…when opining on local non-political issues. In the case where I took a firm stance on a labor action in the Twin Cities, I found out it is a hot emotional issue. I don’t know why I got so fired up about this topic but, I did. Being a tireless blogger in defense of the poor defenseless soles that are unfortunately born in the wrong country, have the wrong skin color, parents that raised them in the wrong religion, or people who have a sexual preference that’s different from “normal”, I was shocked at the response I have gotten to the my position regarding this labor-management dispute.

I don’t follow lock-step with the liberal-progressive agenda. Most right-wing wackos would tell you I do! I am that liberal agenda follower and believer for about 99% of it. I have to say , however, I have a long background in business and I do have to look at the whole picture whenever dealing with business related activities. Friends of mine will tell you I am the “consummate workaholic”. I firmly believe you don’t walk away from a job until the job is done. Because of that attitude, I have spent the better part of my adult life working. Working long hard hours many times and years forgoing days off and vacations. I believe hard honorable work is the backbone of our great society. I have spent an entire career with the attitude the job and it’s results come first. A hard days work deserves a good wage. I believe if people who work for people turn in a good days work, are honest, and support the effort of their employers to gain goals will be rewarded. Workers need to have a better understanding of the “big picture”. They need to be aware of local and/or national economic conditions, they need to be aware of the financial position of the entity for which they work, and they need to understand corporate/company hierarchy and the respect that hierarchy. What the owners, directors, and executive management compensate themselves is really not the business of those lower in the hierarchy of the entity. They are compensated by what the market will bear for their particular positions and more than likely they are not going to concede a penny of it to anyone. Workers on the lower rungs need to understand this concept and simply work hard to some day rise to those levels in the entity.

I do believe if a workplace is a dangerous, divisive, and otherwise hostile, then the workers need to do something about it. All workers in the world should have the “right” to work in a decent and safe environment. If workers cannot achieve this position of safety, decency, and fairness, then should have the ability to work with management to rectify these workplace conditions. I support them 100% on this platform. Classic examples are the work environments created in big coal and big oil industries by the felonious Dick Cheeney and the corrupt leaders of said industries. The 29 miners killed this past winter in West Virginia and the 11 oilmen killed on the Deepwater Horizon well are directly a result of the Cheeney led deregulation and soft oversight of these businesses. My hope is Cheeney will do prison time as being an architect of deaths at the work site.

I come from a family of long time organized labor membership and labor solidarity. My father and certainly my grandfather would not be very happy with me and my opinion of this particular labor action in the Twin Cities. My grandfather thought the sun rose and set on Jimmy Hoffa’s shoulders! He was involved in the ugly long strikes in the 1930’s in Minneapolis, many which were violent to the point of National Guard called in armed and shooting. Grampa always said there were two political parties in Minnesota, the Democratic-Farm-Labor party and the management sympathizing Republican-Sons-Of-Bitches! You think I’d be getting my ass kicked by him now? Anyway, this is one case where I’m just not on Dad’s and Grampa’s side. I would still have their unwavering support, love, and respect. You see, and they would know, I’m not a political Lemming. I study the issues from all sides and base my issue stances on my research. Based on being just bright enough, barely!, my research and heart have made me a proud liberal.

The lesson learned is some local non-political issues are best to be kept to one’s self. I have jeopardized friendships with many of my progressive liberal friends because this is an emotional topic and it burns intensely within many people. Suffice to say, this will be my last public discussion of labor action issues. It’s not worth the damage to friendships and in the long-term, nobody’s going to change their mind anyway. Thanks for today’s read and please enjoy the day!
Cam Obert

Grampa's Hero-Jimmy Hoffa


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