed Schultz was right when he said the other day after the 57 to 41 vote on the package, the Republicants better be careful this fall. America is watching you all, and hopefully the Democrats will start beating the drum of the Republicant’s indifference toward it’s constituency.

President Obama has yet another victory in the movement of the agenda to make America great again. With the writing of the Dodd-Frank Act for Wall Street, banking and insurance reform, this is the most progressive consumer sided legislation in decades. Finally there are restraints that will legally prevent all financial abuse of consumers in America. The great thing is, though the bill is 2,000 pages in length, it is so much common-sense based. Once in place and finalized, it will be so easy for consumers to stay on top of their financial business responsibly and call out any financial institution that is trying to beat the new system and lay down a new fucking on the consumer. Why did it take so long for this type of legislation to come to passage? Simple. You know that constituency the Republicants, well all politicians for that matter, cater too, the money interests of Wall Street and Corporate America, they fought it. But after the meltdown of 2008, many insightful politicians saw the light, found Wall Street is not their constituency, and went to work fixing things. This really is a banner piece of legislation in American history. In time, I believe, it will be refered to on the same level of the Voters Rights Act, Social Security, Medicare, etc. This is a victory for the middle-class, finally something for the slimming majority of America.

That’s it for today, the wet ground is calling me! This truly was an important week in America and Washington. President Obama has now gotten more legislation from his agenda for hope in America passed than any President in the modern era. What is really remarkable is the Republicant Congress has broken every record for filibusters and stalling tactics. They have held up more judicial and Presidential appointments than any Congress in history. I think it says Americans in 2008 knew the country was sliding into the proverbial toilet and they wanted things to change. President Obama is leading the wave of change with the support of America, not the Republicant Congress. As I stated earlier, the Republicants better be careful because if the Democratic party listens to me, they will get killed in November. How can America even consider putting these unworking, lazy nabobs of negativity back into office. In the private sector, they would have been fired for lack of production! Why have them back? Anyway, thanks for today’s read and have a great weekend.
Cam Obert


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