Root source of the problem!

President Obama has called General Stanley McChrystal back to the White House to hopefully fire him face-to-face and man-to-man. In what is now McChrystal’s third act of gross insubordination since taking the job of Commander of Afghan operations. I’m not sure what McChrystal’s agenda is but, I know it’s NOT to follow the civilian leadership of the Department of Defense or the President.

I have two theories here about this situation. The first one is McChrystal is a far right-wing wacko who is following the leadership of Fox News in trying every way possible to tear down this President. It takes a lot of arrogance or stupidity to try undermining the Commander-in-Chief not only once, but three times. Ailes, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Palin must be pushing McChrystal hard! Is it possible McChrystal is that stupid to throw away a long career in the service just to get in tight with the right-wing extremists? Maybe! The other theory of mine is McChrystal’s mentality or ego driving him to believe there actually is a military solution to the problem in Afghanistan. American armed forces and the covert operations of the CIA, etc. have done a great job of driving the al Qaeda and Taliban out of Afghanistan. The center point of the war should now be in Pakistan. In past history, the French tried and failed and the Russians tried and failed to gain military victory in Afghanistan. A military “victory” or solution in Afghanistan is not possible, so if it was McChrystal’s dream to be “the one” to finally win there and gain control, he’s only dreaming, and wasting too many human lives chasing his egotistical dream.

The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan has gone on way too long. The fact the nerve centers of al Qaeda and Taliban have been chased into Pakistan has really made Afghanistan irrelevant. The country is composed of many tribal run regions that really have no interest in Afghanistan having a central government. Anyone thinking that the taking over in Afghanistan is what it will take is dead wrong. The tribes don’t care who is in charge in Kabul. Any entity trying to take over control will only face an eons long battle against countless foes from all directions. There is no such thing as “winning” in Afghanistan.

My advice to President Obama is get out of Afghanistan now. It’s time to regroup. Bring the troops home and then concentrate the effort on the hinterlands of Pakistan with only high-tech weaponry, drones, etc, and let the Pakistani ground troops do the fighting, if they want to join the effort. Obama was right, the real war on al Qaeda was in Afghanistan. Bush should have recognized this in 2001 and focussed the military effort there, and not Iraq. In the last eighteen months, the operations under the leadership of President Obama and DOD Secretary Gates have proven to be as successful as can be hoped for. They’ve captured or killed more of the al Qaeda leaders than the preceeding eight years combined and they’ve driven them out of their strongholds in Afghanistan.

It is time, now, to bring the troops in Afghanistan home. Let that country return to its ancient and tribal way of life. Will they still harbor international terrorists? Probably. Will they continue with corrupt leadership? Of course!, the economy is based on poppy cultivation for the manufacture of heroin to supply the demand from around the globe. That is not America’s business to care about heroin distribution out of Afghanistan, it is America’s duty to decrease or eliminate the demand for the drug within our own borders. Look, Afghanistan is no more a threat to the safety and sovereignty of the U.S. as Iraq was under Hussein. The Taliban wants control in Afghanistan and nowhere else right now. So we need to let them have it.

So, as you can see, I have nailed the issue right on the head again. I’m thinking of contacting the President to tell him perhaps he would be better off with me advising him from his White House staff and having Rahm Emanuel move on! Oh well! Hey, thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


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